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The Keyworth Krewery Old Fashtion Root Beer Fastey Football Wrap Report

Now it was one of thouse Crazy some time odd week in NFL play and if you are a Fanstly owner you where happy with one player winning you game and League with Hi Score for the week or worst thinking all the points came from one QB and still lose the game, Ouch

Here are all the Famstey High Light From Week Two of the NFL and Fanstey Season

NFC North
Home Team

Detroit 20, Minnesota 17 (OT)

Ok there was no 20+ players in this game but it look hopedful for awhied as Jon Kitna pick up where he left off last week, but was blindsided from behind and miss almost the rest of the game, but under there back Up QB Fromer NFL Euroup MVP J.T. O'Sullivan almost lost the game as the lions blew a 17-7 and all of a sudden were fighting for the lead.

We almost won it near the end of the 4th,but Jason Handson Kick when wide left, The Vikings almost went back to Minnapolis with there winning steak over the lions to 11 game but Ryan longwell 52-yearde hit the post.

after the Defence show up to stop the Vikes Kitna drovw the Lions to the Minnesota 19 so jason Hanson had a eazy time to kick the game winner to win the game for the 17th time in his career.

Now this game was not a Fanstey Gem, be cause both the lions and the Vikes Combind lost over 20 after both give up the ball five time apeice, the worst offer Vikes QB Tarvaris Jackson[5 F. Points] who trown four picks.

Best Points Geter was: DET - QB - J. Kitna 22/33 for 245 - 1 TD - 1 INT[14 F. Points]

NFC North
The Rest of the Divsion

Green Bay 35, N.Y. Giants 13

Brett Favre won the game and is now the winnest QB of all time as he won game No.149 one better then Denver Broncos legon John Elway [148]

and is a Hall of Famer for Sure and Fanstyl Hame A famer as well as he score 29 F. Points after going 29/38 for 286 years and 3 TD and a pick

Chicago 20, Kansas City 10

Da Bears bulid a 17-0 lead in the Second quarter set the pace for the game as the D.ST show up big time with a 73 yd punt return for a TD From Devin Hester to keep them there a the D/ST perfrom as there was going to, as the Bears stop Larry Johnson for on 55 yards.


Tampa Bay 31, New Orleans 14

The Bucs Curse to a Easy wins over the New Orleans Saints hi-light by the the hook-up twice in the Secon Quarter from Jeff Garcia to Joey Galloway as they Score From 69 and 29 to a eazy Victory over the Stains who are not really clicking From The opening Night loss to the Colts.

20+ Scorers:
Tampa Bay QB - Jeff Garcia[21 F. Points] 10/16 for 243 and 2 TD
Tampa Bay WR - Joey Galloway [25 Points] 4 for 135 yards for 2 TD

And If you are wondering New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush 10 Carred for 27 yards.

San Francisco 17, St. Louis 16

Rams QB Marc Bulger have a Decoent game throwning 24/41 for 368 yards and a TD to Torry Holt and K Jeff Wilkins had a good game with 3 FG for 12 points, but Miss the game winning FG with 1 second to go as San Francoico RB Frank Gore have a good game with 20 Carried for 81 yards and 2 TD [20 F. Points] as 49ers won there 2nd close game.

Arizona 23, Seattle 20

Neil Rackers Score a 43-yard field goal with a second left caping off a great game he have 13 F. Points are kicking 3 FG and 2 XP incluing a 52 - yarder [50+ FG is whort 5 Points]

Cards RB Edgerrin James[20 points] have 128 yards for a TD


Pittsburgh 26, Buffalo 3

And This just In, the Steeler are back as Ben Roethlisberger
pass to Matt Spaeth and Willie Parker 11 yd TD run to put the game away after most of the game was mostly trying to get in But Steeler K Jeff Reed did what he was told with 4 FG and 2 XP for 14 F. Points.

