Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Continuing Culture City coverage of the "Raid at the CAID"

Update on The Raid in the C.A.I.D

There have been no updates since June 5th on the raid that took place on May 31st at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit East side on Rosa Parks Blvd. near W. Warren just about a block from Wayne state U.

This Culture News story have been one of the biggest story to rock the indie culture scene since WDET-FM Format change fiasco back in 2005 and have been blowing up on the bloggersphee ever since, but with a gag order in place on everybody involve in the case it is tough to get any kind of info what so ever.

but i can tell you in talking to my scorced during the rock city festival [which did go as planned] i could tell so new info, first two weeks ago they held the arraignment for all 130 people who show up on the fateful gig my scorced told me that all 130 plead not guilty to the loitering in a place where alcohol, but in a Detroit free press columns today [6/25]

also my scored also told me that each one of those who got ticket on may 31st will be try one by one and it will be held between Late June to Early August, you hear me right there going to used the whole month to try every a conviction out of every one, but there have been talk to take one of the 130 defendce and make this one case to represent the whole group, meaning if the defenda is found not guilty the other 129 could be thrown out.

the 130 are begin repersenst by lawyers of American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild who are volunteered their services for those who got busted.

also thing have change for the CAID until fuhrer noticed they have cancelled all there late night gig inculing the Art Fag Inc. night but "The Blue Moon in June" will goes as plan this Saturday.

and there is a couple of more note, it was mention in a Detroit Free Press article a two weeks ago that during the raid they found no drugs, weapons,people with outstanding warrants at the CAID, and in a columns in today Free Press that police seized one 30-pack of beer, three 5-liter boxes of cheap wine, one sound mixer and two professional-quality turntables and don't forget 44 cars was impound on that night.

i will put link to both free Press Article
but i will do cometary to a article that was kind of Clueless


June 9th Free Press Article
BRIAN DICKERSON - Free Press Column[6/25]

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