Monday, November 26, 2007

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Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Dies Of Unknown Causes a day after there Detroit Gig

this is a tought one to report today aqfter i read this on the myspace page message board and with a lot of follow up reporting via web sites in DC and Dayton, OH

but this is very sad and shocking

This From

Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday after police were called to the band's tour bus outside Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club around 2:30 p.m. and found him unconscious. The Washington Post reported that Calvert's death came one day after he and his bandmates boarded the bus to begin their Wintour 2007 outing, which kicked off Friday night in Detroit. Police are awaiting results of an autopsy.

On the group's Web site, fellow band members announced the death of their "quirky and awesome best friend," who they said had "passed away in his sleep."

"Today is probably the worst day ever," the group wrote. "It's with our deepest regrets that we have to write this. Casey Calvert passed away in his sleep last night. We found out this afternoon before sound-check. We've spent the entire day trying to come to grips with this and figure out as much as possible. At this time we're not sure what exactly happened. Just last night he was joking around with everyone before he went to bed. We can say with absolute certainty that he was not doing anything illegal. Please, out of respect to Casey and his family, don't contribute or succumb to any gossip you may hear. We don't want his memory to be tainted in the least. Casey was our best friend. He was quirky and awesome and there will truly be no others like him! His loss is unexplainable. As soon as we know more we will let you know. Sincerely, Hawthorne Heights: Eron, JT, Micah and Matt."

the show they play in detroit was the Majestic Theater on Friday night in the detroit midtown area and acccording to reports this was the first gig of there winter tour.

so this is kind of shocking to say the least.

beleave it or not i was at the stick area myself seeing the hard Lessions at the stick at the same buliding, now since i am not a fan of the band or a fan of emo music itself, i did not go.

now i know it this is devploeing

So if you where at the Majestic Theater on Friday night and if you know anything unusal about the Hawthorne Heights show expecly Casey Calvert pleased e-mail the site at

will follow up on this story this never happend a member of a band die before, during or after a Detroit Gig.

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