Saturday, December 23, 2006

Live Music Review

Fifth Annual Sounds and Spirits Holiday Spectacular
Magic Stick, Midtown Detroit
Friday, December 22, 2006

Well it was not a really cold Night as in years past but the weather was very nice but as always there was a trade off, it was raining on and off in temp in the upper 40's but all roads leads to the magic stick for the last great show of 2006(Not counting all the New years show Next week).

For the Fifth years running it what have some called it the Detroit rock n roll Holiday party which is called the Detroit Sounds and Spirits Holiday Spectacular, the Detroit rock n roll X-mas show have been held ever year since 2002 at the near height of the Detroit music Explosion in the Early part of the Decade with the White Stripes, The GO, and the Elected Six and other Detroit bands all playing at the Near-by second Floor of C-POP at gallery(The Second Floor which was the home of the Now-defunct Young soul rebled (2003-2005)).

and in the last four year the event have become a part of the Holiday tradition for the indie crowd who want to get away for all that is going on per pair for Christmas.

This show is also a benefit for Detroit's Coalition on Temporary Shelter, which help out the Homeless in the Greater Detroit area, The whole show which is dress up as a Old 60's or 70's X-mas Specials for TV golden age and was done on two stages and each of the 22 bands do one or two songs each.

The Night began with one of the Bright new bands in the Post Garage era, the Deck with there version of deck the Hall which was real good and it warm up the crowd to what to come, then after that they switch over to there makeshift stage No.2 where noise rocker and Records Store Owners (Stormy Records in Dearborn) Wendy and Carl Preform There Noise rock as Carl play his guitars as Wendy read the Night before Christmas, which was great.

during the night i had to miss some of the acts as i was talking to alot of Friends who i have not see in a wield as i was doing that Porchsleeper and American Mars was playing there set and i turn my attention to the Sonic Sounding Blast Ether Aura(Who i was told is done with the new album and it Will be out in Feburday.)the night continued with a good holiday music with From Sunshine Doray, The New Grenada, and the one and only Muldoons who play the Iggy Pop Classic "I Want to be your dog" and the X-MAS Single "Lucitdor Santa" which was rocking.

the First half wrap up with Jarrod Champion Sleeps 'til Dusk, Tragedians, and band that was 3/5 there Blance who Just released a EP Called "What this town Needs", and then it was intermission where a lot of people was chatting up with friends talking about plans for X-mas, and talking about what going on in there lives in Detroit Rocks City.

The Second Half start off real good as Rock Band Lee Marvin Computer Arm warm the crowd for the second half of the show the next band to come up was was the best Live band going on today The Hard Lesions who was join on stage by Augie Cos ins Maria From the Deck doing a really good Holiday song, the Next band is having a great year so far as the as there Make history record made the rolling top 50 albums of the year as the Thunderbirds are Now! play a fun Holiday song.

Almost the rest of the night i was I was talking to friends and giving out x-mas cards form every body who support the Detroit music music scene there was also song to fill out the rest of the night by Gilchrist, Oakes, Nash & Yun, Loretta Lucas and Friends of the Diddlers(Her New Backing Band) and Detroit Fave alt Country bands Pas/Cal who did a great song and then the one and only esQuire doing the rocking x-mas classic Run, Run, Ruddople to his singular rap disco beat.

To end the night every body favorite rockers The GO play a really good coupled of songs to wrap up the night so good the crowd wanted for a encore and they did get a good Encore as they wish ever one a Merry "X-Mas" and also remind them that the go is playing New Year Eve at the Paint Lady.

Dave Fenney who put on a great job every year with the the X-mas show every for a great cause and as every one we know and don't know go off 75,94,96,696,275,M-39,and The Lodge to go see love one either in town or out of town.

Hoped that the next year in Detroit rock city will be a good one too, Come hell or High water.

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