Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Culture City
Festive 50 - 2006

(Part Two of Five)

It part Two of the The Culture City Festive 50 - 2006
as i pick up at No. 40

Pretty Girls Make Graves
And they still make graves after the New Romance and The departed of Guitarist Nathan Thelen they still make awsome Indie Punk music, and hey you got to love the great rock vocals Andrea Zollo she have a wonderful voice.

Album released this year: √Član Vital

be your own PET

Oh! my god who are these kids who unleashed it rock and roll furyer from way down from Nashville who terrorised rock stages all over the country with there wildcat of a lead singer who mush and bump gig goers on the last song, maybe they travel on two wheel baby!

Album released this year: be your own PET

10 years after Odelay Beck put out a good album with a DIY album cover, but that move got the The Information kick out of the UK Chart because it was a freebie, thanks allot bad boy bands of the 80's and 90's, but is still a rocking Genius.

Album released this year: The Information

The Strokes

There were the first rock band to put out a album on the first week of the year and they still have what to take a they put out a great album with good track "You Only Live Once","Heart in a Cage", and the wonderful "Juicebox" but what the further hold because the band is on Hiatus and Albert Hammond, Jr. has released his solo album

Album released this year: First Impressions of Earth

Sonic Youth

Still rocking and rolling after almost 25 years and they still bring on the noise and still have good gig no matter where you are at the venue(I was in the Balcony at the State Theater wend they play with the Go team and the Flaming Lips) they released there 17 album this year and the last on there contract with Geffen, will they go indie in the Further. and they could be the Indie Rolling Stones.

Album released this year: Rather Ripped

Lady Sovereign
You boys there is a female MC in the house and she is urbe rapping cool, She a female MC who bring down the noise, she have put out a Public Waring that she a better MC then K-Fed.

Album released this year: Public Warning

Neko Case

I have listen to her since her days when she released The Virginian (with Her backing band the Boyfriends), and she have always been that great country singers, even with the New Pornographers she have that down home Country voice, she released "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" to wide spread acclaimed that landed on some best of List (No.1 on the music editors' picks and No. 2 on NPR's All Songs Considered Show)

Album released this year: "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"


Great rock that sound so good you want to join there my space page, the band released the Indie New Prog rock masterpiece "And the Glass Handed Kites" with the verey good song "The Zookeeper's Boy" a wonderful track with a good sound and was many of the Blogger fave this year.

Album released this year: And the Glass Handed Kites

Art Brut
Now every body who want to from a band anywhere in the country, Pleased listen to Bang Bang Rock and Roll from the UK Indie Art Punk Band Art Burt, where professor Eddie Argos with tell you tell you the Joy of forming a band and how to get your brother in to rock and roll, Let hoped the Follow up will include how to date male and female member of the band.

Album released this year: Bang Bang Rock and Roll

Arctic Monkeys
That band became a UK Indie sensation releasing Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and became the fastest selling UK Album of all time and Nationwide Mercury Prize to boot and carry over to the US with a gig On SNL, Now What will happened with Follow up album, The Best New Band ever or Biggest Second album Flop Ever.

Album released this year: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Bands 30-21
and a Mid Countdown recap

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