Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006
(Part One of Five)

So Here we go the 50 Bands that matters in the Indie world and that matter at the same time, so here we go begin as always at No.50.

Matt & Kim
The is one of the last band the blogger that i read loved so much, and a very fun Video to boot for the song Yeah, Yeah the Boyfriend(Matt, Keyborad) and Girlfirend(Kim, Drums) Nerdy rock combo that will keep people dancing for the Upcoming year, and there are a fun band to jump up and down.

Album released this year: S/T

Viva Voce
The best part of not knowing about the band is seeing them or listen to there music, if the Portland, Oregon band did not win new fans with there last released The Heat Can Melt Your Brain, they did win new Fans with there "Get Yr Blood Sucked Out" which inclued the song From the Devil Himself and a great video to Honrus John and yokom bed in for peace the 60's, not bad for married bands Member Kevin and Anita Robinson

Album released this year:Get Yr Blood Sucked Out

Rainer Maria
One of the best Underrated Live band throw in towle in 2006, but untill they gave one last record "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together" this after they left it all with the 2003 released Long Knives Drawn, where you like them or not or have not hear of them, they make the list because there was good on record of at a live gig.

Album released this year: "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together"

Jim Noir
before you ever hear of the World cup ad with "Eanie Meany", i became a fan of the Manchester, England singer/Songwriter after the NME pick his single "My Patch" as the second runner-up in there single of the week, and his is very good and it very great album, and dont be surprize you be hearing more from him in the futher.

Album released this year: "Tower of Love"

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
As the front woman as Metic she was full blast from start to finsh saving the world from rock n' roll but after touring for "Live it out"(2005)she go back to the phone booth and became a quite paino playing reguarl Emily. she relased her solo debut which took four years to make and playing her own shows in between playing with the Broken Socail Scene and going back to the Phone booth to play Metric in the UK.

Album released this year: Knives Don't Have Your Back

The Fiery Furnaces
Hey did this band know how to played a live show or what, the band which make up bother and sister Duo of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger relased there latest album of a running beat and COnfesanl Lyrics and no wonder there are fans Fave in the Live Music Scene.

Album released this year:Bitter Tea

(Ed Note: Could not find a video from Bitter Tea, so here is a video for Tropical Iceland From Gallowsbird's Bark)

Asobi Seksu
One i hear this blogger favort was going on tour, i knew i have to see for myself and after see there and after seeing them i know if there is a show gazer break-out they will be in the fore-front and they sound sweet live and there lead singer is pretty cool, not bad for a band whose english Translating mean "Playful Sex" (There Words, Not Mine)

Album released this year: Citrus

New York Dolls
hey kids, David Johansen is back for his new adventure as he and the New York Dolls released the first set in almost 30 years and mr. Johansen is still good, Still rocking, and still Fabouls, and still good., Indie Kids can learn a few lesson or too.

Album released this year: "One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This"

Belle & Sebastian
Stuart Murdoch still telling some very nice and pretty cool Scottish rock that would be the perfect soundtrack to the date last week, and they still released good music despite the Departher of Isobel Campbell(Solo Carred) and is still loved by the real music fans that matter.

Album released this year: The Life Pursuit

Softmore slump i dont think so, after relesed the wonderfull No Cities Left, Front man Murray Lightburn and his gang of Loser came back the released there third LP Called Gang of Loser as they persent there Lush indie pop and have a good beat to it not only the the Video for "Ticket To Immortality" have a Ode to The King of Rock n Roll at the End.

Album released this year: Gang of Losers

Tommorrow :Part Two
Bands 40-31

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