Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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One Year Later after programing Changes at WDET-FM
Michael Coleman out as WDET-FM GM

Late Breaking News at 3:05 AM as i write this and it going to be a big story because it was on this day one year ago on December 12th 2005. WDET dump all the the afternoon music programing For can NPR Stuff, that move along with some hi profiled dumping of DJ cause a big time ripple.

and now how ironic that one year later this came out, This Morning Detroit news (
Link to the story) is report in that WDET-FM Embattled GM Michael Coleman is out, The GM have told the paper that he turn in His resigning letter to Wayne state on Monday and his resignation is effective Dec. 31, ending what have been a Rocky 17 Months as the station where day time music was dump, Staffer was upset and Detroit Progress music Lister was not happy.

The story say Colman left because as he put it because his job was done "I was hired to do a specific job and we changed the format, restored balance to programming, brought the roots music programs back and increased audience numbers substantially," said Coleman. "I'm looking forward to the next great adventure. There's new leadership at Wayne State, and I know the next g.m. will work with the new leadership even better than I did."

but in the story that was put out in the Detroit News web sight the report have trick out a group of disgruntled WDET staffers went to Wayne State managers a month ago demanding change in the g.m.'s office, What was the change it did not say in the report.

Andrea Roumell Dickson, executive vice president and chief of staff at Wayne State, confirmed Coleman's departure. "Michael is leaving us, and I believe the station is in good shape

She also told the paper that she had several candidates in mind for interim general manager but she would not names names.

This end a Rocky 17 months at DET, even in the last year, First longtime afternoon music host Martin Bandyke was Fired, Then Judy Adams Was let go as well as Willie Wilson, That have much of Lister up in arms and it became one of the most conserial program Changes in Detroit Radio history. as they replacement with More NPR Programing (News and Notes, Democracy Now, Here and Now, BBC - World, Have Your Say,Day to Day)

The Station did gain Listener in the Winter and Spring book but the Spring Fundraiser was down 33% and this this fall Fundraiser was not much better from a few report i heard.

As what was WDET-FM is almost gong and on-air talent in both music and the News department was let go or left for other jobs Jon Mosher (Laid-off, Now at C-JAM),Assistant news director Jerome Vaughn(WUOM-FM), reporter Craig Fahle(a public radio station in Charlotte, N.C.), and latest to go news director Joan Silvi who has taken a public relations job with the UAW.

And Don't for get Colman own trouble back in Ann Arbor in March, the station was rocked by charges brought against Coleman of embezzlement. It was charged that he accepted money, airline tickets and restaurant meals while he was deputy director of Michigan Public Media in Ann Arbor. Coleman pleaded no contest and was sentenced in June to two years' probation. He was ordered to pay a fine of $3,500 and perform 50 hours of community service.

Now The Big Question is What this will this mean to the station we just don't know.

This is a just Breaking story that will be follow thought out the day on this web sight.

And For any of you who used to work or still work there at WDET-FM or you just want to get you reaction you can pleased E-mail me at Culturecitynewstips@yahoo.com you can also find the menu at you right or if you want to comment you can click on the bottom of the page.

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