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So you think you have a good single of week eahh

It is friday the end of a long week for me doing My 1st ever Blog doing good work to note the coming atraction, show, and any news of the Net, I tell you more about it on weekend update on Sunday, and i thought it would be a good time to interduce a brand new segment on my blog sight it call My NME single of the week, if any one over the 50 years history of the UK leading Music Maginzine The New Music Express or as the kids call it NME for short not only review the alblum coming out but they also review the single that also come out in that week (UK single are release on Monday, US Release are on tuesday) and i always read it to see if that band new song is any good or for better or worst ask the question what are they thinking a bad song over a very awsome track, now every week at i will listen to the three tracks the NME picks to be top(the winner and the two runner-up), if i like the single of the week i will give it my thums up, But if i hate of dont like the single of then week i pick the two runner-up as sub and it will be my winner as single of the week, but if i did like the two i can go outside the box, so you get the title the My NME Single of the week.

And My take of this week NME Single of the week for the isseud dated May 6(with He says the city used to be a community but turned bitter and ugly after the White Stripes scored multi-platinum success. “Look through your rock history,” he tells the mag. “This happens every time a city has gotten cool. I figured that everyone knew so much about rock history that it wouldn’t happen. We didn’t have five bands like Seattle had that went out and sold ten million records apiece. We thought, ‘Well, maybe we’ll all stay together.’ No. I think I gave people too much credit. When it comes down to it, it’s real simple. Anytime, any town, anywhere, it’s going to be the same thing. Next year when such-and-such city blows up, I will make a point of going to the most popular band there and saying, ‘Start packing your bags. You’re going to lose your friends.'” White goes on to say in Detroit he was "in a negative environment surrounded by negative people," even says the “Satan” referred to in the album title of the Stripes’ 2005 album “Get Behind Me Satan” is a partial reference to the city, along with the parts of his personality he left behind when moving to Nashville. on the cover and dont forget Broken Boys Solders is Out this tuesday, but hoped for a racounteurs show have Dim, but i tell you that in News)

The Winner- Primal Scream-Country Gril - it a good track nothing speacil here the tunes start out good but kind of runs out of gas in the end i think that what a long lad off will do
My Virct: it OK

Runner-Up No.1- Hot Chip - Boy From School - it is a very good track it have a very good groove and beat to it but it some time get too long and and kind of get bored near the end i not engoth to win the My NMES of the week
It good and smooth

Runner-up No.2-The Boyfriends-Adult Acne - the only problem i can not find the track any where on there web sight or there myspace sight or any whereon the web so i cant rate it

So as promied i went outside the box to choose this week winner and yes i found it but it only available on there band web sight It the the wonderful New Zedander Band the Datsuns with there down single "Stuck here for Days" i a great tunes which start out very slow and keep on rocking and it a were good single and that is who that make them good rocker and also a coulpe of local connect 1st they opened up for the Pixies when they did there reunion tour in Detroit a year and a half ago and in one of indie rock best of this early days "Harmonic Generator" which have guess vocial from Marice Bolen and ex-Von Bondies (who i still miss) Carrie Smith, so with that

The Dastuns"Stuck Here For Days" is My NME single fo the week

OK in live and local News

As you know Jack White have left detroit For the country of Nashville and in this month Spin (Which i dont have a copy in the Mail yet) he tell us why He says the city used to be a community but turned bitter and ugly after the White Stripes scored multi-platinum success. “Look through your rock history,” he tells the mag. “This happens every time a city has gotten cool. I figured that everyone knew so much about rock history that it wouldn’t happen. We didn’t have five bands like Seattle had that went out and sold ten million records apiece. We thought, ‘Well, maybe we’ll all stay together.’ No. I think I gave people too much credit. When it comes down to it, it’s real simple. Anytime, any town, anywhere, it’s going to be the same thing. Next year when such-and-such city blows up, I will make a point of going to the most popular band there and saying, ‘Start packing your bags. You’re going to lose your friends.'” White goes on to say in Detroit he was "in a negative environment surrounded by negative people," even says the “Satan” referred to in the album title of the Stripes’ 2005 album “Get Behind Me Satan” is a partial reference to the city, along with the parts of his personality he left behind when moving to Nashville. So that could mean The Raconteursmay not do a Detroit Show in the the Futher that could not be good.

Also on the Nobody listen to WDET-FM as a news station Front

From today detroit Free Press report that that the station have fired four staffer (One From administration, membership, production and engineering) after their really bad Spring fundrasier you remember they rasied 40% less money and lost a third of there listener after a bad programing Change to switch from Music to Can NPR talk back in decmber, all thought the policy of Wanye State Universtity(which operatie WDET-FM) will not release names of thouse who was cut the Free Press did confirmed the the preson in production that was cut was Jon Moshier who did Saturday Night and just start hosting a new one Hour verson of live from studio A just last week talk about hippco in the ntn degree this is getting wrost buy the Month.

And before we go into the Deep of Indie News Outside the Indie From our thrshed sourced whice include the CMJ.COM, There only the Whole weekend to vote in the Energizer Replay Music Contest 15 Bands the winner will play at the CMJ Music Fest in Cleveland on June 14-18 A couple of bands this blog sight like are in it one of my fave bands The Hard Lessons, One of the Best Live Bands in Detroit, And one of many band from Chicago the almost all-female band The Dials, you can vote untill My 15 at this web sight and here who also in competion:
Dead Heart Bloom
De Novo Dahl
Five Horse Johnson
Infinite Number of Sounds
New Lou Reeds
Nous Non Plus
The Happy Bullets
The Picture

And Now let go outside of the detroit Metro area for the best Indie news form the best sourced


The sunny psychedelics of Apples In Stereo are currently finishing up their fifth studio album, but the band has announced that they have parted ways with SpinART, their longtime label. The new LP, which will be called A New Magnetic Wonder, is slated to hit shelves sometime in 2007 and on the band's website the Elephant 6 collective members said that they are currently "finalizing a deal with a well-known independent label" for its release. All of the Apples' records over the last ten years— save 1997's sole Sire release, Tone Soul Evolution— have come out on SpinART. The band gave no reason for the split. Apples In Stereo are keeping busy though. They will open a handful of southern dates for the Strokes at the end of the month and are scheduled to play Athens Popfest in Georgia this August. Lucky for Elephant 6 fans, Olivia Tremor Control and Sunshine Fix frontman Bill Doss will play keyboards and sing backup for the Apples at their live shows. (No Detroit Dates)

Exclusive: Matt Sharp Talks Rentals' Return
Amy Phillips reports:No more waiting...the Rentals' return is on. Today, Matt Sharp's synth-pop band announced that it has scheduled the initial shows of its first worldwide tour in a decade. This July, after a couple of warm-up shows in California, they'll head to Japan for a pair of arena gigs.