Cleveland 51, Cincinnati 45

and if you got the Bengals and the Browns D/ST sorry to say you got zero points this week end as both the Bears and Bengals Offence when total nuts 12 Total TD, 56 1st downs, over a 1,000 yards in total offence and yes there was alot of 20 points Fanstey players, take a look at the list and the Stats alone:

CIN QB - Carson Palmer[49 F. Points]33/50 for 401 yards and 6 TD and 2 Picks with one near the end
CLE QB - Derek Anderson[41 F. Points]20/33 for 328 yards for 5 TD and a int.
CIN WR - Chad Johnson[32 F. Points}11 for 209 yards and 2 TD
CLE RB - Jamal Lewis[27 F. Points]28 carries for 215 yards and a TD
CLE RB - Braylon Edwards[26 F. Points]8 for 146 yards and also 2 TD
CLE TE - Kellen Winslow Jr.[16 points]6 for a Even 100 yards and a TD
and not to be left off the score sheet
CLE K - Phil Dawson[15 points]3 FG and 6 XP

asking the question where the D

Indianapolis 22, Tennessee 20

they forgot to pack the offense to there road trip
and indy race to a OK lead of 20 to 6 after Colts RB Joseph Addai 6 yard TD Run and Dallas Clark, 22 yd TD pass from Peyton Manning and Adam Vinatieri[10 F. Points] 2 of 3 FG.

This game was not a good one as Titans QB VInce Young when 17/27 for 184 yards for a YD, They try to come back to win the game but they did not punch it in as the Colst hang on to win and Go 2-0.

Baltimore 20, N.Y. Jets 13

in the battle of back-up QB, Raven QB Kyle Boller[Subbing for Steve McNair] went 23-of-35 for 185 yards and two touchdowns, Jets did come back late in the 4th with Back-up QB Kellen Clemens[Subbing for Chad Pennington] scoreing a TD Chris Baker but a last mintues drive to win the game only to have it intercepted by Ravens LB Ray Lewis
to scecre the win.

Denver 23, Oakland 20 (OT)

and For the second week in a row Broncos K Jason Elam[11 F. Points] Kick the game winner in OT to put the Broncos 2-0.

Denver QB Jay Culture when 23/33 for 269 yards and a TD, but thown 2 INT. and got Sacks in the end Zone, and Raiders RB Lemont Jordan ran for 159 yards for 29 carries keep them in the gane after there QB Josh McCown sink up the place after going 8/16 for 73 yards and a TD, but thown for 3 picks.

Cross Confencne Play

Jacksonville 13, Atlanta 7

and Judeing from the score this was not a good game as the Falcons is not 0-2 post Michical Vick, Jags QB Davia Garrard was good for 17/25 for 272 yards and a Game winning TD to Reggie Williams to put the Jags ahead, it would been a OT if Falcons K Matt Prater have not miss 2 FG ouch!

Houston 34, Carolina 21

Panthers WR Steve Smith was hot in the early part of the game catching 8 ball for 153 and Three TD, but the Texans QB Matt Schaub to WR Andre Johnson prove to be too much for the Panthers as Hoston gose 2-0 for the 1st time

20+ points Fanstey players
CAR QB - Jake Delhomme[33 points]27/41 for 307 yards and 3 TD and a INT.
CAR RB - Steve Smith[33 points] 8 for 153 yards and 3 TD
HOS WR - Andre Johnson[24 points] 7 for 120 yards and 2 TD
HOU QB - Matt Schaub[21 points] 20/28 for 227 yards and 2 TD
HOU K - Kris Brown[10 points] 2 FG and 4 XP

Dallas 37, Miami 20

OK, The Cowboys did not lite the world on Fire like they did with Giants last week but did pull away after Miaim went on top 13-10, and then Cowboys QB thown two TD Pass to Tony Curtis and T.O. [AKA Terrell Owens] and Marion Barber ran a 40 yd to seal the game for the cowboys.

20+ Fansty gamers
DAL QB - Tony Romo[21 F. Points} 14/29 for 186 yards and 2 TD
DAL RB - Marion Barber[20 F. Points] 14 for 89 yards and two TD

Sunday Night

New England 38, San Diego 14

Tape, we dont need Stinking tape, Tom Brady and the Patriots ease into a eas win over the Chargers after Tape-gate after a ease win over the Jets now the big question is how easy a win was it.

No.1 Draft Pick Cargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson stuff aging 18 for 43 yards [68 total rushing yards, so far this season]

20+ Fansty Players
NE QB - Tom Brady[27 F. Points] 25/31 for 279 yards for 3 TD and a INT.
NE WR - 8 for 105 yards and 2 TD

Monday Night

Washington 20, Philadelphia 12

Donovan McNabb return to make a Eagles a contender
you might want to take that back the eagle are now 0-2 losing a rellay bad game on both side and the eagle could not find the ball and the Offence is starting and now there 0-2.

