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Rock City Fest Preview

Buy the time i post this
were are going to be less than 24 hours
From DETOUR Magazine 2nd multi-day music fest

which is called the Rock City Festival
which will take play begin tomorrow and run thought
Saturday at the Majestic theater center with a little day show BBQ
at the still recovering Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit [AKA after about a week of free pub "The C.A.I.D."] located at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd. between Brany and putman st., just two block from Wayne State U.

The festival was going to held in march but somebody told it was a the same time as the metrotimes blowout so it was move to early summer and from the look at the line up, it look like a good choice to held the fest in summer where all three days are anchor by great headlining act all three nights.

the most talk surrounding the headliner act for Saturday night when Halifax own brother of Indie pop "Sloan" now this will get a lot for people from across the boarder from Windsor as they play there new song from there new album "Parallel Play" and they will take Windsor and Detroit in the motor City.

Also headliner on Friday Night playing at there first Detroit gig in almost four years a very difference looking "Von Bondies" as they ramp up for the long await follow up "Love, hate and then you", It still Jason and Don but join this time by former Sirens bassist Leann Banks, and guitarist Christy Hunt from Indianapolis.

the big question is how will Detroit react to the band that will be a big question, it should be a great act to see.

and also a band that i have been waiting since i learn about them at the end of 2006 and they sink in the 1st ever festive 50 the fun loving boyfriend and girlfriend duo from Brooklyn,NY "Matt and Kim", i have hear of "Yea, Yeah" for months when i first hear them and can't wait to put on a fun loving show.

but there will be almost over 60 acts at rock city i cant review them all so here are my pick to click for the three days:


Deastro (9:30 pm, Magic Stick)
Back from the basement and back on stage at the Stick as Detroit low-fi wonder bust out the dear head as he make his return.

The Hard Lessons(10:15 pm, Garden Bowl)
it is real hard to keep this band more then 15 minutes at the time, but there are the hardest working band in all of metro Detroit and they will show you why.

Juiceboxxx(10:30 pm, Magic Stick)
If you saw him at Launch party, he was all over the place the moment he scream his
1st track, and not only that he know how to scream.

S.S.M.(12:30 am, Magic Stick)
Popular in Europe,Marty,John and Dave come back to keep Detroit rock and roll alive and well and keep on beating, get your earplug ready this will be good


Pas/Cal(11:15 pm, Majestic Theatre)
you talk about a nice pick up after VHS or Beta Drop out, Pas/Cal have been on of the fave around the Detroit fun loving melancholic pop that is easy listen to and watching live.

Terrible Two's (11:30 pm, Magic Stick)
Punk rock motor City Style as this fast rising band who been feather in Metrotimes and is on the Cover or Real Detroit Weekly, and they are going to rock and roll until the police shut it down.

Lee Marvin Computer Arm(12:30 am, Magic Stick)
you thought the computer arm crash, but the six piece band have cool down long enough and now have reboot to regain there crown.


Silent Years(1:40 pm, Day Party @ C.A.I.D.)
OK they did not get Broken Social Scene to play detour, but hey we have our own collage version the open for Ra Ra Roit in Pontiac

Serenity Court(5:00 pm, Day Party @ C.A.I.D.)
Last year Break out new Detroit band will put on a art full show. comset of three godd friend, a long time friend, her sister, and girlfriend of the on-line candy story owner.

Kiddo(5:40 pm, Day Party @ C.A.I.D.)
one of the members play in Friendly Foes, so i have to see Guitar player Liz Wittman other band feather her husband, yes guys she is married, so don't ask


The Nice Device(10:00 pm, Garden Bowl)
after about six months away Matt and Alicia will play to rock out you ear and get a lot of good looks.

Four Hour Friends(11:00 pm, Garden Bowl)
Miss them at the blowout, but this will be lovely home spun indie rock and if you want you can bring a date to the gig Before "Sloan"

F'Ke Blood(12:00 am, Garden Bowl)
If you miss Marice in the Von Bondies you will love her new band with member of Godzuki, Silverghost, Tranzistors just to prove Marcie is Still alive and well and Still rocking.

That is only 15 of the 60 bands playing rock city
if you want to see the rest of the line up
you can go to the DETOUR Rock City Web Site at:

Where you can also get ticket to the event either by the weekend or by the night
Weekend: $30
Nightly: $20

and yes if you know this site for the last two years
i will break it down every zig Zag From the Stick to the M-Stick Theater and to the Garden bowl will break it down the blow by blow all weekend long
and Judging by today Metrotimes and Real Detroit Weekly

It Should Be Fun.

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