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The Culture City Festive 50 - Part Three - No.30 to No.21

Well, it day three of the Culture City Festive 50 for 2007
and we have almost reach half way to the Countdown and just a reminder
at the half way point of this year list will recap 50-26
so with that let pick the count down with No.30


K.T. Tunstaill

Last year Second Runner-Up [No.3 with "Eye to the Telescope"] When from No.3 to No.30her follow up album "Drastic Fantastic" was a OK album, but hey she is still one hell of a live prefromer with a blue coller attitued but judging by the cover she became a disco girl with a guitar.

Video:Hold On

Album Released This Year:
Drastic Fantastic[Virgin]


The Pipettes

ever since this site began i been in loved with the The Pipettes ever since i hear them on B.B.C. Radio one Lamacq Live show and all of culture city love the girls, it would be total hard to pick a faveorit, they Final released there debut album this year "We Are the Pipettes" it a very good album of old school 60's song done by all thouse Girl Group, now if they only play a make up show for a they almost play at the stick in December.

Video:Pull Shapes

Album Released This Year:
"We Are the Pipettes"


Nicole Atkins

wow it was a pleasure to see this year lovely solo artist who have a very lovely voice, she came to a detroit show twice opening for both the Long Blondes and the Raveonetts, and god she have that look that would not let you go and nice arms as well, Oh i forgot to tell you her debur album "Neptune City" sound so good with all is lush sound.

Video:Neptune City

Album Released This Year:
"Neptune City" [Red Ink/Columbia]


The Polyphonic Spree

Well this year the almost nearly 27 member band lead by former Tripping Daisy frontamn Tim DeLaughter ditch the robes became the became a all black clothes Fragile Army [Which was the name of there latest album], but they came in peace and love as there released the next 12 Section of there worldwide peace missions of love from downhome in texas.

Video:Running Away

Album Released This Year:
Fragile Army [TVT Records]


Tegan and Sara

the Born in Calgary, now living in oppiest end of canada released a very good album this year called "the con" it was a really good record with guest appercan by Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie and Matt Sharp of The Rentals, and they still a really good live draw all over they play Detroit twice this year [once at the Gem Theater and a second at St. Andrew hall a month ago]but there look remine ,e of Ex- Von Bondies bassist Carrie Smith looking into a mirror.

Video:Back In Your Head

Album Released This Year:
The Con[Vapor/Sire/London]

===== HALF-WAY BREAK =====

We reach the half way break in the 2007 Festive 50 Countdown like we alway do it time to take a break from the count to do a quick recap of the full list, i do this three time durring the countdown this one at half way and twice during the last post once before the top 3 and the full list after the countdown.

If you miss any of the 1st 20 video on the list you can check out the links on the right of the menu under "The 2007 Culture City Festive 50" right under last year Festive 50 - 2006.

So here how the Festive 50 countdown look so far with little recap of the 1st half of the countdown.

50. The Eames Era
49. Durg Rug
48. The Birds and The Bee
47. Laura Veirs
46. Shout Out Louds
45. Bat For Lashers
44. Willoz
43. Lilly Allen
42. Aniimal Collective
41. The Good, The Bad, and the Queed
40. The Apple in Stereo
39. Amy Winehouse
38. Arctic Monkey
37. You Say Party, We Say Die
36. The Long Blones
35. Klaxons
34. Rilo Kiley
33. The Firey Furnaces
32. The Brunnetts
31. Deefhoof
30. K.T. Tunstaill
29. The Pipettes
28. Nicole Atkins
27. The Polyphonic Spree
26. Tegan and Sara

At top of the second half of the countdown


St. Vincent

once part of the flock of the The Polyphonic Spree,she broke away from the group and released a wonderful debut CD called "Merry Me" releaed her very warm and very sonic indie music and not only that she also have a great cover art for the album with one of thouse look at the camera shot, and not only that she also a very good live preformer who i whis she did a detroit show.

Video:Jesus Saves, I Spend

Album Released This Year:
Marry Me [Beggars Banquet Records]



now when i saw the 1st video for there Debut album "We Can Create" called "You Won't Know Her Name" i knew this would like this band from Northampton there sound is some describe by James Chapman as a bit like The Stone Roses meets Spaceman 3, they sounded like Devo, they did not played many dates here in american, but there debut album mean that shoegazing is back, Just perfic for the return of "My Bloody Valentine" in 2008.

Video:You Don't Know Her Name

Album Released This Year:
We Can Create [Mute Records]


Once - Soundtrack

Now i know i don't like movie soundtrack because there mostly recycle songs i heard before and a lot of songs that hear in a karyey bar so that mean sound track are banned of the full festive 50 unless it was something speical guess what we got our praeys.

it from one of the best film of the year, a musicial love story [and no i don't mean the overhype suage coated high school musicial] about two struggling musicians played by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová who fall in love and make music in working class Dublin, the sound track was a really gem of a sound track released this year.

oh if you want to know the DVD is out now for the film that gross over $14 million as of December and it was done over a Budget $160,000 U.S. now that was amazing.

Video:Falling Slowly

Album Released This Year:
Once - Soundtrack


New Porngraphs

this year was the return of the band that are all over canada fronted by A.C. Newman along with Neco Case, Kathryn Calder [Immaculate Machine] and John Collins of The Evaporators [Frontman is Nardward] released very great CD this year not a storng as there past album, but it is there trademark catch hooks and lyrcs, and there are still good live aldought they did not play a detroit show because they did not want to stuck in two hours traffic or worst the bus breaking down on 1-75.


Album Released This Year:
Challengers [Last Gang/Matador]



Every body when Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga over the band from Austin, Texas as they released there most succesful album to date, it reach Number 10 in the billboard chart and they even headline one of the nights of the Comerica Cityfest and after the gig hang out at the Northen Light Lounge nearby, Now that was cool.

Video:The Underdog

Album Released This Year:
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [Merge]

The Countdown is comming down the home sterch with 20 more bands that released music this year.

Tomorrow, the Festive 50 Countdown continued with
Band 20 to Band No. 11

as we ride our Pony to the top Ten as we ride thouge the Fields to catch a Midnight Movies at a block party as we get closer to the Important band that matter in 2007.


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