Yesterday, Pitchfork spoke to Matt Sharp, and the former Weezer bassist outlined the rest of the Rentals' touring plans: "We're going to come back and do a limited amount of shows in the U.S. We're not going to cover the whole thing, but we're probably going to do the major markets, and do some shows in Canada in the major Canadian markets, and then maybe do a little bit in Europe, a few of the major markets in Europe. That's still pending at the moment. But we're crossing our fingers."

The band is also scheduled to perform at this summer's Sonorama Festival in Burgos, Spain. "A very big part of my heart lives in Spain," Sharp said. "At times I almost feel like I'm Antonio Banderas' son or something."

In addition to Sharp, the current Rentals lineup features founding member Rachel Haden (formerly of that dog!), as well as the following newbies: vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sara Radle (multi-inst/vocals), "synth master" Ben Pringle, vocalist/viola player Lauren Chipman, and drummer Dan Joeright.

"Everybody in the group essentially multitasks all the time," Sharp explained. "Everybody has a little piano experience, plays synthesizers, plays acoustic guitar...There's so many different combinations of things to explore within the group dynamic, and the feeling that I have with this group is that these people are really heavyweights. And we're trying to do things the right way and with a lot of integrity, and build a real family."

Although Sharp has been sporadically working on new material, the focus for the Rentals at the moment is perfecting new arrangements of songs from the Rentals' back catalog, drawing from the band's two albums, 1995's Return of the Rentals and 1999's Seven More Minutes. "A lot of it is reworking those old songs to represent the possibility of where we're going," Sharp said. "Some of it feels very new to me. Some of the older songs from the first album have taken on a totally new life. They have a real sense of where we're going. And part of it is challenging, and a challenge that I'm willing to meet."

The world tour will focus primarily on old songs; after the band returns to their home base in California, they'll concentrate on the next album.
Sharp attributes his decision to resurrect the Rentals to "really just a combination of a lot of different things coming together." "Having certain people come into my life at the right times, and the support of other people, sort of helped me get on that path," he said. "It just seemed like that's where we should be, and this is what we should be doing. And it just felt like the natural place for us to be."
He added that his former Weezer bandmate, Rivers Cuomo, was especially influential. "I think probably I saw Rivers less than a year ago, and he was really kind," Sharp said. "He's been one of the big people for me, who have been very supportive, going, 'that's what you should be doing with your life' the sense of writing pop music again."
Sharp spent a good part of the past few years concentrating on acoustic-centric solo material, releasing the Puckett's Versus the Country Boy EP in 2003 and a self-titled album in 2004. He saw himself headed in a more experimental direction, before the intervention of Cuomo and others.
"The average length of the songs on the solo record are probably seven minutes long," he said. "And I think I probably would have gone further in that direction, and I may return there at some point. I've always had the desire to end up finding a place in the world that's like [Talk Talk's] Spirit of Eden record, and where there's three songs on the album and it's still a full length album. And I was probably heading more and more into that place.
"Rivers and I got to spend some time doing some writing together, and he really started talking to me about writing more concise songs, that expressed a lot with a lot of economy. Instead of doing what I had been doing, which was taking as much time as you want to say what you need to say. And there were a lot of really good things that came out of those times that we spent together. There's too many people who have had an influence on why I'm at where I'm at, to say there's a single person like that. But there's certainly a part of it in there that he shares."
Sharp also credits Canadian sister duo Tegan and Sara, with whom he has toured and recorded, with helping him get on the path he's pursuing today. "They really helped me with the way they just conduct themselves," he said. "Those guys have more integrity than any group I've ever been around. The way that everybody that's involved with them are kind and generous...that stuff is coming from the core, and it's everybody that's involved with them, it's not just them, it's every member of the group, every member of their management, people that are selling their tee shirts; whatever it is, they all have that real graciousness to them."
Check out the Rentals remix of Tegan and Sara's "Walking With a Ghost" on the Rentals website.
The Rentals Walking With the Ghost Remix at there myspace page

And let me get out of the Box, To say that i have not been watch America Idol like everone else but i like but i would not been surprize if the voting off the show Fave Chris Daughtry single the slow dive for this overblow kareoy contest this is the lateest in the serires of problem like fave going off to wrong phone No. to a contest going to bed with a judge to phone Problem to contest getting kick off because some thing happend years ago this is too much and now everone question the cerabied of this show, Let hoped the Sirius Radio host the one and only Kim Fowley is wright about a america Idol Backlash and if that happen i know you be the 1st to know and you be there, and you be there, and so will you, Hey Kevin Drew and Broken Social Scene got the Ball Rolling when he slam Canadain Idol.

And Speaking about Sirius Radio our Hometown girl Ko Melina from Ko and the knockout and the Dirtbombs and what i be told is begin work on a new record(we dont know if it will be with the knockout or solo) have a Show on sirius Radio in the underground Gargae Baby she is on Saturday between 11PM and 3AM and on sunday Monring from 7AM to 11PM but if you can not pay $13 per month to listen to ko all here past show is on line at this underground Garger site it have ever show as far back from April of 2005.

so Now i take Saturday off to clean up and check back on Survir which Have it Season final on Sunday at 8 PM (WWJ-TV)

Also on Sunday it the Last shows ever for two good tv shows as tv west wing Perz Bartlet will exit the white House sunday at 8 PM on NBC (WDIV) and Malcolm get set get out of High School on the last malcome of the Middle on Sunday at 8:30PM(WJBK-TV)

and also next week all five TV nextworks get ready to show off there Fall 2006 TV Line-up beging with NBC on monday,and follow by ABC on tuesday,CBS on Wensday and Fox and The CW Network (a combine of the Old WB and UPN network which will shut down in the Fall) on Thuirsday.

And Dont Forget the Cd Release Party for the Sweet Sound of Detroit vol. 1 at the Magic stick
with short gig from Hotness Sara Celina,Troy Gregory & the Step Sisters,Hey Sailor,Loretta & the Larkspurs,Grande Nationals,Capitol Cities,the Sirens, the Hard Lessons.

And the Pistons hoped to wrap it up with Cleveland on saturday at 5PM and monday in cleveland, The tigers are also in Cleveland playing the Indians and then after a day off on monday it Three vs The Twins and the inter-league begin with The Cincinnat Reds.

