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The 2007 Culture City Festive 50 - Part One No. 50 to No.41

An Now after the 52 weeks, thousands listens, many show later
here it is, the moment you been waiting for the 50 bands that should matter to you
The 2007 Culture City Festive 50

Today we Kick off the countdown with Band 50 to Band 41
I kick off the best of the best with No.50


The Eames Era

The band for Baton Rouge, Louisiana released a very good and very chatty album called Heros and Sheros, you really got to love the wonderful vocals of lead singer Ashlin Phillips who was back band who did some good sound to it, they are a fave all over Internet radio and not only that they did a Detroit show at the Belmont back in the summer and that was real cool.

Video:When You Were A Millionaire

Album Released This Year:
"Heroes and Sheroes"[C Student Records]


Durg Rug

When i hear there self-title CD back on the Fall on there my space page i really really love this wonderful band from Boston, the wonderful blues rock music between boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Sarah Cronin and Thomas Allen can not be denied as they give wonderful music with very lovely band name, Hey you would not be hook like a name like Durg Rug.

Video:The band live during a FADER showcase during C.M.J.

Album Released This Year:
Durg Rug [Black And Greene]


The Birds and The Bee

It you ever hear the phase love you music at first sight will this is the band you can not stop hearing in the year with there cool jazz sound that found cross over crowd with the indie kids and you to live there smooth colorful live show and not only that the Drop Dead looks of Front woman Inara George who i can not stop look at her when she play.

Video:"Again & Again"

Album Released This Year:
The Bird and the Bee[Blue Note


Laura Veirs

This year i got to see Laura Veirs and her backing band the Saltbreakers play songs from her newest released Called "Saltbreakers" and the show was really a good show and the CD is really Good showing why see is one of the smartest singer-songwriter around and not only that really cool story teller as well.

Video:OK this is from a program form the Seattle Channel could not find a video off a track from saltbreakers.

Album Released This Year:
Saltbreakers [Nonesuch Records]


Shout Out Louds

Swedish rock is alive and still well in the "Shout Out Louds" who released the Follow up to the well done "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff" they have a real good single "Tonight I Have to Leave It" and it also feather more of the vocals of keyboard Bebban Stenborg that goes with there lead singers Adam Olenius .


Album Released This Year:Tonight I have to leave it
Our Ill Wills[Merge]


Bat For Lashers

this Four peiced all female band Front by the dramatic Front-girl Natasha Khan who made a really great record that was released in North American Shore this year made some noise when it was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Prize for "Fur and Gold" and at one time she was a favorite for the prize until she lost out to the the Klaxons, She is Right now writing the Follow Up and will be recorded next year.

Video:Whats a Girl To Do

Album Released This Year:
"Fur and Gold" [Parlophone Records]



This was one fo the 1st band that i really like went i have to listen to every released for My New Music Tuesday Post [Every Tuesday and will be back in 2008] and i really love this west coast garage rock from Anaheim, California from there song from there myspace page i when to see there shows when they came here once in the spring at the Bo House and in the summer at the Stick opening up for the Detroit Corba's

Video:Take a Look Around

Album Released This Year:
Chautauqua [Dim Mak Records]


Lilly Allen

America got it 1st listen of the first ever my space music Star as she released her debut album "Alright, Still" in January, her album was O.K. but she put on a good live that mix up little reggae, a little hip hop, and a little bit of pop rock, i wish she brought here live show back in may, but will have to wait a little bit longer.


Album Released This Year:
Alright, Still [Capitol Records]


Aniimal Collective

Now Almost ever blogger have been raving about this NYC experimental noise band since the album was lake on the net in mid-June and there sound on this album is sort of like a mix mash of sound, now i listen to this record and it was good but it on the list because of the buzz about the album and not only that the art work as well.


Album Released This Year:
Strawberry Jam [Domino]


The Good, The Bad, and the Queen

With Blur Front man Damon Albarn putting to bed his cartoon band Gorillaz and rampant rumors that blur doing a album aging with Graham Coxon, he keep him self busy with this super group side project with The Clash Paul Simonon, The Verve Simon Tong and Fela Kuti Tony Allen, put together a very good album about Modern life in London got good buzz and good press as well.

Video:Kingdom Of Doom

Album Released This Year:
The Good, the Bad & the Queen [Virgin Records]

Ten Down almost 40 to go and about four more days to catch up with the rest of the list.


The Countdown Continued with
Band 40 to Band 31 as we look to friend Opportunity thur the window in the city as we look for New Magnetic wonders before we all before we go to rehab.

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