Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Came From Soak City (well from the Newsroom at lease)

Things are almost getting back to normal around here at the room that house the Culture City Newsroom after a really bad late night and Morning and afternoon and and a little bit on Wednesday, it start on Late night on Tuesday i was editing the Late Night Music Club post on the Late Syd Barrett with a Pink Flody Video untill i fell some water in the Basements room and i knew there was troble in the room becasue i was going to a near-by bar where a friend was celeabarte a birthday nut could not go to it because it Rain so hard in the Detroit area late at night so i did not want get wet so i say home and that where the fun begin after i fell the water i knew that the basement was flooed and i move the Pump Hose outside the backyard and pump out all the water in the washing room i took only 3 mintues and a cloup of sturgle with the pump as it came back in the room but the water was stuck in the room so for the rest of the night untill 5 Am i clean up and thing on the floor and trow away all the stuff that got wet that was hard including a sing programe from tastefest from cat power ouch.

The Big carpet soak up the Water like a sponge and it was a tought time to get the water out of there so i gave up at the time Local 4 Today began at 5 AM by Mid after-noon me and my dad have a tought time geting rid of the Big Carpet which was put in after the room was remodle at one point i hade to move a big TV to a table but when i put it down My finger got cagut under the TV and got cut i was a big ouch! so thing got back to nornal by Wednesday Night With the TV back on the TV Stand and a News Smaller Carpet And Start Wring stuff for this post so ever thing is going good, so that the time i want to put behind me. so let see what is going out in around Detroit

The big Event this weekend in Culture City it the Second best or first Best Street Fair depending who you talk too in Metro Detroit, it the Positively 4th Street Fair it will go from Noon to Midnight at Forth street just off Antoinette st. just a few block South of the New Center just remember no pets at 4th streets, you can getyou can get the full lineup at the
But some of the Highlights are:

The Pizazz - Park Stage - 4:00 PM
The Dont Look Now Jug Band - Artie Jackson Stage - 6:00 PM
The Sirens - Artie Jackson Stage - 7:00 PM
THTX - Artie Jackson Stage - 9:00 PM
The Muldoos - Artie Jackson Stage - 11:00 PM
Hell Bells - Streets Stage - TBA
Velvet Audio - Garden Stage - TBA
The Decks - Garden Stage - TBA

And if you are going to the Concet of colors this weekend you want to read a preview of two of the acts as they interview each other at Techno artist Amp Fiddler meet with Detroit Corbras Mary Ramirez to break down there music stealy
you can click here for the story.

And Speaking about the white Stripes the Band have been adopted by all people, the Italian football fans(quick jack, reform for a one off gig in Rome)Folling the Country stunning 5-3 pentaly kick victory after a 1-1 tie in regulation and in extra time the player on the squad led by Francesco Totti started siniging and humming the Riff from the song "Seven Nation Army" from the unforgetable 2003 Smash CD "Elephant" and when there fans was party in the street of rome According to the Band "There were 500,000 people singing in the Streets. It become Italy Second Nation Anthem but then it get good on tuesday The Rolling Stones on stage for the first time since Keith Richards fell from a plam tree, The Crowd was rocking when after the final song from the stone there were join on stage by Italian team-mate Alessandro Del Piero and Marco Materazzi(you know the one that was head-butt by Zinedine Zidane that got him a red Card) led the crowd in a capella version of the song.

All that by the Italian soccer team and there fans have touch Jack white, In a statement to the NME in the UK he said Jack White said: "I am honoured that the Italians have adopted this song as their own. Nothing is more beautiful in music than when people embrace a melody and allow it to enter the pantheon of folk music."

"As a songwriter it is something impossible to plan. Especially in modern times. I love that most people who are chanting it have no idea where it came from. That's folk music," he added.

but the band have no plans to re-released the single in Italy, Jack is too busy with his other band the Racounturs.