Well that it for the 1st week of my blog i want to thanks you for looking and for reading if you want to comment on anything you read please click on the coment that is below this page or if you have a news item that you want to get out please fired off a e-mail at

We wrap up with the Band of the Day, and today it The Go-Betweenswho last week it co-founder when Grant McLennan Died suddenly last weekend, He was 48 He was remember today in Bisbane, Aus over a 1000 moners line the streets to one of thew all time Cult band ever
Here is a video to remember the song The Go-Betweens From the alblum "Spring Hill Fair"

Good bless you Grant McLennan
Dont For get Mon On sunday it will be soggey all week end
Good Night And Good Luck.

The Band of the Day
The Go-Betweens - The Go-Betweens

Once agin gthe links did not work

so here the Link From

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey don't forget kids the 4th of July is Almost Here and it a perfic change to go to a out door gig

You know what your thinking, Hey man is the tastefest Music Line-Up been unveil, Oh Yes indeed just yes ter day I went back to the comerica Tastfest web Sight, and found a partly line up of who playing there, Where are they playing and what time are they playing, The biggest Music Fest in the all the tri-country area will take place at the New Center area at the Fisher building area on West Grand Blvd. Just west of Woodward and will incorporate North of 2nd Ave. Near Lothrop Road and south of 2nd Ave Near W. Milwaukee St. In The New Center area, It will take place between the 4th of July Holiday between Friday June 30th and and Tuesday July the 4th of or as I like to call it New Music Tuesday, And it all free So let see who playing

The Main Stager
Location: The Fisher Building Parking Lot (Stage on Lothpoh and 3rd st.)

Friday June 30th
7:00 p.m.HOUSE SHOES
8:30 p.m.COMMON

5:30 p.mTBA
8:30 p.mRAY DAVIES

2:30 p.mJ MOSS
5:30 p.m.SPYRO GYRA

8:30 p.m.KINGS OF LEON


Pure Detroit Local Stage Presented by Real Detroit Weekly
Location: Second Avenue & Lothrop

6 p.m.TBA
6:30 p.m.PAXAHAUS presents TBA
8:30 p.m.TBA

3:30 p.m.TBA
5:15 p.m.HAIRSHIRT
6:30 p.m.NOMO
7:30 p.m.JOHN ARNOLD

9 p.m.TBA

2 p.m.TBA
4:30 p.m.TBA
6 p.m.PAXAHAUS presents TBA
7:30-8:30 p.m.TBA
8:30 p.m.TBA

4:00 p.m.J*DaVey featuring ALOE BLACC
6:30 p.m.AMP FIDDLER

The Metro PCS(A Cell Phone Company) Jazz & Blues StagePresented by Hour Detroit Mag.

Location: Grand Boulevard at Cass




2:30 p.mHAVANA
7:30 p.m. & 9 p.m.DWIGHT ADAMS GROUP


The Only stage That have Not Been set up yet is The Metro Times Park Stage in Front of Fittness Works on the SW Corner of W. Grand Blvd and 2nd, Which be announce Later, And you Know The Culture City News Will Be All Over it on 4th of July Weekend and if you think you can get jazz in culture City, You have not check out the line up for the 2006 Detroit International Jazz Festival at Hart Plaza if you want to check it out who up at the check out the story, Highlight and schual from the free press click the highlight links above, Well you seeIi am a very mild jazz FanIi only listen to it whenIi am board it good but my fave jazz man is the one and only Miles Davis he Good.

One more note from the top story in Culture City yesterday about the closer of all the good record store in the Detroit area, One of them is Neptune Record in Royal Oak, I went to the store today and it was a sad sight there is a lot of good CD left not many good one out there, There Pleaty of belle and sebatin, Cat Power and good vinly Left and they cut prices so if you want to get a good CD The store is opend Untill May 31 or sooner if this get real slow it opend untill 8 on weekday and saturday and untill 5 on sunday, It locate on 412 E. 4th St. Three Blocks East of Main St. In Downtown Royal Oak or you can go to their web sight at, And if you want to read the troble times in indie records land that is thobuling datroit and the Nation you con go to the story at the Metro Times Web sight here. And PleaseIi you can support your local Record store and please keep coming Back and buy some good music.

And back to the Jack White department of the blog sight, Fans are calling the White stripe and The Raconteurs Frontman a sell-out for doing a recent Coke-Cola Ads in the uk well Jack have stick back saying to then fans They (fans) assume someone drove up to my house with a truck full of money and a gun to my head, and said, 'Crack open a Coke on television and give the thumbs up.'"That's not what happened. I saw a beautiful ad, and I wrote a song for it because I was inspired by it."That stuff about the Gap years ago, I even said then that I wasn't saying we would never do a commercial." WellIi saw the ads andIi a very good ads a very coloful ads, But Being loss in all this the ads only air once in the UK and in Australua, But the ads have leak on-line in the internet, There is no plans to air the ads here in the US, Oh by the wayIi got the New NME in the US the have The Raconteurs on the Cover of NME in the Hype up to there CD Broken Boys Soliders out in five Days in the US, and it you want a preview of Broken Boys Soliders for a short time only on you can here a preview of the alblume before it come out and it begin Friday(May 12)

And I hoped you are going to pick it up on tuesday the song stedy as she go have been playing on the radio including the Riff2 show Detroit Local 101(Tuesday 10-Midnight). So from time to time if you miss the show or did not go to small in Hamtramck or dont have a HD Radio or Computer to listen on-lineIi am puting a playlist here and a cople of other playlist so you can see who begin play on the local radio so here the play list from week 16 of Detroit Local 101 Hosted solo by Melody Licious with a special guest subing for the Loveable Furball (Suzy Cole)

