Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Metro Times Hamtramck Bowout 12 - Day One

Well Last Night was the first day of the 12th annuls mega showcase of local music in the city which is called the hamtramck blowout, the turn out was real good with most of it coming with the early start time.

with me i was a little bit later to the show with bus problem [Mostly waiting for the bus], i did arrived at about 8:45 PM and then there was a hic-up getting my press pass, i did get my wristband but the combination of getting there and the waiting for the band led me to my the first band on the night "Electric Fire Babies" i got up to the stick just when there was ending.

I did see a lot of old friends at the blow out last night some who i have not seen in a long time like new WDET Weekend music host Ann Delise, to fame Entertainment attorney Howard Hertz, and alot of friend who i have seen a lot and some people i who know but have not seen in a long i total forget there name, Which in my bad.

There was a lot of of people one friend notice with Video Cameras mostly with for there blog mostly for you tube and mostly for the hell of it, oh yes there was you photo people and in the age of twitter Cell phones texting to there twitter site, that some thing to think of Next year.

Among the music highlights yesterday was you got it "the meatmen" the punk band who know how to crated a following with there lead singer Tesco Vee dress for the show in out fit design by Muffy Karona, the band did entertain and offend at the same time and not only that the music was not that bad but it was true punk rock.

Also i like "The Octopus" feather former member of the "Deadstring Brothers" Masha Marjieh i meet her at the Eagles of Death Metal show a few weeks ago but seeing her on stage i can say man she can sing and still look cool after the show she is my new fave muse at the moment.

Also good last night was the "The Gepetto Files" now i have seen it before years back but this time have hacking band and i was a crazy mix a puppet show with with a live band but i was pulled off.

also good last night was silverghost who sound so great with with a good film backdrop but i heard only five song because i forgot Outrageous Cherry was playing at the same time at the Majestic so i went there and they was OK last night, also great was Child bite, The Wrong Numbers and hip-hop/ R and B act "Fluent" Who was in the Metroitmes blowout cover.

after a long night for me, night two in hamtown is just getting started but it will now be up I-75.


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