Monday, December 04, 2006

The Local News Round-up out of the weekend

Well it was the weekend and it was a very scerwing weekend, the lions lose aging (To New England 28-21) that no surprise as the real screw job was in as the hoping of a Michigan-Ohio State rematch of there epic match up two weeks ago (Nov.17) will be just a pipe dream.

The Final BCS standing have Florida Leap Frog Michigan (who did not play because season done) to clam the No.2 spot and with that will get the title match with Ohio State on Jan.8 in Arizona, that felling Michigan fans all steam up and prove that with all the changes during the last BCS Mess with the extra game away from the big Four Bowl Game (Rose,festal,Orange,and Sugar bowl) The BCS is still a mess and earn the the nickname the BC"BS".

Other than that it was a nice week last week with above avg. temp but the bad weather with rain all day on Friday whiel the rest the state was stuck with snow including a foot in Chicago, so just to say real lucky.

i did see troy and the stepsister on Friday as part of a DVD released of a Zombie Movie, But i did go see a rare live gig by the Henchmen at the Lager House they did two shows, i went to the late show after the show that i was going to go Forward Russia at the stick was cancelled (Lead Singers Tom loss his voice).

the show was a very good show with with the Capiot City(Late show, The Displays did the early show) and The Moldoons did a very good set (best i ever seen) and Old school Detroit Rock with The Henchmen which was very great to see because i don't see them that often because they don't play that offen in the Detroit area.

and Sunday well it was fantasy football which is slow coming to a end with the NFL season(Fantasy end in week 16, the NFL end in week 17.

Now i since i am out of the week end there in news to be told in the local area and most of it are line up changes in Detroit rock City.

Sean Eliwood told me at the The Henchmen show that he left the Cyril Lords after many good year of rock n roll and his contribution to there only CD "Motherland" which will out on vinyl on January 1st, Sean also told me that he have offical joining "Outrageous Cherry" replacing the dearly departed Courney sheedy, he also told me that he is the proceed of forming his own band. so we which all that luck to Sean his new project.

so who filling in on bass for the band recently Nick (ex of back in spades) and Troy Grogey of the step sisters and the witches but there will be others filling in for there short tour on Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio on Friday, Mickey Finns in Toledo, Ohio on Dec 14, and the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Dec 16.

now speaking of line up changes i say nolie christy the other day and she told me that a new have been chosen for the renamed Fifth Period Fever, the band named is (and pleased correct me if i get the name total wrong) Scarlett Oaks and it will be made up of Nolelie on drums and Steve and Pat McCauley on vocal.

Also The Pretty Miss Christ also will be in a new band as well Chris Captiol, He told me after his trupth gig open the night at the lager house the he and Adam will from a new band with a member of Pas/Cal and a andodher band, he told me the name of the band but i was so tired i forgot the Name of the band so it Chris if you are reading this please E-mail me at an i will put it on next week Local News Round-up.

Also last Saturday Capitol Cities will there be last show for a long, Long wheild he said that the Next show will at the Hamtramck Blowout in March i think there the First band to announced there Playing "The Blowout Ten"(that the blog site Name) or "the Blowout X" (The Official Name by the Metro Times), But there still some time enter the blowout Ten, if you are a band that is playing Michigan if you want to played this Live and Local Show case, you can apply on Line at the Metro times web sight at and click on Apply to Showcase or you can click on the link at Right of the Menu.

And If you are Playing the blowout let me know so i can tell the city first on this blog site, The E-Mail is

Also i say Scotty From The Grand Nationals and he was at the big Exene Cervenka which feather Detroit Own Glam rocks band The Sirens and what he report that the show was a very good show with the news line up, and looking find in there gold silver outfit(last week i was comment on there new sparkly yellow web sight( My space Page as well, well he told me that gold have that yellow Fell so that is why is sparkly Yellow, and don't forget there new album "more is More" out on Feb.27

And Before i got to find other News, i just want you to know the Ann Arbor Band "Tally Hall" was on KCRW
Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt last Friday and they play a live set but if you miss it you can go to the show web sight and you can played the audio on video segment of there Set that aired on Friday. (it going going to up soon but as of 1:35 PM it not up unless they did not sing the waiver released so they put it on Line.)

And also The session that Detroit Judah Johnson did last week at is now up as a Net cast at and click on Live Lounge or you can listen to the MP3 of the gig

that it one more note because i mention in the this week gig guide the other Main Steam Music Awards show "The Grammy" will hand out it Nominations this Thursday live at 11 AM will see who got Nomination who got Scrub and will take a guess who of this year Best New Artiest will not be hear of aging in Five years.

In the Mean time here is a live song by Ann Arbor Rock Hero Tally Hall The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Aug 2 of this year

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