Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Detroit Music Ronud-up after a Weekend and a Long, Long Holiday Season.

Happy New Year Detorit
it Jan.2, 2007

and i am back after a week and a half away (expect for the Festive 50, which i hoped you got to chane to read the full 50 and the Local 25) , X-mas was as always uneventful expect for the WPIX yule log on TV (yes it almost two hours a close up shot of fireplace buring a log with X-mas music to fill up the two hours but it was on Late night i.e. 3:30 AM X-mas Morning) so there was nothing going on expect to get ready to go to the New year eve show at the stick, which i was there i got there very early hoping it would not full up, a half hour before the new year it was half full for a new year eve, the Opening bands was good inculing the band from Pittsbugh, PA called meldoy Lemon who play some of the best rock since Rusted Root.

The Dirtbombs took the stage at about 11:35 PM as they play there songs, it is kid of trick to play before midnight because if you keep on going you may miss the midnight countdown to the new year, Lucky the crowd in the front the stage told them it was a 11:58 PM, so they stop playing at 11:58 PM for the all important midnight countdown and it was 2007, after that they came back to played a full set with encore, there second encore it was all Ben Backwell her was singing like a maniact with Troy (who saw him bowl a few games before the gig) on Bass and KO on Fuzzy Gitar and Patrick banging on the drum.

and there a few times he was swinging and hang in on to the pipe in the front stage, hey it the second time i saw some one hanging on to a pipe at a gig (i saw Eddie if the Sights swing the pipe at the Sights show, and what somebody told me auige of the hard lession.also swing on the pipe as well.)well the show was over and at 2:00 AM every body left like on a reguarly night like the 362 days of the year.

Next to see some Drinken kids getting kick out for haveing one too many and Fighting surcury i did get home safely and check with my other place to see how new year was But all around all was quiet all around from most the people i talk to told me they stay home and watch the ball drop on either Fox new year show, Carson Daly, or the Grand Daddy of them all Dick Clark on ABC( Well the Stick have NBC on all the TV upstiar because there was NFL game sunday)

or just like some people they sleep in the new year.

any way he some of the news tips that is going on in Detroit rock city, it you what to send me a news tips of anythings going on in the Detroit rock Scene or if you want to send in reviews of what happend at other new year Eve event all over Detroit, you can E-Mail the sight at

There is not much expect line-up changes, a SushiBar/a album begin push back/a Sushi bar/techno club closing for good.

Just before the Christmas Show at the stick i saw Cyril Lords at the Belmont where they have been using guest Bass players sin Sean Elwood left the group well during the gig Marty told me to put this sight, so i will they have found a new bass Player and he did not look far, The new member is John Szymanski for his other bands SSM to fill in bass duty the Cyril Lords will play aging with Szymanski after his other band SSm com back from month tour of Europe which include stop in London,Nottingham,St. Etienne,and Paris.

spaking of Sean Ellwood who just Join Outraggues Cherry, I was told by Front Cherry Matt Smith that they go a new drummer, now he did not give her full name but he told she is From boston and her name is Samattah and her told she play in a band called Bam now i try my best in find and info on the band that she in but i could not find on google.

speaking of which it look like the Von Bondies will have wait untill may untill theer new album Love,hate, and there you will be out, my good mole told me that the album will now be reelased in May of 2007.

and here a follow up report to the closing of Oslo which took place back before the holiday, the popural Sushi bar/Techno Night club close it door the weekend of Dec.15 after some were saying the typical Owner/Landlord dispure.

Co-Owner of the Club Brook Campbell told the Metro Times Last week that he was having disputes with landlords of the club also he clam there was bias against himself as a gay man, and there was threats against his life.

But Accoring to The MT the club have not paid the Summer tax bill to the City of Detroit which was due on Aug. 15 and also According some Fromer workers that they were not getting paid and the sushi chefs quit in protest, That force to close the Upstair restaurant closed. but the show when on untill the weeend of Dec 15.

That force many gig at the club to relocate at the Works on Michigan Ave. or cancelled all together, you can read the full story on the Closeing of Oslo at the metrotimes web sight under the headline
Oslo no more .

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