Thursday, August 03, 2006

It came From the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

Hello Sorry for No Post Today Like i said at the Begining of the week i would take a day off from my post For My birthday.(I am 33 just to let you know)

But did listen to three show instead

The Racounturs on
The One music Shwo with Rob De Bank with the Polysylec on
and as i typed this Tonight re-gig of the Sleater-Kinney at the Washington DC 9:30 on (Which will be made avbliavl tommorrow at if you miss it tonight)

But tonight entry on the Video club is the at the top of a big Mega Bill tommorrow night at the state theater in Downtown Detroit.

Tuesday Night we took a look at the Operner The Go! Team
Wednesday night it was the the Co-Headliners Sonic Youth
Tonight is the Main Band in this three band Mega Bill

The Flaming Lips

who on tour surrport there 11th Album "At War with the Mystics", The band have been around since 1983 but got notice as a strage-up rock band in 1992 with "Hit to Death in the Future Head" but got notice with the follow up a year later with Transmissions from the Satellite Heart. The album gained widespread airplay on college radio stations. “She Don’t Use Jelly” became a top ten Modern Rock hit and received frequent MTV airplay.

But they change there sound in as a experimental rock band, with ther debut of Zaireeka in 1997, a four-CD album which is intended to be heard by playing all four CDs in four separate CD players simultaneously. The music incorporated both traditional musical elements and "found" sounds (as in musique concrete), often heavily manipulated with recording studio electronics. As part of the development of this project (and occasionally as part of the subsequent tour), the band conducted a series of "boombox experiments", where an orchestra comprising up to 40 volunteers with modified "boombox"-type tape players was "conducted" - directed to vary the volume, speed or tone of the tape they were playing (all of which were made by the band) - by the band's lead member, Wayne Coyne.

in the years that folllow Waanye and Co. have follow up with album like The Soft Bulletin and the well recied Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

There stage show defie explanation feather on stage costeme aminmails,inflaable sun, a good miltiemeaid presentaiot, and dancing Stand,

If you want to see more on the flaming lips story you got to see the wonderful film out on DVD it "Fearless Freaks" The 2005 documentary, directed by Bradley Beesley traces the band from their roots as a local psychedelic punk band to an internationally renowned band that draws celebrities to its performances. Many of the interviews were filmed in the band's hometown of Oklahoma City, although Wayne Coyne is the only band member still living there. In addition to the development of the Lips' music and performance, another theme running through the movie is the effect that drugs have had on the band and their families. A notable scene in the film depicts Steven Drozd preparing to inject himself with heroin, and it is stated that paranoia over Drozd's addiction caused guitarist Ronald Jones to leave the band. Drugs have also affected the lives of members of both Drozd's and Coyne's families.

It a must see for any one who like the band.

Tonight Video is from there Current released At War with the Mystics.
This is the W.A.N.D. Song

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