Friday, April 11, 2008

Live from Culture CIty [The Down Time Editon]

Well Since i have not done reguarl post on the sight in now over
Three Months now one of my fave things to do on the blog sight is
mention my fave music

well during this down time
LA Radio Station KCRW unviledan> a brand new Flash player
to play KCRW Music and Radio show
including all the sesstion From the Morning Show
Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic> Harcourt

So i thought durning this down For Every week until i wait to repair my Home PC
i play a session from the live set which is embed-able so i deiced the 1st band is a band who was going to play the Stick a few weeks back, But it was cancelled at the last minutes

the one and only "The Raveonettes" who released album No.4
"Lust, Lust, Lust" back on Feb.19

this session was play on March 3 in LA on KCRW

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