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The Culture City Interview - Jasper from before Lollapalooza

This Weekend is the big three day indie music fest at Grant park in chicago called Lollapalooza, this is the third year since they change it from a travling festival to a mega three days fest at grant park in downtown chicago.

the headliner at this year Lollapalooza are Daft Punk,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Muse,Pearl Jam.

other band that are playing Chicago The Black Keys, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Interpol, Amy Winehouse, Iggy & the Stooges, Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, Patti Smith, Blonde Redhead, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, TV on the Radio and a couple of local bands the Electric Six, and st. peacheds are playing there as well

no i wish i was going but still stuck in the D as always, but a good friend of the blog sight Jasper of, he is going that to report on the going on at chicago, Just before he left i sent him a E-mail interview and return the interview to post here:

ICFCC: Me the Editor
WV: Jasper

ICFCC: Jasper, What up?

WV: Not much. Procrastinating through the work day, trying to get out of here.

ICFCC: So how exicted are you for this year festival at Grant Park?.

WV: Pretty excited. I think this is the best overall lineup Lollapalooza has had.

ICFCC: Have the music at Lollapalooza been a better since it change from a two-day traveling festival to a big gathering at Grant park?

WV: I think so. Instead of a band having to take a few months to tour, they only have to be available for one day and leaves the free to do a full summer tour, as well. And for bands who weren't planning on touring over the summer, it's only one day they have to get their shit together and play. I think it works out in favor of the bands pretty well.

ICFCC: Now i know that as a preson outside the 313 who have seen the pictures and videos from the last few years of Lollapalooza it look like it was fun, how is it like at Grant Park?.

WV: It's hot and crowded and big. It is fun, but there's just so many people there sometimes it gets really uncomfortable.

ICFCC: So who are you looking forward to seeing this weekend in Chicago?

WV: Lots of old favorites like The Rapture and Muse and The Hold Steady, but since I've already seen the majority of bands I'm going to focus on acts I haven't seen yet. Like Apostle of Hustle, Peter Bjorn & John, Ghostland Observatory, I'm From Barcelona, Los Campesinos. A lot of "smaller" acts.

ICFCC: Now looking at the Schedule there is so many good act are playing this year, How do you decide who to see and who to not see at the same time?

WV: If it's someone I've already seen vs. a new band, I'll go with the new band. Sometimes it's whoever is closest because I'm lazy.

ICFCC: is there any band you look at the Line-up that you are not excited to see?

WV: Of course. You can't like everything, right? But there's really no band I hate (I don't think). In past years The Killers and The Bravery and Dashboard Confessional have played and that's just noise pollution.

ICFCC: How much influence dose Perry Farrell have on the line-up?

WV: No idea. The guy's a lunatic so I imagine someone has to translate whatever incoherent ramblings come out of his mouth into the closest sounding band name. Probably why CSS is playing.

ICFCC: Now i know the distance between Detroit and Chicago is about 249 between them other it is in Chicago, how do it benefit the avg. music Fans in Detroit.

WV: It's really the only midwest-ish music festival we have, so we have to embrace it. I'm not driving to Coachella or Vegoose.

ICFCC: One more thing for any advice in planning to get ticket to Next year lolly?

WV: This was the first year I was shut out of the advance "cheap" tickets. Not cool. Demand is high though, so it's all about luck.

ICFCC: O.K. thanks you jasper, and i hoped to talk to you next week about the aftermath to Lolly.

WV: Sure thing.

Were are going to contact Jasper aging Next Week on his Lollapalooza trip this weekend, dont forget you can catch all the covage on his own sight and dont forget there will be other music blog also covering Lollapalooza as well.

Now for thouse thouse home body who are staying home and doing Nothing you can watch or listen to Lollapalooza, you can see the event on the ATT blueroom every day at 1:30 EST at, you can also listen to Lollapalooza on satulite radio Sirius will air the event form three to five on Left of Center [Ch.26] and Alt Nation [Ch. 21} Saturday at Noon, it will also be on XM Radio on the Ethel the whole day will be broadcast beginging at 7 PM on Friday, 3:30 PM on Saturday and 1 PM on Sunday, you also listen to Ethel for free on AOL radio at

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