PLAYLIST FOR WEEK ..16 (05/09/06)
1) The Go - Suzydon'tt Leave
2) Grande Nationals - Little Girl Lollipop
3) Brendan Benson - Alternative To Love
4) Country Bob & The Blood Farmers - The Head On The Sidewald
5) Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor
6) The Hard Lessons - It Bleeds
7) Suicide Machines - I never Promised You A Rose Garden
8) The Beggars - Right On Time
9) The Bomb Pops - Put The Fire Out
10) Scott Morgans Powertrane - I Stole Everything
11) The Red Rocks - Bus Stop Lady
12) Lime Regal - End Of Indian
13) Fifth Period Fever - Through
14) Dixie Hustler - 50 Miles to Detroit
15) The Questions - The Sun Will Rise Again
16) Novadriver - Roll You
17) Hey Sailor - Bitter Honey
18) Capitol Cities - Electric Frosteen Queen
19) Hotness - Peppermint Patty
20) Loretta & The Larkspurs - Choo Cho Charlie
21) Sara Celina - Lick Your Own Lollipop
22) The Jack & Smokin Joe Leone - Sweet Little Sixteen
23) Lobby Rats- Fuddybucker
24) The Muggs - Need Ya Baby
25) The Nice Device - Never Be My Man
26) The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes (acoustic)
27) The Paybacks - Stranger In The House
28) The Flouride Program - Hands
29) The Cyril Lords - 1771
30) Proper Villains - Admit It Youre Doomed
31) Pas/Cal - The Bronzed Beach Boys
32) Andrew WK - Party Til You Puke

And speaking of Local Music here a reminder that the Deadline For Bands that want to play in detroit biggest gig that will call the official End of summer gig "Dally in the alley" the long time end of end of summer gig at the southern tip of wayne State Unversier at the street of 2nd,3rd, Forest, and Hancock street. so if you want to play the Dally you have to get your music in Now the Dead Line is This Monday May 15, so if you want to play the Dally please send you music postmarke no later then Monday to this adress:Dally in the Alley, 4632 Second Ave.,Detroit, MI 48201, Attn: Music Committee of if you want to ddo something diifence at the dally you can go to the dally and Hey the dally area is about a few block form WDET-FM so get your Hey WDET-FM, Where the Music??? protest sings ready !!!.

Now the only other News outside the 313 from our trush socured:


Just when you think you've seen it all and it seems oh so quiet on the reissue front, Rhino Records goes and puts together another box set. And who is it but Björk, coming to you in all of her big time sensuality with every single one of her albums, from her 1993 Debut to last year's original soundtrack to Drawing Restraint 9 (a film collaboration with her "life partner", Matthew Barney), all remastered and gussied up for the pleasure of your headphones.
Like someone in love, the box set--which will be released June 27 and titled, simply Surrounded--only wants you to be violently happy. Thus, all seven albums (including Selmasongs, the soundtrack to Björk's star turn, Dancer in the Dark, which is like Crossroads but super depressing) are being released as DualDiscs with all of the videos for each album featured as bonus tracks on the DVD sides.
These bonuses include videos directed by the likes of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham, and as "Ren and Stimpy" creator (!) John Kricfalusi. The DVD side of the Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack also includes a bonus cut called "Petrolatum".
Paul "PDub" Watson oversaw the 5.1 surround sound remixing, and with a name like "PDub", it's pretty much guaranteed to turn out well. If it doesn't, we ask that you show forgiveness.

On May 16, Rhino will reissue the trio's first two Sire Records albums, 1991's Green Mind and 1993's Where You Been, in remastered and expanded form. Also available on the market that day is J Mascis Live at CBGB's: The First Acoustic Show, a limited edition disc featuring an avalanche of previously unreleased material that 5000 lucky fans will have a chance to snatch up for the low, low suggested retail price of $9.99.
Both reissues are packaged with photographs and Byron Coley-penned liner notes. (Does that guy do anything other than write liner notes these days?) Green Mind holds three bonus tracks: the "Start Choppin" B-sides "Forget It" and "Turnip Farm" (which also appeared on the Reality Bites soundtrack) and a cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers' "Hot Burrito #2", which features backing vocals from-why not?--actor Matt Dillon. Guess this was around the time when he was in his Singles grunge rock phase.
Where You Been has been lengthened with the previously unreleased John Peel session version of "Hide", an alternate take of "Keeblin'", and a long live recording of "What Else Is New".
These albums follow Merge Records' 2005 reissues of Dinosaur Jr.'s first three albums, 1985's Dinosaur, 1987's You're Living All Over Me, and 1988's Bug.

The Wedding Present request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of CD and DVD, taking place in North America on Tuesday, May 16, 2006, and ministered by Manifesto Records. The ceremony, titled Search for Paradise: Singles 2004-5, features three singles from last year's Take Fountain album, along with their attendant B-side bridesmaids, acoustic versions of the A-sides, and a remix of "Ringway to Seatac" by German popists Klee, all previously unreleased in North America. DVD footage includes promotional videos for "Interstate 5", "I'm from Further North Than You", "Ringway to Seatac", and "Don't Touch That Dial", along with a live acoustic version of "Perfect Blue", and, of course, behind the scenes footage of picking out dresses and choosing a caterer and stuff like that.

and also on a live review of the UK Band Art Burt Live gig in Boston
you can see it here.

So that it for today post and becauIe i got this week isseud of NME a day late my review on the three songs of the NME single of the week will be delay for a day and speaking about the NME it time for the bands of the Day from the over of the 200 BanIs i am fans of and we look at the 1st video of The Raconteurs Video of Steady As She Goes Which is direct but the one and the only indie filmmaker surprem Jim Jamemech and dont forgot the LP is out on Tuesday at you local record stores.

And one More thing thanks you to Ryan, Fat Matt, And Jackie for for mentioing thIt i do have a blog up and running now, Thanks guy

The Full Pulg:
Make sure you check out a new blog in town called It Came From Culture City and it's written by one of the biggest Detroit music fans around, Steve (Steve Paljusevic). Sorry guIs i dont like to menton the city thIt i am in for privaice.

14 more today for katie
3 more amzing raceer to go
and game three on saturday at 5 PM on ESPN
and it Cold, Still Rainy and 53*F on Friday Let hoped it wram up before the Movement Fest in Lay May
Good Night and good Luck

The Band Of The Day
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes

ED Notes: I tried to put the video but i only got the one line so in sted of the video here a link for you tube

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where Have all the good Good Record store gone Baby

