Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Breaking Culture City News


Tonight after i did my live local blog of the 2nd presendisal debate i went to the Belmont in hamtramck to see some band and i found the one man who i did not expect to see there it was the Readies front man Dan Kroha and it have to ask him about a rumour that have been hitting the message board last week and was pick up by fivethree dial tone and the metro times music blog

and was confirm tonight when Kroha told me that Detroit Original garage rock band "the Gories" are getting back together aging and will go on tour in the spring or early summer 2009.

the reunion will include all three Original of the band Guitarist Mick Collins, Dan Kroha and drummer Peg O'Neil, what Kroha did tell me that both Mick and Peggy did patch things up during talks off reuniting for the 1st time since 1992 after six years together but mick and Peggy had a major falling out and became the biggest breakup in Detroit rock history

it was so painful neither Mick or Peggy would not talk about the break up, but in the last year thing was Begin to cool, i should know last year at friend birthday party at the Old Miami in Mid-town Detroit i did saw both mick and Peggy talking to each other at the party, it was real cool to see.

the talk about the Gories reunion began almost two weeks ago when Reigning Sound mainman Greg Cartwright posted a simple confirmation on the Goner Records message board that the Gories would re-unite for two U.S. shows this summer with fellow rockers "the Oblivians" and they would be playing two show, one in Detroit, one in the "the Oblivians" hometown of Memphis and a two weeks in Europe.

The story went un-noteice untill it was posted on the Fivethree Dial Tone blog site and the pick up by the Metrotimes web site

The story was confirm on the official my space site []
post here. , the big question now is where in Detroit will the gories will played?

will it be at the stick
will it be at the crofoot
will it be at the magic bag
will it be at st. Andrew Hall
or will it be at the Larger House.
or will be at a venue we don't know

it will be a long wait when know where the Detroit show will be playing.
Stay tune and plug in.


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I can't read this.