And if your thinking of getting Tickets to the August 11 at the Detroit Opear House which go on Sale on Friday 10 am at the Detroit Opera House Box Office you might want to think twice of going after you read this: “Tickets will ONLY be available through or by phone(1-248-645-6666). There will be NO outlet or venue box office sales for this event. Two ticket limit per person will be STRICTLY enforced. Tickets will be available beginning 2pm day of show and will require purchaser’s photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Also on sale this weekend

Massive Attack - State Theatre - Tuesday,September 12 - $40
Arlo Guthrie - The Ark - Sunday, October 22 - $47.50-$52.50
John Mayer & Sheryl Crow - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Wednesday, September 6
Sit-down $53-$63, The Grass $27.50

Also go to - where you can hear session from a band who was sing to Sufjan Stevens lable Asthmatic Kitty Records the Victoria, BC
Shapes and Sizes they did a sesstion and Shotgun & Jaybird which feather Ex-Eric trip and lovley solo singer Julie Doiron in vocals

The Big News of Indie news out side the 313, 1st was Sleater-Kinney Calling a indefinite hiatus a few weeks ago and now it look like Weezer may that onw too if you believe frontman and main songwriter Rivers Cuomo in a interview for he told the Web sight "For the moment, we are done," said Cuomo in the inteview. "And I'm not certain we'll ever make a record again, unless it becomes really obvious to me that we need to do one.

"All this year, I've been feeling pretty creative and excited, so I've been writing a lot. I don't know what'll happen with these songs... I certainly don't see them becoming Weezer songs and I don't really see the point of a solo career, so we'll just have to wait and see."

oh No, but if history is any lesson this would be not the First time that the Band have taking a indefinite hiatus, the last time the band did this was in 1997 after the release of Pinkerton at that time Cuomo was studying at Harvard and he morn the deaths of close friends Mykel and Carli Allan, also during that time he play some solo show in Boston untill 2001 Weezer was released.

Also shooting have began on the biopic on the late Lead Singer of Joy Division Ian Curtis and it is called Contorl, The Movie is base on the Book wirten by his widow Deborah and according to report from the music sight it will explore Curtis' relationship with the women in his life, his epilepsy and the rise of Joy Division, leading up to his tragic 1980 suicide.

The film is being directed by Anton Corbijn, who has previously worked on U2 and Depeche Mode DVDs and who photographed Joy Division upon moving to the UK in 1979,
Sam Riley of 10,000 Things will be playing Curtis in the film.

A release date have yet be set for the film but there will be a soundtrack for the film that will inclued song from Joy Division and their earlier incarnation, Warsaw and it will also feature Roxy Music, Lou Reed, the Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop and, of course, New Order the band that countued after New Order.

But in the Meantime read the Book Control and the get the DVD of the 2002 film 24 Hour Party People direct by Michael Winterbottom and it told the story thur the eyes of there lable boss Factory Records(and UK TV host)Tony Wilson it is very good expecty the DVD commtary of the film from the real tony willson, it is so good.

A follow up to details of the New Killer album which will be released on October 3 in the us, But they did not have a alubm title yet, now we have one the CD will be called Sam's Town and will be release on Oct.3 and if you want to know that is the same Name of a Las Vegas Casino Near the fame Strips(and the Killers are from vegas), Mean wheld the kill release about 40 seconds of the 1st single "When You Were Young" but have the Full song
Click here to the sight for the links for the full song from Sam town.

and whiel we wait for the killers, According to a brief message on the websight of band Interpol there read to begin work on the Long awaited Follow-up to there well recevied 2004 CD Antics, the message say:"We can't offer much of a preview at present, but I can tell you we've got one gem in the works entitled 'The Heinrich Maneuver.' And another that was called 'Pawn Shop.' But that's called something else now.", also no the same massage the band have been on Hiatis but it almost became a indefinite one to "We've been at it for six months—in case you heard we were on hiatus." the post says, "We did break up—four times—but that's all behind us now."

The Pixies Who have no plans what so ever to record and released New Stuff what so ever but they will releasaed a live Acoustic DVD it will be call Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport DVD, it will be released on August 22 on Eagle Rock Entertainment will inclued the full set list from the show and it will includien behind-the-scenes rehearsals,including an attempt to stirp down "Debaser", which did not made the show.

The Set List for the DVD

01 Bone Machine
02 Cactus
03 Ed Is Dead
04 All Around the World
05 Subbacultcha
06 Monkey Gone to Heaven
07 Is She Weird
08 Here Comes Your Man
09 River Euphrates
10 Velouria
11 Wave of Mutilation
12 I Bleed
13 Crackity Jones
14 Gouge Away
15 Hey
16 The Holiday Song
17 Nimrod's Song
18 Mr. Grieves
19 Caribou
20 Vamos
21 Where Is My Mind?
22 Gigantic

And Speaking about released, the Son of John And Yoko, Sean Lennon will release his follow-up album "Friendly Fire" on September 26 it the Follow to "into the Sun" which was released in 1998 in which he was 21(He Now 30), so sean why the long break "There was a long period after the first album where I felt disillusioned with the machinery of the industry," Lennon,said in a statement to the AP. "It's not that I stopped recording, playing, performing, I did all those things, just more discreetly. 'Friendly Fire' is an experiment to see what it might be like to do music more publicly again."