If you think the dumping of weekday daytime music at WDET-FM(101.9) was bad, The white Stripes Leaving ever other rock bands in Detroit in the dust, and Jack White Leaving Detroit was a minest, and get around the Detroit area bad that is right now, Today MT(Metro Times) shine a Local light on a trouble Problem nation-wide, Yes kids all the good Indie are closing at a arlming rate. Head feather Writer Brian Smith look at this problem in today Metro Times and what he found is not good at the begin of 2000 there was a lot around 3800 stores across the country and 3,500 chain store well to day it less then 2/3 than what is was ouch, and in the tri-country area we have seen or fair Share of good record close like Desirable Disc and Repeat the Beat locations, Rockbox, Record Exchange, Coachman's, Tower, Fun House, East Alley Record, 21 Harmony House locations (the one remaining Harmony House is now an f.y.e. store) that not good and don't for get all the big box store like K-mart, and Media Play and Sam Goody and just recely they close the Old Town Record Store(Hamtramck), and Neptune Record in royal Oak will shut it door's at the end of May and even a good locatioing did not work Like Wendell Music in Royal Oak, and Young Soul rebels at the Stick complex in Midtown, some Blame the web, some blame the Look, Some even blame the rent for the store, and some even blame the pricing for those Big Box retailer Like Best Buy, and target, it a good in deep story it in this week MT, In print and in the and if you still want to support you local record store here a list of some good Indie store that are still opened:

Hot Hits (Roseville)
the Record Collector (Ferndale)
Buy Rite (Detroit)
Rock-a-Billy's (Utica)
Rock of Ages (Garden City)
Car City (St. Clair Shores)
Dearborn Music (Dearborn, Canton)
Flipside (Clawson)
Tonya's (Detroit)
Street Corner (Beverly Hills)
Stormy (Dearborn)
Peoples (Detroit)
Record Graveyard (Hamtramck)
Switched On (Novi)
Damon's (Detroit)
Record Time(Frendale)

Also in this Week MT and there Ralvial alt. Weekly, Read Detroit Weekly or as they say on the street R.D.W. is having storys at a New CD Put out By The Bellyache Candy Shoppe a venture By Grand Nationals Gritares Scotty Hagen and Michelle Moore. There going to have a CD release Show for the C.D. Sweet Sound Of Detroit Vol No.1 at the stick this week feather short set from the like of Hotness, Sara Celina, Troy Gregory & the Step Sisters, Loretta & the Larkspurs, Grande Nationals, Capitol Cities, the Sirens and the Hard Lessons and yes pleantey of Candy to boot at the stick this Saturday. A review on Monday at Culture City.

And check out this art work for our fave Photo Guy in Detroit and his art work for the Vamps Show in July at the Belmont and his art work for and his art work promoting Riff2 show Detroit Local 101(Tuesday 10-Midnight)

and now for the pages of The Metro Times evil Nemmies The Real Detroit Weekly let take a look at the best selling CD but not in the Billboard Brought and paid for 200 but from the group of Detroit best selling Music Store which Make Up The Detroit Music Retailers Collective or DMRC for short Which include Botht Record Time in Frendale and Roseville, Rock-a-Billy in Utica, Switch on CD's in Novi, Disk and tapes in Howell, and Culture Clash in Toledo, OH so with no freath ado here is this week Top 10 CD in Detroit

And there is a notable death to report Martin Chin died last week after a long hospitalization. Dont know who Martin Chin was he was the owner of The Chin Tiki at 2121 Cass Ave. Two block west of the fox town area, It was A restaurant, nightclub and swinging hotspot, the Chin Tiki opened in 1967, just in time for the Detroit riots, and was shuttered in 1980 when the city hit another downward spiral. In its heyday, the club hosted lavish Polynesian floor shows patronized by famous tinseltown drinkers and sports heroes, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali and Joe DiMaggio among them, But the culture Kids will remember the Chin Tiki as the place where Rabbit (Who was Play By Eminem) work in the Movie 8 Mile.

Chin is survived by his wife Kitty, daughters Debbie and Valerie, and brother Marlin, owner of Chin's in Livonia.

With Chin's death, Chin Tiki's future is bleak. The building's up for sale, and is in danger of becoming another parking lot. is that what wee need in downtown andher Parking Lot in the city that slow becoming a city of Parking Lot come on have they ever hear of the word reuse building!!!

Now out side of the Detroit Metro Area for some indie of news of any form the souced of the dam.

From CMJ

David Bowie announced Monday that he will curate the first High Line Festival in New York City next May. The 10-day festival, at which Bowie will play his first full concert in the city since 2003, was created by Bowie and his two partners to be an annual arts and music event that will take place in the neighborhood surrounding the new park being created on High Line, the city old, abandoned elevated train on the West Side. Bowie hopes to feature emerging talent alongside the "superstars" he intends to book. He will, then, pick a new "visionary" curator for the following summers fest. It's like Manhattan is getting its own All Tomorrow's Parties with the Thin White Duke as its king.
ED: Now that going to be cool indee

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin is set to release his solo joint July 11 via Anti-/Epitaph. Cold As The Clay honors his favorite influences from the folk world and shows a side of the punk icon that fans have never seen before. Fellow Bad Religion bandmate and Epitaph leader Brett Gurewitz produced the album in a mere seven days, nonetheless.
Tracklist For Cold As The Clay
1. Don't Be Afraid To Run
2. Omie Wise
3. Cold As The Clay
4. Little Saide
5. Highway
6. Rebel's Goodbye
7. Talk About Suffering
8. Willie Moore
9. California Cotton Fileds
10. The Watchmakers Dial
11. One More Hill

From NME.COm

Underworld have announced that they will be doing a unique broadcast this weekend from an Essex studio.The band will be hitting the airwaves on Saturday (May 13) at 10.04pm from Romford's Lemonworld Studio for a hybrid gig-come-radio show.Featuring unheard material, exclusive information and announcements from the group, the show will be the lateinstallmentent of their broadcasts, which have previously been unannounced.Fans will be able to tune in via or via Dutch radio and television station VPRO who will be syndicating the show live via their terrestrial and digital radio network.

dmrc top 10
1. Secret Machines — Ten Silver Drops
2. Godsmack — IV
3. Drive-by Truckers — A Blessing and a Curse
4. The Streets — The Hardest Way …
5. Ani Difranco — Carnegie Hall
6. Bruce Springsteen — We Shall Overcome
7. Buckcherry — 15
8. James Hunter — People Gonna Talk
9. Beatles — Beatles Box 2
10. Neko Case — Fox Confessor …

Well it look like the pistons Clevelandg the Celevland Cavs as the kings of the place took a 2-0 Lead yesterday with a 97-91 vitorys over the Cavs, Rasheed Wallace have Benpts and big ben have andore big night at the board with 15 reb. after picking up his 4th Defense player of the year before Lebronme, King Lebron put in 30 pts. in the loss so we now can wrap it upcourthere home corut withSaturdayree on satClevelandht aSaturdayand On saturday Night but the game time and channel it was suppoed to be Dallas ABC but dallas and San Antoneiot is a far more better match-up for the deadest night of the week on TV so it been Downgrade to 5PM on ESPN.

