Friday, October 12, 2007

This Weekend In Culture City For the Weekend of October 12th

Well it the weekend and i am sorry for the lag in this blog sight after i post my 1,000 post i was not celebrating, i was recovering a little bit from a small dog bite from a boxer, thank god it was not worst or wrost i would be i a hospital just about now.

And Worst yet it happened just as about to get my hair cut wield still impressing the indie ladies, and the only injury i suffering was just scared thank god for that.

Well let see what going on in Detroit Culture City

Well there is nothing going on Friday night, but on Saturday the Local blues rock band "Dutch Pink" will released there New CD called "Idols and Infidels" but for going the route of on big night of indie rock there not playing one venue, Oh, No there not playing Two Venue, but there playing count em Six placed at the same day This little bus tour will last the whole day from Mid-town to New Center to Hamtramck to Frendale, now i don't have the line up of which venue there going play first, but i know in posting the Weekly Gig Guide on Monday i know they hit up the Belmont at about 6 PM but i know the other culb they willm hit up on there bus tour will be old miami in Midtown, northern lights in the New Center, new dodge and painted lady in Hamtramck and woodward avenue brewers on Woodward Ave. in Ferndale.

now they will be Travel by but on for the band and there Gear and a second one will be for there fans who pre-paid to see Dutch Pink for all six placed they played but for fans who just only going for one gig there will be a lot of opener depening on where they playing opening up will be Oscillating Fan Club, jeremiah bazely, ether aura, the makebelieves[athens, ohio],wingman, and duende!

To find out who playing where just go to there my space site at

Last July, you saw them played to the massed over at Comerica City Fest and no they released there on a proper club tour as the Austin area band "Spoon" pop up in the area with a show at the majestic Theater in surrport of there well receivd album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" and Fresh off there appacen on Saturday night live last week.

Opening for them is the urber Chicago indie pop band "The Ponys" Who released "Turn the Lights Out" way back in March, the doors open at 8 PM.

Meanwheild at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor hometown boy "Matthew Dear" come home to play a live set in surrport of a his new album "Asa Breed" on Ghostly International isn which he co-found way back in 1999, also playing the show will be Javelins, 800Beloved, Jeff Owens

And also on sunday at the The Crofoot ballroom i pontaic it the return of the austin base band The Polyphonic Spree as lead man Tim DeLaughter bring his 25+ member band to speer joy and happyness in Pontaic as they played tunes from there latiest album The Fragile Army and also playing tracks from there First two album The Beginning Stages of... and Together We're Heavy, the show beging at 7 PM.

And also i mention this on this sight at the beging of the week so i willl metion this aging this saturday at the Drill hall at the Madsoinc temple Buliding a special edtion of the Detroit Drbuy girls as Druby girls all stars face on the challage by the Sin City Neanderdolls from Las Vegas, you can still get tickets at the 10 local area Meijer Store, Orbitz Hair Salon in Ann Arbor,Danny's Irish Pub in Ferndale, MI, Eternal Tattoo in Clawson. and also there will be enterament by DJs Grimly Fiendish, Elisavet and the Motor City Rah Rahs and there will be a after party at the Old Miami[3930 Cass Ave.] with Broadzilla, Velveteen Rabbit and DJ Tim Tiki

The Match beging at 7 PM.

And looking beyond the weekend with two shows at the magic Stick this week on Monday
one the cutest band name in a long time, the boston boy Friend/girl friend duo Drug Rug, there a Fair New Band and you will like them

And on Tuesday The Raveonettes will come to town and played as show at the Stick and also they will be playing New Tunes from there new album "Lust, Lust, Lust" which will be out on November 5th and opening for the Danish Duo will be Nicole Atkins and her backing bamd the Sea who released her debut album "Neptune City" in Two weeks Time.

Also playing This Weekend


The Kinsey Report -Small's
D.L. Hughley - Royal Oak Music Theater


PINBACK with special guest MC CHRIS - Crofoot Ballrom
Blender Magazine Presents TY STONE & FRIENDS with Five Horse Johnson, The Dirty Americans & Dirt Road Logic - Magic Bag
Mute Math - St Andrew Hall
Deastro, We Vs. The Shark, Wildcatting and Benny Stoofy - The Belmont
eddie from ohio - Small's
Thollem McDonas with Marko Novachcoff and Larval - Bohemian National Home
Henry Rollins - Michigan Theater


VH1 You Oughta Know Tour featuring Brandi Carlile with A Fine Frenzy - St. Andrew Hall
Battlefield Band - Small's
Revolucha 4 - Royal Oak Music Theater

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