Sunday, August 13, 2006


The First Review of Sleater-Kinney Last ever Show In Portland,OR

A glorious ending to Sleater-Kinney
Portland's riot grrrls bid farewell with a pair of celebratory concerts.
reiview in the Early Edtion of the LA Times.

"This band has saved my life so many times, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it," said Carrie Brownstein, Sleater-Kinney's windmilling lead guitarist and second singer, at the end of an intense, celebratory two-hour set.

Sleater-Kinney's women show they've got mettle
Review from the Early Edtion of the Seattle Post-Intellinger

"In one more hour I will be gone," Corin Tucker sang. And then, in only a couple of minutes, singer-guitarists Tucker and Carrie Brownstein and drummer Janet Weiss were gone, with hugs all around.

More (I Hoped) to Come
So Keep checking Back

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