And Now Today Video of the day is some thing from Neko case But Not from here solo work but from her other Band The New Pornographers who will play Comerica TasteFest and we have the date of when are they going to play and what time but that will have to wait for tomorrow But in the meantimeplase check out this video for "used It" the 1 st single Twin Cinama feat. David Cross and Nardwuar The Human serviet

and From the office from countdown
15 shows left for katie on Today
six days untill "Broken Boys Solider
and i know you dont care two mor survier to go
and it going to be 65* and rainy to tomorrow

Good night And good Luck

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You take the good, you take that bad, you take them both and then it happened

Well in the world in Following indie news you may hear a lot of things that are coming soon , and a lot of things that are so good that you want to profess there love which i will get to later in this report but there will be some time i will report will report some bad news that not go down with the indie kids and worst it push the culture into boredom lever in to crapville this is one of those story

ZeD is Dead

yes kids the CBC-TV late night short film, Video and music show was cancellation late last week by the CBC-TV the show which have compete it 4th season just a month ago, a sad news indeed i been why CBC is let it got i don't but it driven away most of it audience by doing one few to many changes which i get to, But it have not been big but in the blog sight from one blogger is wondeing "If CBC is being slowly privatized, why are we paying a billion a year for it?" to one jurk say in he tak creitd for the cancellation, and on post on the web sight said ZeD was boring... sorry.

Well my view on the whole cancellation, well i saw this coming from the 1st minutes when i say the 1st faw show, they made it too narrow by spilt up to three show a night
Zed Real (which was OK), Zed Candid (which was OK but the talking was so anoning but i like the dark hair chick) And Zed Tunes (the better of the three which talk about what else Music, and if there was one for all three show it would Jenna Chow), they made it too upscale for it underground roots which was better for the 1st three season (2002-2005) and the host was better in the past (Sharon Lewis[2002-2004]and the lovely Ziya Tong [2004-2005]) But hey there always The Henry Rollins Show.

I almost got punk by spoof bill O' Rilliety my space Page

Just like every news paper, News Network, And all the local news station i check my souced to make sure any item is real and not fake stuff well i almost got punk on the 1st day of my of my blog over the weekend the folks at the web sight
“Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly" found a my space profile of the fading fox news channel host, not i thought it was real but oMondayay on the same sight it was revive it was a fack sight but the guys at the sight have chaper and post pictureer of the spoof sight before fox news took it down (Oh by the way the News Corp. owns the company that runs you can see it here.

and by that way there is a new book called
“Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly" From the same guys who run the web sight.

and you Know things gettingting Bad when the person you gave the white house can get a lick

And poor kather Harris personeson that was SOS that hand bush vitoctor in 20Thatthat began the country free Fall cant get some lucky she is down by 30 points and now everyone is running away from her faster runner i100m100m race even Brother Jeb is running away and the it going down tour of 2006 is just 6 mounts away

Now on ot some Indie Music Proton of the Blog

And it look like the one and only Alex Kaparannos of Fran Ferdiand will have a book publish later this year, i know you asking it will be how life have change since begin a worldwide superstar of the music wotravelavil the globe in the jest set lifestyle, No it will not be any of that, it will be a series of columns about food tappearpper in the UK paper
"The Guardian" It will be call Sound Bites and their tourdrummerumer and keyboard will do the artwork, He Not alonewritingeing about food and talk about food, Lisa Lobe for a year did a show on the Food Network with her Ex-Boyfriend Dweseel Zappa call "Dwesell and Lisa" and they go town to towntasteaset all the good food while on tour, it was a good show but it only last a year.

Ex-Bguitaristrest and solo singer Graham Coxen May have puck when he here Embrce World Cup song so insaid of lieing down he have recorunofficialical World cup song it will be a rework cover of Hurry up Harry in to "Hurry Up Enland" i wreleaselese in the UK, so you may want it on import by no date have been set but they have to do fast because the World cup is coming up in a mount (1st match on June 9th)

And there been a lot of tribue to the late lead singer of the go-between Grant McLennan Who die on Saturday, Robert Forster in his 1st public statement said this: ""Today I went to the website and read some of the magnificent tributes that have flown in for Grant. People for some days have been telling me of the beautiful things written there. And today I felt well enough and strong enough to go in and read. I thank you all. In time I shall read every one of them. I see familiar names scattered from our past. The vast majority I don't know. All of you Grant and I have met through our music. Your words and thoughts I find very, very moving. I sense the love and understanding for Grant and his music, and I take the support you send to me to my heart. "These last days I have Grant in my head. He talks to me in odd moments. I hear him... and I always will. ""All my love, Robert Forster."

Some of the Bleavingeing tibute were Teenage Fan Club,Edwyn Collins and Belle & Sebastin who paid tribute by playing the go-between classic " Bye Buye Pride at a gig on Sunday(May 7)

now on about my five souercd The

Preview of LP from Grandaddy,Forward Russia,Dirty Pretty Things(Ex-libtertCarlcarl Bart New Bands) , and the Holing Bells (and it very good) And Videos from Mystery Jets, Ed Hardcort,The Ordinary Boys, The Zutons, And Keane.

And for thous of you who listen internet radio you want to listen to One Big weekend on BBC Radio 1 on-line at of just go to and follow the links.

It going to be at DundScotlandland 55 miles north of EdinburScotlandland and 81 Miles NE of Glasdow and this year line up is loaded

On Saturday on the Main Stage
Snow Patrol
The Streets
Gnarls Barkley
Corinne Bailey Rae
and Paolo Nutin
on the 2nd stage
Primal Scream
Bloc Party
Dirty Pretty Things
Boy Kills Boys
On Sunday
The Ordinary Boys
The Felling
and on the 2nd Stage
The Zutons
The Kooks
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We Are Scientists
Hot Chip
The View

I Know were stateside but you can listen this weekend at or if you have a Sirius Radio you can hear it on a five hours delay on Ch.11

Back to TV and in the middle of sweep weeks and to tell truthurth i did not watch Davidavid Blane holding his Breath holding after spending a week in a big bubble fill of wastunttund, Last Night show of 24 was more insering than that Davedave please go back doing what you do best lefing oh i think two feet of the ground.

And now to some Video Game News- At the E3 Video confence Srevilevial the long await Playstation 3 releaselase Date Nov. 17 Price $499 for the Base Price for 20 GB system and $100 Bucks More for a 60 GB ststem, Sony Hope to sell 4 Millions at launch and by the end of March 07, My advice it you want PS3 stsavingeing Now.

