Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The List

Tuesdays 10p - 12a
w/ Suzy Cole & Melody Licious


1) Electric Six Infected Girls (from new cd Switzerland in stores NOW!! GO BUY IT!!)
2) The Sights Frozen Nose
3) Diegrinder Ballside
4) Novadriver Roll You
5) Loretta Lucas & The Larkspurs Cant Stand On
6) The Highlife Saraments
7) The Badways Motor City Girl
8) The Silent Years Devil Got My Woman
9) Hairshirt Party Sisters
10) The Red Rocks Bus Stop Lady
11) Electric Six Mr. Woman (from new cd Switzerland in stores NOW!! GO BUY IT!!)
12) Johnny Headband Fine By Me
13) Today I Wait Tune Them Out
14) Mean Mother Weekend Luvin
15) The Hard Lessons Wicked man
16) The Orbitsuns Devil At The Wheel
17) Lime Regal Walkin Dude
18) Friends Of Dennis Wilson Shockwaves
19) The Paybacks Call When Youre Ready
20) Andrew W.K. Pushing Drugs
21) Koffin Kats March Of The Waynos/Splatterhouse
22) Horse Cave Trio Hillbilly Rock N Roll
23) Black Bird Suite Castillo Streets
24) The Whiskey Diaries Soul City Rocker
25) The Holy Fire Hate Your Smile
26) The State Im On The Outside
27) Electric Six Band In Hell (from new cd Switzerland in stores NOW!! GO BUY IT!!)
28) El Boxeo Devotion
29) Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk - Language

dmrc top 10

1. Bob Dylan — Modern Times
2. J Dilla — The Shining
3. Hatebreed — Supremacy
4. The Roots — Game Theory
5. Muse — Black Holes …
6. Sonic Youth — Rather Ripped
7. Gwar — Beyond Hell
8. Outkast — Idlewild
9. Lamb of God — Sacrament
10. Primal Scream — Riot City Blues

And Once Aging Now Play List from In-sound Radio but the Hosted of the show John Mosher did leave this Note on the show My space page:

Hi everyone:
I have to apologize and express my frustration that shows have gotten repeated and are out of date on CJAM. The show is produced at my home in Royal Oak and we've had some issues with getting them through the mail in time. We'll continue to work out the bugs and in the meantime, I'll continue to post my playlists as the shows are produced.

Again, sorry about that and please stay tuned in!

The New show for Next week is up on-line Right Now at the link Below

In sonund Radio (9/20/06)

I put it up on next week post

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