Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A introduction To The Culture City Festive 50

Well everyone, my regular readers to this blog sight we have made it to the end of the year, I hoped you have a wonderful x-mas on Monday, my was so quite you would even Not Notice.

Well since this is the last week of 2006, and the news cycle do get light in the last few weeks of the old year and the first few weeks in the new year i thought when planing my blog sight almost two years ago in Early 2005 i thought since i grow up on TV and the radio and TV and Radio both on the same time and computers and CD and Tapes and tapes and then the wide new world that is Internet radio and since i listen to a lot of new bands on the web these days and wanting to go to there show and buy the CD and have a small love of the cute bass player or the Cute and awsome Lead singer who i wish was a local so i can thak her out to a movie. (Oh.I am off track)

So i am going to horns my 50 best bands that released awsome music this year, so with a little inspirations and loved for the bands at the same time i decide to have my owned Festive 50, better yet it called:

"The Culture City Festive 50"

The 50 best bands that get look down up pond and get laugh at because there hip not looking good or don't have the bling, Bling, and get told there music is not right for there market, Well to that i say "To the Hell with the mainstream.

So the Following list that will spaed out over the next week(if you miss any thing during the week the Full List is on the right of the menu) i give all of my loved to the band the rock the indie world and still show that Indie music do matter these days.

The Festive 50 was first introduce in 1976 by the late great BBC Radio One DJ John Peel just to horon the Fifty best song of the year as choosed by his listener of BBC Radio One, the list that i am basing from is a list of bands who released music (So the Bands will be listed not the Album, but you will know the released a album this year)as done on the CJAM-FM Show Cowboys and Indie (Saturday from 9:30 PM -Midnidght on CJAM-FM, 91.5 on-air and on-line at www.cjam.ca).

Un like the Peel version of the festive 50, i don't have the listeners back so i have to follow some Rules For this version to be on the Festive 50.

1. they must released a album in the Caldera year (that Mean JAN.1 to Dec. 31)
2. they must be LP(More than 8 Song), no EP (expect for the Local 25)
3. there is no boarders in the Festive 50 (they could come from any where)

And The Placing of the Full list is somewhat of a exact science, is just how i am felling about the bands in the Full list (Almost 188 Album on the list) or as the Co-hosted of WRIF-HD2 Riff 2 "Detroit Local 101" Suzy Cole and Melody Licious like to say, i Like the band because it have a cute female in the band(For the Record, many of the bands or singers on this list do have boyfriends in there home city or there married with other member of the Band.

since i stared over two week ago i have paired down to the 50 bands on this and some bands that are left off the list that will be Honors in the Honorable Mention when i get out of break.

So have a safe rest of this last week of 2006 and enjoy the Countdown of the Culture city Festive 50.

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