I Been A long post so let me wrap it up buy doindailyaliy shout out to the Band of the day out of the over 200 bands i fan with on and to day bands is why this band is going to win a lot of hearts in this country in England and should been in the
eruovision song contest(which will be held a week and a half from now) is the lovely and pretty cute girls band from Brightton,England, The Pipettes the all 60's retro girl group who have matching poke-a-dot Dresses are lovely band you cant keep you eyes away while listen to there groove toons and did i say there cute as well i leave you with there hit single "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" The alblum will be release Mid July in the UK, No America release date yet.tomorrowrrow is wensday it alt weekly day
and still nice tomorrow at 71* with Rain in forecastcast yikes

Good Night and Good Luck

Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh Yes it was the weekend

this week end was a begin of 1st I hope my opening message last night did not throw off track becaue I post it as may 8th for a week and a half but I jump to see if anyone notice I spend four hours typing the post last night while listen to Little Steven Underground Garage on the web and trying to to spend less time on the computer but I was following live sport stats but was not spending to much time with the new weekend edtions of the news and free press, so look around the internet and looking at audio and video so I am doing is keeping a journal of what going on in Detroit culture city, but I was kind of a drag on missing Pretty girls makes Graves at the stick there borough along a very good band giant Drag, so that mean PGMG is still on the list of best live bands I have not seen live, and who know the lead singer of giant Drag who is pretty but have a pottey month so that could be good in a way, and beside I on assingment next for a show at the stick anyway

First impression on the new Saturday papers

Well this weekend for the 1st time in 17 year The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press where not one paper but were there papers, you see as past of last year deal that saw both paper change owners I mean they would end their combine weekend edtions so there is a Saturday News and a Saturday free press on Saturday and only one paper on a Sunday that will belong to the Free Press, my 1st impression was ok they still have the news, sport, and but I know it just the 1st issued I was not impress at the Saturday feather section (News My Saturday and Free Press Saturday life) I focus more on stuff all the indie kids would not be insert but one whole paper controing Sunday reading I know about that but they have a sport and enterament section I like but still why down grade the TV guide but it only week one.

(Note: Next Week the Free Press will list the top theater pros will be nomation for the free press theater awards it going to be the freep Press in print and on-line but will be rehash on this blog sight)

Steve Cobert still a America Hero even if even if the talking right-wing hero still don't get it

I have one week since the host of Comeny Central host of The Cobert Report Steven Cobert inferat the right wing irer by poking fun at the perz, and everyone is still thanking Mr. Cobert for laughing up the truth and any the right wing still not laughed at it accriing to Steve dooc Bag of Faux News who say last week on the hack show that cobert was not funny but if you watch the covage on C-span in the crowd shot everybody was laughed at the skit even if it was a joke, so far one web sight call Thanks you Stephen Colbert have got over 53,000 thank you to joking up the turuh and over the weekend on the ever popuarl The Huffington Post their a big prop up to you mr. Corbert you can see it here.

In the indie under ground News today

This week end the Indie World was hit with some sad news The co-founder of the cult Band the Go-Betweens Grant McLennan dies in his Sleep at his home in Brisbane, Australia, the cause of death is not know at this time he was only 48, his death come at a bad time for the band who Along with his songwrite parter Robert Forster came back after a 10 year break form the scene to put out one of the bands best LP to date 2005 "Oceans Apart" before that the band release six alublm between 1981 to 1989, altogether the band never hit it big in the states there was a hugh fave with fans in this country, including me who 1st here of them on the old CBC Radio two
Late Night Show "Nightlines"and the exec producer of TV 24 Evan Katz who in season 4 name one of those Eliva shady Company jack go into Call McLennan-Forster as a tribue to the Go-betweens, If you want to pay you respect you can go to The band web sight or at there label Beggars Banquet.

Mean while the breanet Montreal Band the Dears are ready to release there follow-up to 2004 awesome "No City Left" and they do have a name for there new LP I will becall Gang of Losers, Frontman Murray Lightburn says on the band's MySpace page, "We are really proud and are very much looking forward to everyone playing the crap out of it. As clichéd as this may sound, it's by far the 'best work we've ever done.'" He also goes on to mention the presence of horns and mellotrons, but that the record will be more of a "stripped down, raw affair." The record will not be coming outuntill August so here is the set list for those of you can wait

Tracklist For Gang Of Loser:
1. Sinthintro
2. Ticket To Immortality
3. Death Or Life We Want You
4. Hate Then Love
5. There Goes My Outfit
6. Bandwagoneers
7. Fear Made The World Go Round
8. You And I Are A Gang Of Losers
9. Whites Only Party
10. Ballad Of Humankindness
11. I Fell Deep
12. Find Our Way To Freedom

Also coming out soon will be Johnny Cash Last ever albulm it will be call "American V: A Hundred Highways" it was produced by Rick Rubin before he dies inSeptemberr of 2003 it will be out on July 4th same day as the last day of tastefest at the New Center Area.

In relate sports whit Cash the Might Liverpool FC(Where the Zutons are from) will use the classic Cash song Ring of Fire as a rallying cry for there FA Cup Final vs West Ham United on may 13 and will release as a single forcharityy on May 14 as a download only at there websight

You Will Pay News

the Good Folks at Apple won arulingg from a brish judge who say the wolrd famous apple computer logo did not infrings and thecopyrightt of the beatls apple core logo you can read more here.

Well let go from the music sence t0 the big screen and you must be felling good or bad if you Tom Curse as we Looked at this week Top ten movies of the weekend

1. Mission: Impossible III, $47.7 million
yes MI:3 was the no.1 movie this week but fhish below expection 10 million below Mi:2 in 200o some good reviews and a big push for the movie it look like our love affiec with tom is over, some one freeKatiee.
2. RV, $11 million
3. An American Haunting, $5.8 million
Despie some so-so review the movie have a OK showing tofinishh in 3rd
4. Stick It, $5.5 million
The Gymnastic Movie lost half it crowd form a week ago, but one of the actress in the film Vanessa Lengies scarch for her on have going up 149% since the film was release last week.
5. United 93, $5.3 million
6. Ice Age: The Meltdown, $4.2 million
7. Silent Hill, $4 million
so hold it back from bad re view is a good idea,
8. Scary Movie 4, $3.7 million
9. Akeelah and the Bee, $3.369 million
10. Hoot, $3.368 million
Bad review from genarl reviewer kills it from being OK

And doing a little sports stuffIi know that some of you thatdon'tt like sport butIi like the sport stuff and the Detroit Pistons show the Cave they the D and they have the three they were raining all day a team record 15 to be excate and they shut down King Lebron in the 2nd half to give the pistons a 1-0 lead with a 115-86 win Tayshaun Prince have four 3's to fish with 24 pts. Rip have 20 pts. bigBenn have 11 reb. and some good news for bigBenn he won his four NBA Defensive Player of the Year award in a five-year span.Thee1stt play to ever do it, he join Dikembe Mutombo who is the only other to do it.

