Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dispatch Form TasteFest
Day One
Friday, June 30th

Today is the last day of the fIrst half of the year and today is also the first day of the most talk about street festavial which more then it name impleain the last couple of years as a music festival have taking on the street of West Grand River and second ave, in the new center area it the 18th annuail Comerica Tastefest it a five days of music maddness just a few mintues off from downtown detroit now since i got show thing to do at the house and the main bands i want to see do not begin untill after 4 PM i did not go early but i have torble getting out of the house so i ariverd a shortly before 6PM i got to get the fell on what was going around i walkm around the area i did check out the Sole funk band Lola Valley just a little bit untill i went inside the fisher theaher,

i got to the park stage and got ther and stay there the whole time the 1st band or in this case singer was 19 years old Elise McCoy From Macome County she was good she did warm up the park stage begin the 1st person to perform at the stage so after that i walk around the the area west of the park stage incluing the big main stage where all the main act is going to played for the next five night now i going to think that tomorrow night will be awsome with Cat Power and Ray Davies, do i went back to the main stage and i saw a lot of the booth fill up with long lines i saw long line at the Bert's Marret Place Jazz Club whiel a guy on the cotner was playing his drums.

I did get back to see the tale end of Audra Kubat set and she was very good at the park stage which this year do not have a cover after last year first day was almost wipe out because of that crazy weather that blow in before tastefest open up lasty year so after Audra set i listen to the first few songs of the salt miners and when to see a friend at the near by Nortern Light Lounge on Westr Baltmore street i came back about 20 mintues later to catch the tale end of the salt miners set and i sew alomost ever member of of the Detroit Alt country crow, Dan Miller (The Singer not the fox 2 sportcaster) who look very well dress in his blue suit his wife tracy look very lovly in her red and white checker board Dress, and also saw almost everbody including lisa cillins and her husband and newly born child, Partrick from the dirtbombs and his girlfriend, Katie Finney and her kid supporting dad (who is dave Finney on slide gitar) and Ben Blackwell also from the Dirtbombs and run cass records and all the moldons was there as well as well as WDET-FM DJ liz Copeland(who mark her 11 year on the air)and her real DJ parter in Crime Clark warren.

There set begin at 9:15 as the sun have just set over the area as Blanceh play the self title track from there debut if we cant trush the doctor which the set mostly conset of thrack from the first alblum and a few tracks from the new CD there sound did fit the sun seting over the city ther set was recevie as ther was a lot of people at the set that would easly full the local or main stage as they wrap in up with some day with Dave finney singing anf Tracy playing the drums with there drummer jaybird pling the gitar, and dont foget there fill in banjo play Ex- Detroit Cobras Guitar Steve Novar(who is filling-in for little Jack Lawrecne who is with the racounters on tour)

So that it fro the first night

Day two will be better.

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