Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Breaking Gig News

The Nosiettes Cancel there tour Including the "Detour" Launch party on Sept.21 at the Stick.

For the second day in a row, A UK band that was support to tour Detroit have pulled out.

Yesterday it was the Kaiser Chiefs pulled out of there gig a the Majestic and now the Nosiettes have cancelled there entire US tour including there September 21st slot at the "Detour" launch party

According to a press release to "The band members came to the conclusion they needed to take a break if they were going to be at their best for the tour." "They've been on the road for two years," said their agent Matt Hickey "It's frustrating and it was a tough decision for them to make, but they decided they needed to get some rest, regroup and come back and do it right."

SO that mean there is a opening for the "Detour" launch party have a opening slot for Friday, September 21st at 11:30 PM at the Magic Stick and of this post there is no replacement as of yet.

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