Saturday, September 30, 2006

The N.M.E. SIngle of the Week

Date:September 23th
Issued: #38 of 2006
Cover Star: The Late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in Hourner of there Classic Album "Nevermind" Which Was released 15 years ago a few weeks ago

This week Winner By the N.M.E. is

Switches - Lay Down The Law
(Degenerate Music) or

This The First Single From the London Powerpop Rock Band, the song is good but is basic by it OK and some time it sound like a rally Cry at a hockey Game.

This Week Second Runner-Up is

Pull Tiger Tall - Animator
(Young and Lost)

This is from The Electricl Soul Band From Where Else London this is a OK, it have a good Jumpy Backing Track, The Words are OK, It Prefect for geting ready for a Indie Rocking Saturday Night.

Arcade Fire - Age Of Consent
(Age of Consent) or

Now i know that everybody including me is Waiting for the New Released of the Arcade Fire CD Produce by the Member itself But someone have released a MP3 of the band covering New Order Age of Counsent, But it is not on My space and the rukes for the NME Single of the week it must be from a sight From A good Turssd Souced, SO I still wait for the New Records.

I could Not Find A winner in the Three Tracks becase The top two was was OK and thired one was not from one of the Music Site (like Myspace or from a music Zine site) so we go out the box For this week winner:

And the Week Winner is:

Is the Follow Up To Lilly Allen "Smile" Which is Called "LDN"
This is a very good song with a good sounding vibe to it and a very good beat to it
And the video is very good as well.

Please Note: Because i been away From my Blog sight for so long i am so back up on Past NME SIngle of the Week so the long list of past winner is Not list but it will be posted when i Finally Chach Up i post the List of Past Winners.

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