Monday, September 22, 2008

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it had been a few months since we heard anything about the now infamous May 31st Raid at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) , which have been now know as the Raid in the CAID.

But today there was some good news

Charges against 116 people who came to the funk night gig and was booked for “loitering" during a all night police raid on May 31st have been drop.

this was according to a press released by the Michigan ACLU, Kary L. Moss, ACLU of Michigan Executive Director said “The Detroit police went too far and it is to the credit of the City of Detroit that they have agreed to drop the charges against these young people who did nothing illegal,”, “For years, we have been alarmed by masked police officers in commando outfits and guns drawn needlessly storming peaceful gatherings in Detroit. We encourage the city to take the next step to fix this unconstitutional ordinance and put an end to this practice once and for all.”

the story behind the scene that in August the ACLU of Michigan filed a brief in 36th District Court downtown Detroit to dismiss the charges against Michael White who was at the CIAD that Night and about 115 people who was also charge of loitering was put on Hold pending the white case.

how ever there was about 130 people charge as well but there is charges pending against handful of CAID employees, some of whom were charged because they allegedly worked as bouncers or served alcohol at the CAID that night and also awaiting a court date.

This all stem from the a police raid at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit which is on Detroit West Side when about two dozen Detroit Police officers stormed into the CAID at 2:2o AM on May 31st and ordered all patrons to lie face down, including those who were outside on the back patio. many who was there that night was also beat up when they was ask questions.

the raid took all night as they question almost everyone who was there that night with the last question at about 6 A.M. and worst yet there cars was towed so they have no way to get home and go stuck there.

so you wondering what going to happened now that charges as now drop.

What will happened to people who got there cars towed?

i was talking to my law moles and they told they can not get there money back, but can sue the city for damages for the raid.

Will the CAID sue the Detroit Police?

i will say it may be possible, in the Press released the ACLU Michigan did mention that Detroit Police violated the patrons' Fourth Amendment rights because the police did not have probable cause to believe that any individual patron was violating the ordinance at the time of their arrest.

so it May be possible the CAID can sue, and the people who got there cars towed may sued to get back the feeds they paid to get there cards back, which for some report cost $900.

And What will become of the members only late night gig at the CAID

Well nobody know about that after the raid they stop doing the after hours gig after the gig expect the dates that already book but will they do them again Who Know

like Aaron Timlin told me over the phone late this afternoon "Were not affied to dance all night" and he also told me that they are planing a Halloween funk night party

Now i have link the press released on the bottom and not only that
the file on the August Brief to motion to dismiss
and the Order to Dismiss




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