Chris Cooley caught a TD and Clinton Portis ran one in to make the redsikns 2-0

Key Fansty players
PHI K - David Akers[12 F. Points] 4 FG

and Now with week Two in the book let look the best Fanstey player
in the All Fanstey 1st and 2nd Team
[And Remember ties counts]

1st Team

QB - CIN - Carson Palmer - 49
33-50 for 401 yards for 6 TD and 2 INT
RB - CLE - Jamal Lewis - 27
27 for 216 yards and a TD
RB[tie] - DAL - Marion Barber - 20

14 for 89 yards for 2 TD
RB[tie] - SF - Frank Gore - 20
20 for 81 yards and 2 TD
RB[tie] - ARI -Edgerrin James - 20
24 for 128 yards and a TD

WR - CAR - Steve Smith - 33
8 for 153 yards for 3 TD[From CbsSports.com: Smith is the best WR in Fantasy Football right now and should be started in every league.]

WR - CIN - Chad Johnson - 32
11 for 209 yards for 2 TD
WR - CLE - Braylon Edwards - 26

8 for 146 yards for 2 TD
TE - CLE- Kellen Winslow - 16

6 for 100 and a TD
K - CLE - Phil Dawson - 15

3 FG and 6 XP
D/ST - Minnesota Vikings - 24
1 TD,4 Sacks,3 INT. and 3 Force Fumblue, 20 PA and 415 YA

2nd Team

QB - CLE - Derek Anderson - 41
20-33 for 328 yards and 5 TD and INT
Four Tie with 18
RB - CIN - Rudi Johnson
23 for 118 yards
RB - PIT - Willie Parker

23 for 126 yards and a TD
RB - TB - Cadillac Williams
24 for 61 yards and 2 TD
RB - GB - DeShawn Wynn
10 for 50 yards and 2 TD
Three Tie with 15
RB - OAK - LaMont Jordan

25 for 159 yards
RB - BAL - Willis McGahee

26 For 97 yards
RB - PHI - Brian Westbrook

17 for 96 yards
WR - TB - Joey Galloway - 25
4 for 135 yards and 2 TD
WR - HOU - Andre Johnson - 24

7 for 120 yards and 2 TD
WR - NE - Randy Moss - 22
8 for 105 yards and 2 TD
Two tie with 13
TE - SD - Antonio Gates

7 for 77 yards and a TD
TE - BAL - Todd Heap
7 for 76 yards and a TD

K - PIT - Jeff Reed - 14
4 FG and 2 XP
D/ST - Houston Texans - 23
1 3 sacks,INT,3 Force Fumble, 21 PA, 344 YA and a TD

My Teams after Week 2 [Result]

nfl.com [win] 2-0 - 1st place/East
yahoo.com[win] 2-0 - tie for 1st
foxsports.com[loss]1-1 - tie for 4th
espn.com [loss] 0-2 - last in Div. 1
cbssports.com[loss]0-2 - last in East
aol.com[loss] 0-2 - tie For Last

Week 3 Schedule
Set your line up before game time

NFC North

Detroit at Philadelphia - 1:00 pm - FOX
Minnesota at Kansas City - 1:00 pm - FOX
San Diego at Green Bay - 1:00 pm - CBS


St. Louis at Tampa Bay - 1:00 pm - FOX
Carolina at Atlanta - 4:15 pm - FOX
N.Y. Giants at Washington - 4:15 pm - FOX


Buffalo at New England - 1:00 pm - CBS
Indianapolis at Houston - 1:00 pm - CBS
Miami at N.Y. Jets - 1:00 pm - CBS
Cleveland at Oakland - 4:05 pm - CBS
Jacksonville at Denver - 4:05 pm - CBS

Cross Confecen

Arizona at Baltimore - 1:00 pm - FOX
San Francisco at Pittsburgh - 1:00 pm - FOX
Cincinnati at Seattle - 4:05 pm - CBS

Sunday Night

Dallas at Chicago - 8:15 pm - NBC

Monday Night

Tennessee at New Orleans - 8:30 pm - ESPN

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