Friday, June 22, 2007

This Weekend in Culture City

Well it the Weekend in the motor city, and with almost two count them two week to go until the biggest festival of the year Comerica Cityfest we need the perfit warm up to get hype up for big festival is believe it or not anode Street Festival but this time in not begin held on any plan old street in detroit or the subure, it beging held on the banks on the Detroit river to celebrate the Grand opening of a new portion on Detroit riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is a major project of the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy to provide a walking space on the riverfront when completed in a few years it will go from Joe Louis Arena from the west to all the way to belle isle to the east, they just open a portion of the river walk that goes east of the Ren Cen to Mt. Elliot Park along the way it past a plaza at Rivard Plaza, at the foot of Rivard Street, chene Park, Stroh's River Place to the end which is at Mt. Elliot Park.

Now last week i took a very lovely walk on the Riverfront up to Rivard Plaza the highlights for me on those really hot days where it really, really hot is a fountiant which is just near the Ren Cen witch a lot of people [mostly kids} running around getting wet, further down the river at Rivard Plaza there is a lager shad where you can relax and enjoy the beauty that is the Detroit River, also there is a caritsol with the Creather of the sea on the merry-go-round and my person highlights of the whole riverwalk so far is a big map of the metro Detroit and Windsor area, so if you ever get bore you see the big map to see where you live.

So to celebrate the opening of the riverwalk why not create a new festival call "Detroit River Days" the will go from Friday to Next Wednesday where the "Target Fireworks" on the river, most of the active will take place east of the Renaissance Center now the Music is some what OK with pop, Gospel, blues, and country, but there is rock at the riverfest among the highlight this weekend on Friday night The Detroit rock and blues band the muggs play at 8 PM at the sprint stage in Front of the Ren Cen, Kenny Wanye Shepherd is playing the EDS Stage [Near the corner of E. Atwarter st, and Schweitzer Place] on saturday night at 10 PM there will be a parade of lights down the Detroit river and on Sunday Night at 8 PM the highlight of most people weekend will be the one and only and the always good looking Joan Jett playing the EDS stage.

But if you don't like going near open water and like to be near by a rock club there are gig this weekend like the five three dail tone present showcase gig sponsor by the no five, the no. three, and Dial tone the bands playing the show case gig will be Freer, Expatriates, Nice Device with this blog sight crush on lead singer Alicia Gbur, it will be held at the Norther Light Lounge in Detroit New Center Area and it will be held on Friday and the Doors opening at 9 PM.

also there is some good sweet indie rock at the Belmont tonight with Baton Rouge,LA, "The Eames Era" is tour the country to promote the hell out Second CD which is called "Heroes and Sheroes" as well as there first C.D. the 2005 "Double Dutch" which they was going on tour that year if it was not for there tour bus getting into a accident with a military truck who was in the area after "Hurricane Katrina" that left lead singer Ashlin Phillips with several stitches in her face and guitarist Ted Joyner with broken arm, they will be join by Washington DC indie power pop Five piece "Exit Clov" who is on tour to promote there latest EP "Respond, Respond"

and on Saturday, i would be asking myself this is the gig i would like to see but can't because i don't drive and it in Ann Arbor, the one and only Monder day version of the 70's pop act "The Carpenters" the brother and sister duo who take there name from a reference from the classic Disney film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", it the one and only Brooklyn base band "The Fiery Furnaces" who is still on there never ending tour to promote there last C.D."Bitter Tea" which was released last year and also test there new songs for there New album "Widow City" which will be released on October 9th on there new label Thrill Jockey.

and if you have not see there live act it the gig that keep on going and going and going and going and going, the show is at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Sunday Night.

Other Gig Happening this Weekend: On Friday Love him or loead him the motor City Mad Man Ted Nugent is playing DTE Energy Music Theatre, The Magic Stick have two show with The Audition begin the Early show with Don Caballero begin the late show, Mewithoutyou is playing St. Andrew Hall, on Saturday it kind of a light night with Clear, FREE ELEMENT, Not For Sal & Mansfield Park playing the the Magic Bag in Frendale, and on Sunday Junior Brown playing the The Ark in Ann Arbor, We Are the Fury playing a all ages show at the blind pig and George Clinton will headline at benefit gig for athletic department for Detroit's Kettering High School, it will cost $ 30 at the door and there will be two shows at 5 P.M. and at 8 P.M. at Kettering High School auditorium at 6101 Van Dyke Ave. on Detroit East Side.

But if you staying home and asking your self i whis i can be at glasonberry in the UK this week, you can follow the coverage on the BBC websight this week at where you can listion to live coverage from
Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio 3, Radio 4 and Asian Network that where you can alos find full set of almost 40 gigs live on tape to see on the web for a full week.

and if you don't have a computer you can listen to coverage of glastonbury on BBC one on Sirius Satellite radio [on a five hour delay] on Sirius Ch. 11

Now matter how your weekend turn out i hop it turn out better then this poor magician who duck act ran a foul on the Briteh version of American Got Talent.