Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indie Music News For August 21st

Well, the weather was a little bit better today then yesterday where it rain all day on Sunday and all day on Monday there was water everywhere and not only that it PPD. the NASCAR race for almost two day[They did get the race running today]. did mot do much yesterday on the post because i try but did not have time to do it, it about 17 months later and sent i do have a life, i can't stay up until 4 AM to do one post.

Now here today Indie Music News.

there is a bunch of local indie News and new gigs book in the Detroit Area i have to do a post about the gigs

Marcie Bolan going Solo

well it look like Ex-Von Bondies guitar players Marcie Bolan[who left the band last Spring] is ready to go solo she will debut her solo outfit on September 7th at at the Lager house she will opening the show for the Eons, and then on next night she is going to played a post Dally gig at the Northern Light Lounge in the New Center Area.

There is Still a Detroit to Play in

and Since my last post on this sight there was alot of bands that have now answer the called to played Detroit anmong them The Flaming Lips will played Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac on October 1st, MATTHEW DEAR doing a gig in hi hometown of Ann Arbor at the blind pig on October 13th, also at the blind Pig on October 22nd ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKE, as well as BATTLES on November 9th, over at the the Lager House they have book a post dally gig with the one and only The Woggles and from yes there playing at the Lager House Dept. on September 11st the same day as Bjork at the Fox Theater, Montreal base band "The Dears" will played the Lager House, yes my Friend just tell me how six Band member from a big Band will fit into a tiny stage or is there some thing i don't know.

We have a Line up but where the Set Time

and where almost two and a half weeks untill the Dally in the Alley at the Door Step of Wayne State U. that take place on Sept. 8th[Weather Permitting} now at this time we would have seen the set time for the Dally when the line up is released, well we have a line-up but not set time yet, so if you want to see the full line-up just go to the Dally in the Alley websight at www.dallyinthealley.com and click on Music or you can click on the line-up Here.

Headman for The New Pornographers Get Married

and Congratulations to Front man for The New Pornographers A.C. Newman who a few weeks ago got married, The Lucky Woman who A.C. ask her hand in marriage it was Christy Simpson, marketing manager at there label Matador Records, the Wedding which was mention in the Mew York Times and report on Pitchforkmedia.com mention i was a lovely wedding with Band mate Neko Case and Mates of States preforming at the post wedding gig.

it was announce the Day before "The New Pornographers" New Album Challengers drop this Week.

And Coming to A New Music Tuesday Near You

"Hard-Fi" will released there Follow-up to "Stars of CCTV" which is called "Once upon a time in the Old West" on Sept. 18th, and there Cover got buzz in the UK press as there cover art for the album which rank as one of the Worst Album cover of all time.

The Cover: Yellow Background band name and Title in Black and in Big white letter "No Cover Art",
i not making this up.

and a couple of bands are releasing D.V.D. in a few weeks,R.E.M. will released a Live C.D./D.V.D. of there show back in Dublin's Point Theatre Back in February 2005, the Live set will be released on October 16, you can
click here for a Full Trackslisting.

and The Montreal band Stars will include a DVD for a litem time only a 55-minutes Live doc about there last tour "Set Yourself on Fire" in there New CD "In Our Bedroom After The War"[Which will be out on September 25} and on some of the on-line site there release the Video of the 1st video which is called "Take Me To The Riot".

The Extras:

And Just to let you know already i you indie music Fans have not done not yet to Sing up For Fantasy Football at any Online Sports sights that offer it for free like Yahoo.com, ESPN.com, Foxsports.com, CBSsportsline.com, AOL.com, NBCsports.com, and NFL.com.

Speaking about Fantasy Football Ten on-Air Fox 2[WJBK-TV] Personalities are doing Fantasy Football this year, and they have a special Section on there
web sight which you can click on the station link at the right of this Menu.

Speaking About Fox 2 if you have not notice there building a
new news set and they have a web cam to check the progress at myfoxdetroit.com.

And Other Stuff On all the Links

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