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The 2007 Culture City Festive 50 - Part four Band No 20 to No. 11

And now it time for the next to last act of the 2007 Culture City Festive 50
on the 50 band that matters in 2007.

tomorrow will be the top 10 and remember if you miss the first days of the festive 50 you can see past post on the right of the menu under "The 2007 Culture City Festive 50" under last year Festive 50.

We pick up the Countdown at No. 20



This year was the return of the Icelandic faveiort Daughter as she released her 1st album in about three years called "Volta", not only that she return to live preforming and not only that her live show was to believed as she play with a colorful backing choir a la, The Polyphonic Spree and she play her 1st Detroit show in 11 years at the Fabulous Fox theater back in September.

Video:Earth Intruders
Album Released This Year:
Volta [Polydor]


Sharn Jones and the Dapper Kings

Now this was a gem out of left filed this gifted soul singer back by here backing band came out of no where and became a indie crossover hit with there debut album 100 Days, 100 Nights not only that she brought the funk to here live show which she brought it to the stick late in the year, her album is fun to listen to.

Video:100 Days, 100 Nights
Album Released This Year:
100 Days, 100 Nights [Daptone]


Midnight Movies

this year the haunting band from southern California released there follow up to there self title album with Lions the girl, this time around front girl gena olivier step out of the the drum kit and gave a really cool sufrey second album, it was one of the most adventer album to listen to this year and proving indie rock is growing.

Video:Patient Eye
Album Released This Year:
Lion The Girl [New Line Records]


The Ponys

I can't denied these long time friends of the Detroit music scene from Chicago[and on a personal note long time friends of mine] a spot on the festive 50, they sing to a major indie label and released on the best sounding garage rock album this year with "Turn the Lights Out" and not that they put on one hell of a live show proving the band out of Chicago is keeping what ever left of garage rock alive.

Video:"Double Vision" [Live] - From
Album Released This Year:
Turn the Lights Out[Matador Records]



i heard about this band early in there year when they play there music on BBC and i fell in love with the supersonic sound and i listen to there 1st album on line and i would like this band this year not that they played a good show at the old Lager house and not only that they was also friendly as well, there 1st album is really good.

Video:If You Fail We All Fail
Album Released This Year:
Everything Last Winter[Atlantic]


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

The album Clear Channel did not whan to play only there classic station well it did not work they brought "Magic" anyway so who need crap channel, The boss is still the boss and if you listen to this record he still have the power to rock and roll, the album is one great rock album from "Radio Nowhere" to the last track "Devil's Arcade" this was one good album to pleased the boss band, and according to KO still have the power to rock.

Video:Radio Nowhere
Album Released This Year:
Magic [Columbia]


Of Montreal

The members of the of The Elephant 6 Recording Company came out with a good concept album and was well received by the indie public may be all that buzz help because the band play there Detroit shows, there stage shows at the stick complex and they was one of the best live bands with there dramatic stage shows.

Video:Gronlandic Edit
Album Released This Year:
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?[Polyvinyl]


Bloc Party

O.K. i know most of Culture City don't like this band either as a hole or a live act or both, but i really like there second album "A Weekend in the City", it is a real good album not only that the song are great including "The Prayer" which is banging good tune, so if you did not listen to a "weekend in the city" give a album a good few good spin and you really like this.

Video:The Prayer
Album Released This Year:
A Weekend in the City [Vice/Wichita]


Great Northern

Now this is a great cool indie band that any body heard off but if you hear the album "Trading Twilight for Daylight" you was treated for a sonic adventer frather one of my fave song this year "Home", which is a wonderful song which is a great song and not only that they look very good playing live and not only that they sound so dreamy, one of my bands i would really like in the further.

Album Released This Year:
Trading Twilight for Daylight[Eenie Meeine Records]



After so much trouble getting in the country recording this really good album she back it up with the released of Kala that feat. the song "Boyz,", the disco flavor "Jimmy", and the wonderful song "Paper Planes" which is good to listen to even if MY don't like the gunshot in the song.

Video:Paper Planes
Album Released This Year:
Kala [Interscope Records]

Well 40 bands Down and there is only 10 more bands that matter and judging by the released of all good album the conclusion of the 2007 Culture Festive 50 will be a good one so com back tomorrow for the top ten and not only that the most important band that matters of 2007.


The finally of the Culture City Festive 50
Band No. 10 - No. 2
and the most important band that matters
of 2007

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