Friday, December 29, 2006

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Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Four Of Five)

Well this is it, The Home Stretch of the First ever Festive 50 as i almost at the Top 10 now this was very, Very tough in putting all 50 even in the Top 20 where you want to put every band in the top spot, but if you made the final 50 be happy that you made the list.

So let begin the Home stretch to the top 10 with No.20

Serena Maneesh
If you think shoegazie is not making a big comeback in the big way oh boy you have not heard the Norway Indie band Serena Maneesh which released there haunting sounding masterpiece debut this and is bring the Ghost of "Lush" past, Long Live shoegazing.

Album released this Year: Serena Maneesh

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
As Paris Hilton is boring us to death thinking she hot, Jenny Lewis is telling the Indie Scene she still the Underground Hottie, she released a solo Album with the help of the Lovely Watson put out "Rabbit Fur Coat" to great review and still hold the The Title of Hottest indie Rock Girl, and Now she go back to her main band Rilo Kiley and as we wait for the New album i Watch "The Wizard" on DVD.

Album released this Year: Rabbit Fur Coat

Forward Russia
I knew this band before they released there debut "Give Me a Wall" in September, there album was out in the UK and was play on Steve Lamacq Old Lamacq Live show on BBC Radio One, the Album is so good except they have to make up for the Cancelled show here in Detroit a few weeks ago, They are a awesome live band.

Album released this Year: Give Me a Wall

The Raconteurs
Well nobody say the the Lead singer of a Popular band and a great Solo Singer would make up a good band but they made it work as they put out a great album out called "Broken Boy Soldiers" as Jack White of The White Stripes and Brendan Benson along with Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence of the Greenhorns made a great debut with great song like Steady, As She Goes","Hands" and the lead tracks but what ever you do don't called a side Project.

Album released this Year: Broken Boy Soldiers

Camera Obscura

This art Pop band from Scotland released a very beautiful album this as they break the states with third album Let's Get Out of This Country which feather the song "Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken," which put out one of the best video of the year, Think of it a 60' Dance Film meet Japanese Pop

Album released this Year: Let's Get Out of This Country

Joanna Newsom
2004 everybody looking a Cute quirky little Singer with a harp as she released The Milk-Eyed Mender and most music people think she be forgetting, but this year the pretty little painting came to life with her breakout album called Ys with the Growling word added with here beautifully harp sound she won over criect, blogger and fans alike to prove she not a work of art to pass by.

Album released this Year: Ys

(Ed Note: Could Not find a Video From Ys, But How about live Joanna Newsome)


Wow Sexy indie rock came back via São Paulo, Brazil, the almost all female Alternative Eletro rock band(there is one guy ib the group) who brought sexy rock back with there Debut "Cansei de Ser Sexy" and one pretty Wild and really sexy lead singer who name say it all Lovefoxxx.

Album released this Year: Cansei de Ser Sexy


who i hear the first song from the album Empire(which is the title track) i did not like it at first, but after continued playing of the title track the band from the UK have the Track of the year and not only that the Title is best play with a Live Orestary.

Album released this Year: Empire

They opening up for Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre, this year they stand on there own with "Standing in the Way of Control" and why big indie girl have pipe as lead girl Beth Ditto know how to belt it out and having the horner of of begin name NME coolest person in rock.

Album released this Year: Standing in the Way of Control

Tom Waits
Hey Kids, The Old Songwriter came back this year with a triple Disc Collection of his best work but he have a lot of new song and yes he went on tour selling show all over including Detroit were tickct went just like that, and he is still love all over.

Album released this Year: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

We reach the End of the Line
Bands 10-1
and see who is the top band who matter this year.

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