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The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Three of Five)

This is Part Three of Five of the Fifty bands that matters to me and should matters to you this year or in the Further, were at Half way thought the Countdown and at halfway a recap of what i list so far and no Kieth Obermann will not be counting down.

So let pick up the Best of the Best with No. 30

J. Dilla
Feb. 10 was a tough year for Hip-Hop, Proof was gun down on 8 Mial back in April just two month after the Founder of the Detroit rap group Slim Village J Dilla (Birth name James Dewitt Yancey) pass away after a Life threatening Blood diessed but he live to see the released of his master work "donuts" (Feb. 7)to wide spread acclaimed among music fans who follow the rap scene, His work live on thought the J Dilla Foundation Fro med in May.

Album Released this Year: donuts

(ED Note Once aging in the Youtube World, Did not find anything under Dount, but this video will do.)

Bob Dylan
The Name Say it all, Away from the spotlight for almost five years he came back to released his 44th album called "modern times" now wonder his still loved among music fans worldwide, not only that he tour Ball park in the summer and arena in the fall and he found time to rant on his own radio show on XM Satellite Radio and who know he could be tour on this album forever.

Album Released this Year: modern times

Brazilian Girls
Everybody fave Chill out band with a cool name was back releasing "Talk To La Bomb" back in September to very good reviews and a very good live show, Con sering the fact there is only one girl in the Brazilian Girls and that the lead singer

Album Released this Year: Talk To La Bomb

Regina Spector
Fun, Pretty, and Cool and that way to describe Regina Spektor who released her follow up to "Soviet Kitsch" with the very Fun "Begin to Hope", her stely of Anti-folk briting everyone day and not only that she a good live performers as well.

Album Released this Year: Begin to Hope

Regina Specktor - Us

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(Ed Note: Surprize, Surprize could not the Video From "Begin to Hope" but here her video for "Soviet Kitsch" called "Us"

Well i can't Ignore the Web Votim guy(Japer) favorite band they have a great 2006 after releasing "Black Holes and Revelations" In July not only put on fantastic Live gig and some very strong song you can not denied as the kings of British rock.

Album Released this Year: Black Holes and Revelations

Well i have reach Half way of the Festive 50 so if you miss any thing in this long list you can scroll down to look the Other 20 Bands and there videos pluck out of you tube or you can click out there video on the right of the Menu under the Heading The Culture City Festive 50 - 2006, so here is the count down so far.

50 - Matt & Kim
49 - Viva Voce
48 - Rainer Maria
47 - Jim Noir
46 - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
45 - The Fiery Furnaces
44 - Asobi Seksu
43 - New York Dolls
42 - Belle & Sebastian
41 - Dears
40 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
39 - be your own PET
38 - Beck
37 - The Strokes
36 - Sonic Youth
35 - Lady Sovereign
34 - Neko Case
33 - Mew
32 - Art Brut
31 - Arctic Monkeys
30 - J. Dilla
29 - Dylan, Bob
28 - Brazilian Girls
27 - Regina Spector
26 - Muse

And No.25 on the list is a band i first love when i saw there picture and song on my space way way back in February or March, Because there Lead singer is fashionable stylish

Monsters Are Waiting
This Just In, LA is no Longer a heave Metal hair bands mecca, It look like the Indie Kids have taking over al you need two to four member, nice looks and good songs as well, and this band from Ehco Park near LA one one of my fave under ground band of the first half of 2006, lead by the sweet vocal of the magical Annalee Ferry made this band the ones to watch in year to come.

Album Released this Year: Fancination

ha ha - monsters are waiting

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TV on the Radio
Hey You, You, You, the band released the Follow up to the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize winning Album "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" with "Return to Cookie Mountain" with lead single "Wolf Like Me" it was so good Spin made it Album of the Year.

Album Released this Year: Return to Cookie Mountain

The Flaming Lips

Long Live Wayne Coyne king of DIY music, this year saw Wayne and Company follow up the story of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" with andore story "At War with the Mystics" and prove Wayne how to put on a great live show where it New year eve every night i should know because i say there early August show at the State Theater and that was a fun show and not only that the have a Alley name after them in there Home town of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Album Released this Year: At War with the Mystics

The Grates

Who knew that those Australia Indie Kids can dance,have fun and rock out at the same time, this year the three piece Aussie band lead by the always singing and always dancing Patience Hodgson, This is so much fun to listen to and make you want to indie dance, he maybe Patience should try out for the Aussie version of Dancing with the Stars.

Album Released this Year: Gravity Won't Get You High

The Subways
This year the US finally got a taste of London Rock with a band i been following Since mid 2004 where they were introduced to the World at Glastonbury in the U.K., they released "Young For Eternity" back in February to very good reviews and a very good live show to booth (there was here in April, Thank to 89X, Cover was only 0.89 cents)all this despite Billy Losing his voice mid-year, but still singing and still loving Charlotte Cooper (His Further Wife)

Album Released this Year:Young For Eternity

Almost there
The Countdown Continued
with Bands 20 - 11

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