Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Back

Well Good day to you all
welcome back to the blog site for the 1st time [regular]since December 31st

that is all a way back since New Year Eve

it's is great to be back doing the blog is all so long
i know it have been a long time since the last post [oh there was a lot of filler post in between 12/31/07 and 5/19/08]

but i am back to uphold the job of a indie Detroit in time of a big time scandal
[thank god i don't own a text phone]

For those of you are wondering what happened
i was in the middle of doning the grand countdown of the best music of 2007 the Culture City Festive 50 and then all of a sudden the computer i used for this blogsite began acting up and worst slowing down the PC

it took me about almost four months fingering out what the problem until i really that the PC was stuck down by spyware and malware so in a effoet to ruin the computer, because it was acting like something you would see in the Will Smith "I Am Legion" film, i decide not to post anything on this blog sight for almost 17 weeks form the middle of the hockey season to the Doorstep of Game one of the Stanly cup finals [prosuming the Red Wings beat the stars tonight[5/18].

but after the long time off i decide to take my sick PC to a friend of mine name August about three weeks ago and he and his roommate Mellow wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Window XP and i got my PC back about two weeks ago i finally got my PC back a couple of trade off, here and there and the worst part off all no audio, ouch.

and after almost two weeks and a brief delay [my 1st post was going to be last week, but i was so busy with stuff outside the PC] the computer is working fine and it OK to say it time to go back in the Field to cover the indie regular TV would not dare to touch.

now before i mention what am going to do in the Next few days and a couple of week as i get on track. i would like to thanks to August and Mellow for taking good care of the PC during the week they had it and not only that all of you who read the blogsite and who have miss it during this very long break and now i hoped you read this sight aging now that i have enter the on ramp on my side of the info superhighway.

now all the regular feather you saw out the last two years will come out slowly but surely, there will be a Film guide Friday, this Friday that post will be the best movie that came out over the 1st four and a half months and the next week will be the regular Film Guide.

the weekly Gig Guide will return, but it will be spilt into two one for the indoor Gig Guide [TV, online radio, and Satellite radio] and the Outdoor Gig Guide to see who is playing every week in our fair city.

New Music Tuesday will be back with a extra long "New Music Tuesday with the 1st four and a half months.

and the weekly look up on what is play on the that only show that matters to you indie fans, it will be back the week after Memorial Day which will be in two weeks.

and after that update news and gig news to boot as i get back too normally after a long lay-off.

also there is a lot of great video show on the net that blogger can embed on the site so i would do more of that.

and there will be some live blogging with a special event instead of using this sight i will be using, yes this sight have started a twitter micro blog so i can do some live blogging as it happened and you in luck because tomorrow is the last dance-off on "Dancing with the stars" as the last of the three couple battle for the Cheesy mirror ball trophy.

But if you are not near by a TV, can get update on the Culture City Twitter site for this and all other live blogging event at this address:

and one more thing before i go, and in my two years of doing this blog sight i have been ask this than more other, Steve i have been to you sight but the site is so slow in loading and it take a long time.

OK, when i do my sight at home it run well on my computer OK, but there is two factor in a computer one is speed of your Internet provider and the age of computer if you have good Internet speed and a PC or laptop you good, if you have a good speed for you IP on a older PC it may work well, but if your PC is old or the IP run real slow it won't at all.

and one thing i will admit because i do this a lot put a lot of video off of you tube and other site with a embedded code and i know it can slow down a PC, the Aricved on this post goes back the last 15 post so deepening on how many post i put it can go far back to four day or about a week, but i can set the post on so i may experiment, maybe 10 post or 5 post but i want every body to read the site if you miss any thing.

So that is what is going on with this site
but the over all i am back doing what i love doing best
giving the most important stuff that matters.

Steve Paljusevic
and maybe rookie spell checker
"It Came From Culture City" Blog Sight

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