Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

and it Day 16 of the writer strike

and there is morning in idle six of the supermarket

"Mr. Whipple" have pass on

"Now we can squeeze the Charmin"

Late night on this blog i told you about Former Was [not Was] and record producer Don Was trip back to detroit to recprd a lot of Detroit bands for his channel on Mydammchannel.com last night i post songs from The Black Bottom Collective and The Ramrods.

and tonight i persent the other two band that was also put up last week two of the more well know bands in the detroit area Ann Arbor base avant-jazz band NOMO and two cool twins who have mess me up almost evr time i called out there first names The Sisters Lucas.

"Nu Tones"

"Thinking of You / Rollercoaster"

If you want to see more from Don Was you can check out his area at www.mydamnchannel.com and click on the Don Was Channel

in upcomming weeks he will also have preformce from the like of BLACK MERDA,JOHN SINCLAIR, THE GO, THE DAVE McMURRAY TRIO, THE MULDOONS and LUIS RESTO.

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