Monday, December 24, 2007

See You In 2008

Well this is the end of the year at It Came from Culture City for all of 2007

but i will not take a break because i have to type out and not only that post up the 2007 Culture City Festive 50 that will post up from Wednesday to Sunday for the Festival 50, not only that on New Year Day the Local 25 of the Festive 50.

So this is the end of the most produce year of this blog site as i did my first full year of this site [1st post May 8th, 2006], this have been a good year for this site

So before i sing off i want to thank you for reading this site thought out the year, not only this year but since the start of this site.

I want to thank my fellow Local blogger Jasper from Web Vomit, JRC of, Anthony form Detour and anyone who running thank you for your support.

Also thank you to Suzy Cole from WRIF-FM and Riff 2 [WRIF-FM HD Radio Side Channel] and her parner in crime Detroit News Writer and Musician Melody Baetens who take about five to ten second to mention this site on Detroit Local 101 every Tuesday night to mention this site.

Oh did i mention that i am nonainned For the Riff 2 Awards for Local Blog of the year and if you vote for me for local blog of the year, can you pleased vote for Theresa Bataran for best Soundgirl [O.K., it best sound guy]pretty please.

And Voting goes up until midnight on New Year Eve on

Also thank you to the fans of real true of real rock music that is over showad by some chick you may have heard of names like 'Hanan Montana"[Tell you the Thurth, Never heard of her].

Well, once aging thank you for reading the site and pleased enjoy the Festive 50 all this week

Have a Happy Holiday and Good Night untill 2008.

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