Game two istomorroww night at 7EST

The Tigers are hoping for a better week after a so-so week going 4-3 after sweep KC(Who fired their GM today[may8]) spilt the Angles and loss two of three fromMinnesotaa two and a half game behind the white sox in the central

andIi know the red wings were bounce from the play off last week but there still some teams in the minorsleaguess are still in it

The Ahl: The Grand Rapies Griffens are ties at 1 with theManitobaa moose

The UHL: may have a all TheKalamazooo Kings is about to wrap it up with Rockford ice hogs up 3-0 but they may have to wait a long time because the Muskegon Fury is down 2-0 to the Danbury Trasher

And down I-75 in the ECHL conferce final theToledoo storm is down 1-0 to the Gwinnett Gladaiors with game two is going on asIi typed

So that is it there is no local new to report if that down it will be story no.1

and if you follow any story it now 17 more show forKatiee on today
less then two weeksuntill the Racountues "Broken Boy Solder" is out
and less then two monthsuntill tasthfest in the new center

if you have any news out there please sling a e-mail at

sountill next time and let you know it going to be 70*F tomorrow

Good night and good luck

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Welcome To Culture City

Hello, welcome to the underground,Welcome to the indie culture, Welcome to the ceartate town that is Detroit, where cars were born, sander Ice Cream once rule and some of the good and cool sound music was made and still made today, it just like you want to go to the show talk to your friends and see what is going on, it either going in small town where the near town for a gig or some thing to do is the near collage town or the big market city where depend on the city you and take a bus to see a new UK after your friend told you that cant take you because he going on a nice date north of the freeway.

Well to see and follow underground and accpect it have always not being easy it date way back in the 50's with our parents era, you see back then a gig anywhere mean you have to dress up nice and look nice to impress you date and see a singer or do-wap group show why there on the "Hit Parade" it was nice for a while, But it all all change in 1954 where at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis, TN a young shy teenage just out of high school was opener for a country dude he was so nervous his legs cause the young girls to go nuts for this young boy who would die to take him home to mommy, The young kid would be know an the future King of Rock and Roll ELVIS PRESLEY, He broke down the wall and created a buzz that come out from the under ground to a sensation which have not recover, soon after that so many kids want to play rock n roll music and the underground indie movement was on.

there parents were not impress so the kids where to follow the sence where they go as time when on like and sounds change too from the hippie era of the 60's and to the Disco era of the 70"s and the power of the 80's the kids where not going to take lying down listen to over hype awfew music there where going to listen to who they think it sound cool that was reinforce in two eras, in the early 90's where where Nirvana, Preal Jam, and a stew of band from the east coast to the west coast create a new diffence sound which was so popuarl it would drive those awful hair bands out of business but it did not last long after the death of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain and then the music went in a bad funk with bad Music whit some over-hype boy bands gril who is still in school and is sexiness up because they have a song and a bunch of over the top song from a sappy film ouch, which lead to a second of era good music, Which i say i am prode to be a part of because during this time of bad music at a small club on 3129 cass ave. just a little NW of downtown Detroit there was a club just open up call the
Gold Dollar, it been only open for a year for band who just starting out before they play the magic stick, it had bands like Detroit Cobras, Spat!, The Wild Bunch,American Mars and other local bands and the poetry reading here and there but one hot night on august 15, 1997, A two piece band from SW Detroit made there debut opened up for a estabish band call The Hentchmen Only a few people show up for that gig, but legion UK Newsman and label head of factor records Tony Wilson says "that History man" that band start a new under ground of Detroit music and reinterduce world to the sound of Detroit with bands like Outrageous Cherry, The Soldad Brothers, His Name is Alive, The Go, The Greenhorns, Dirtbombs, Gore Gore Girls, The Clone Defects, Volebeats, Slumber Party, The Come-Ons, The Paybacks, Amino Acids, The Wax Wings, Von Bondies, and The Sights made Detroit the kings of the music wolrd aging after the motown four decades early oh by the way that band that light a fuse that night in 1997 opened for the Hemtchmen: The White Stripes.

But the last few years to gain accpect in the main stream have been thought go, MTV don't play music video any more just air idiot want to hurting themselves, bad singer being upfront on ever tablod show and a star is born by just singing clean up Keroke, and to over hyped singer and band singing bad songs to force you to by bad merch. and and a band who just make for the indie kids but it giving less pub for a guy who cant sing rickey martin.

But Thank god for the internet and and thanls god for blog to tell you what really going on and that where i come in, this is IT CAME FROM CULTURE CITY a blog sight that will follow the indie rock Sence and other thing going on in the Detroit Metro area and will check out other things like movie and theater, will see who have a new movies out, who on TV, will check up on the best souced and some time will go out of the box like Sports, TV and a little policts, i will have segment like my reg. Segment

Monday - It the Indoors and Outdoors Gig guide
will see who popping up on TV,Internet radio, and satellite radio, But will not be limited to the indoor will go outdoors to see who playing in the Detroit area of any one good that is worthwhile

Tuesday - It always a big day it your a big fan of any bands in the indie world it went there new CD is out to a unsupping public also out on that day will be reissued DVD of music and TV on DVD

Friday - if you want to get out to see a movie but don't know what to see we have a a list of ever film that is out this week and the review take on the film and will take a little trip to the low price movie theaher of the dame in warren to see what playing there

and on Sunday a little weekend update for a rant on something or tear apart a list i see in a pop culture magazine and will always report on the latest breaking pop culture store in Detroit or any thing that cross my mind it will be good and always up to date.

But i can not do this alone so i will asked you for help, so if you hnow a good web sight or story to tell or you have info on a upcoming happened you can e-mail this blog sight the e-mail address is at

and please it got to be a real story no fake stuff please

so i hoped you enjoy this web sight.

Oh by the way about me, i wont get into much but i am vet. Of the scene for almost 10 years being a fixture of the Detroit culture scene

Keep on rocking in the free world

see you down the road

good night and good luck