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The Indie News Round up

It Tuesday, April 3rd

it was mid 60's today with storm on the way
and with storm later on

Sorry for no post yesterday, i was still recovering over the long weekend of three gig two late night and WrestleMania 23 in downtown on the outside looking in and beging at the event itself which i am tring to complet as best i could i hoped to complet by tonight or tommorrow[NOTE: i am about 2/5 done].

and today New music tuesday is late aging, because my browser is not showing mtvnews.com just a blank page, ouch!, so it will be posted tommorrow aging.

in Indie news today:

it you were listening to the second to last show of Alturnative take with Liz copelaned on the now unlistable WDET-FM on late Thursday/Early Friday Morning, she have one of the best local music person out there the one and only Sterling and there gave out some good info involing Comerica Cityfest [Formaly Comerica Tastefest].

two bands have been confrim to played the local park stage, the First band is the almost three year old indie rock band Citzen Smile will played July 4th at the park stage there are a four peice band from in 2004 and they have released a E.P. last year called "Season", if you want to see the band there are playing small in hamtramck this saturday.

also playing the park or Jazz or blues stage at Cityfest is toldeo base blues player Dooley Wilson he will also played the July 4th festival at the New Center area.

also on the show was a unreleased track of Stirling from his new solo album with will be out in mid-2007 just in time for city fest in which stirling will program the park stage.

and also programing the Local techno stage on 2nd ave. in front the second ave. windtunnel will be who else now Former WDET-FM D.J. Liz copeland proving you can keep a good DJ down.

Also on the show on thursday/Early Friday morning i was announced that Audra Kubat have join the Acoustic Bluegrass band "The Syreens" replacing Amanda Lynn who left early this year.

and in more local music News it look like our fave girl Ko Melina will launch her new web sight on wednesday at komelina.com also a new song is up on her may space page and it called "wow" you can find it a www.myspace.com/komelina as she gear up for her first album in almost 4 and a half years as it will be released on Little steven Wicked Cool records.

Also i got a late myspacer that Steve Neuward [Ex- Detroit Corbras] will released his first released on his new "The Beehive Recording Co." on April 21st with released from CUCKOLD["Blood On My Hands"] ESQUIRE ["Linda Lovelace for President"]
and THE EXPATRIATES ["Bedroom Games"] with released coming up from Timmy Vulgar, Slumber Party, and Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters with more to come.

Now making indie news outside the 313

and speaking of music Festival

New Pornographers,Stephen Malkmus,De La Soul,Battles,and the just visited The Ponys have been added to The Pitchfork Music Festival which take place on July 13-15 at Chicago Union Park, it join Sonic Youth (who is playing Daydream Nation), Cat Power, Clipse, Iron & Wine, Girl Talk, Grizzly Bear, Professor Murder, Of Montreal, Jamie Lidell, and Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound in the indie line up.

Ticket cost $50 buck for a three days pass, Friday night cost $15 bucks, saturday and sunday day pass is $25 and the weekend costed $35, for more info the festival just log on to http://pitchforkmusicfestival.com/

and from the i dont get this department Robert Smith of the Cure have been ask to help out for Ashlee Simpson new album he join the Neptunes' Chad Hugo, Timbaland, Keane's Tim Rice-Oxley, and John Legend for her new album at the end of the year, dont robert smith know what he geting into.

Look at her history.

and get what we have a stolen band Gear Alter.

Dears guitarist Patrick Krief have his Montreal rehearsal space brokeing into and stole his stuff, on his myspace page he mention "The thing they took that I really want back most," "is my White Fender Stratocaster. I cried for hours about losing it. It has extreme sentimental value, and I don't know how I'll go on with out it. 16 people (friends and family) pitched in to buy me that guitar (of which I had been dreaming about my whole life) on my 18th birthday.

"I'm on a serious hunt for that guitar, I'm trying to gather some reward money, but I'm pretty broke right now...I can safely say that I'll give $1000 (my family has raised this ransom money) no questions asked to have it back." The guitar is pictured above, and in detail below.

"Keep in mind," added Krief, "that these people might change minor details on the guitar, but the serial number is listed below."

so here is the list of stuff stolen from his space.

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1998
$1000 reward
serial #: Mz0198625
details : White, with white pick guard and maple neck. This guitar has 4 Black Graphite saddles and 2 regular. It has strap locks and a brown leather strap. The white plastic tip on the Whammy bar is cracked

Gibson SG special vintage
details: Dark wood grain un varnished (the back of the headstock was cracked and glued back and sanded. The mark is visible but slight

Epiphone Casino Tobacco burst

Zoo customs
details: 3 chrome humbuckers and a bigsby,black sparkle finish
-maple neck and ebony fretboard This guitar is completely unique, it says zoo customs on the headstock, and the headstock design is a shape that no other guitar has (kind of a warped rectangle)

Guitar Valleyarts Standard pro 0939

Fender Jazz Bass 1975 reissue
details: -natural finish many small dings and dents.
-maple neck with bound fingerboard and pearl block inlays.
-off white pickguard with vintage chrome pickup cover over neck pickup.
-upgraded with sadowsky pickups (stamped on casing), schaller tuners, badass bridge.
-likely in a modulus (reunion blues) gigbag Japan

IMAC 5.2 computer
serial#: W86380c4wh5

Kaser External Drive
serial # Y8FUN063250GB

Line 6 Guitar POD
serial#: Poda024037491900

Alesis Amp RA500
serial#: (21)a405010451000

Fender Mini practice amp
details: Hand held

Peavey 50 watt guitar amp

Traynor Amp head
details: Converted from a combo,mid 70's model w/slant control panel,model # yba4 bass master
-was converted from a combo so back panel has on 1 jack marked extension cab 8ohm and chassis has one rca jack.

Yorkville PA amplifier
details: Carpet casing

Suzuki Omnichord
serial #: 073291

Roland Xp-10 Keyboard
details: The display is slightly defective

details : 66 key Midi controller

All the guitars were taken with their respective cases

So if you know who may be behind it pleased contact him at his myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/patrickkrief

On Monday all the blogger have pictures from last weekend LCD Soundststem in NYC from
Pitchfork, SPIN, Stereogum,Brooklyn Vegan and there coming to the Majstic theater on May 7th.

also on pichtfork picture from
Sufjan Stevens in Grand Rapids, Bloc Party in New York City, and Battles in Chicago

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