He is also produced a short film for each of the album's tracks, directed by Michele Civetta, featuring appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, Devon Aoki, Carrie Fisher, Jordana Brewster and others, He plays various characters in the film — about betrayal and the failure of love — including a red-coated swordsman and a skate-rental worker, A trailer for the film can be viewed online.

Now we have The Weekly List
The Play List For this Week Riff2 Detroit Local 101 was Not avablvle at Press time
But Thanks Suzy and Meladoy for the pulgging my blog site on the Show on Tuesday wheld Memtion Muffy 40th Birthday Party last Friday Night

dmrc top 10

1. Various Artists — min2MAX
2. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere
3. Dashboard Confessional — Dusk and Summer
4. Dabrye — Two/Three
5. India.Arie — Testimony Vol. 1 ...
6. Nelly Furtado — Loose
7. The Raconteurs — Broken Boy Soldiers
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers — Stadium Arcadium
9. Keane — Under the Iron Sea
10. Warren Zanes — People That I’m Wrong For

and now it time for my hand out to see if i am better in picking better song as song of the week then the Birish Magzine The New Music Express it time now for the My NME single of the week and after all what happend yesterday with flood water and all that it made me happy to say the Following 14 words: "We Have a Easy winner in the My NME single of the Week Awards.

This Week Winner is

Metric - Monster Hospital (Drowned in Sound(UK Lable),Last Gang Record In the US and Canada)
( or
OK i know what you are asking why name a band that have a albulm out for almost a year (October 4, 2005), Well to anser that question becase there Second Album "Live It Out" have just benn released in the UK with some Good review (8 out of 10 in Teh N.M.E.)as the UK is Fianly getting what we know for a long time this band Tolat Rock and not only that a very Pretty good looking but very Tought Lead Singer(Emily Haines)and not only that they a good Monster Movie like Good Video for that song i made you think you want see it as the early part of TV20 (WMJD-TV or by there old call letter WDWB-TV or WXON-TV) Saturday after Noon Creater Feather:

And Just to fair to the Other two Band that was not pick

The First Runner-up was
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor(XL Recordings)
( or
This band that Beark out of SXSW have a good Backing music of the 60 western movie but they need to slow it down it sound like there geting a good date.
There Playing at the stick with The Futureheads on July 27

This Week Second Runner-up is
Plan B - Mama(679)
( or
The Song is so-so, With a little to much salmple of Emimem, littlr too Much of Hall and Oats, the gitar works is OK but Basic, but the words are a little too Heavy.

My NME Single of the week

July 1 - Lily Allen - Smile
June 24 - Dirty Pretty Things - DeadWood
June 17 - Serena Maneesh - Drain Cosmetics
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Keane - "Is It Any Wonder"
May 27 - You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - Jim Noir - My Patch
May 6 - The Dastuns - Stuck Here For Days

Reg. NME single of the week
July 1 - Jamie T - Shella
June 24 - Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
June 17 - Outkast - Might "O"
June 10 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
June 3 - Razorlight "In the Morning"
May 27 - Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
May 20 - Tilly and the Wall - Night of the Living Dead/The Ice storm, Big gust and you.
May 13 - The Aliens - Allenoid Starmonica EP
May 6 - Primal Scream - Country Gril

Also up for hounable Mendtion:
The Follow Up single by the
The Raconteurs - Hands
( or
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes or
Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots On
( (band), (lable) or (myspace page))
Wolfmonther - Woman
( or
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars or
and if you did not hear, The Show at Clutch Cargo in Pontiac have Been Reschual to
And September 14
Richard Ashcroft - Words Just Get in the Way
( or

the Wheater Tomorrow in The Detroit Metro area
Temp Hi - 87°
Sky - Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny

And if you want to know what the Weather is going to be like at the $th Street Fair on Saturday

The Weather Channel
Temp Hi - 86°, Sky - Isolated thunderstorms in the morning, then skies turning mostly sunny late
WJBK-TV (Fox 2) Rich Luterman
Temp Hi- 90°, Sky - it Sunny
WDIV-TV (Local 4) - Chuck Gaidica
Temp Hi - 92° Sky - mostly sunny
WXYZ-TV - (Channel 7 Action News) - Jerry Hodak
Temp Hi - 90°, Sky - Mostly Sunny

And thign going on andy late Bearing News
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