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Fox announced the latest batch of A-listers primed to lend their voices to yellow-faced, four-fingered doppelgangers for The Simpsons' 18th season, kicking off in September.

Natalie Portman,Kiefer Sutherland, the White Stripes, Michael Imperioli, Joe Pantoliano, Dr. Phil McGraw and Betty White are among the eclectic group of celebs set to guest star in the upcoming season. Jon Lovitz, Harry Hamlin and Monty Python's Eric Idle are also lending their pipes to the long-running 'toon.

The season premiere, titled "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and His Homer," follows the same mob theme as last year's season opener, and again sees the return of Joe Mantegna as Springfield's resident Mafioso Fat Tony. When Fat Tony is shot and his son forsakes the family business to become a chef, henchmen Dante (Pantoliano) and Dante Jr. (Imperioli) promote Homer to godfather status--with predictably disastrous results.

The White Stripes drop by Springfield for an intimate gig in the second episode of the season, "Jazzy and the Pussycats." Bart ends up with a mangled drumming arm after a run-in with a stray tiger Lisa rescues from the pound. He organizes a benefit concert to raise money for his operation at which Jack and Meg White perform.

Dr. Phil puts his talent for scaring small children to use in the show's annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode, airing, per tradition, after Halloween on Nov. 5. The good doctor will be joined by the equally frightening Fran Drescher and ichard Lewis.

Fox gets some synergistic mileage on Nov. 12 when Jack Bauer's alter ego drops by. In "GI (Annoyed Grunt)," While Bart narrowly escapes enlistment in the Army when he turns 18, Homer isn't so lucky. He finds himself enrolled in basic training where his laziness and indifference rile up his hardcore colonel (Sutherland).

Details on story lines involving Portman, Idle and Betty White were not released, though the network said their episodes would run in the second half of the season.

Meanwhile, some literary rock stars are also set for visits. Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, Michael Chabon and Jonathan Franzen will make cameos.

Which means, come next year, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has got its work cut out.

A guest spot on The Simpsons could equal something for the trophy case. Just ask elsey Grammer, who has been tapped to receive the Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance Aug. 19 for reprising his role as the nefarious Sideshow Bob last season.

The series itself is the all-time animated Emmy champ, netting an impressive 22 trophies over its 17-year span.

The Simpsons' 18th season kicks off Sept. 10 on Fox.

(E1 On-line)

R.E.M. is getting ready to release a two-CD and DVD anthology set on Sept. 12 that spans their time on IRS Records in the 1980s. The CD portion, And I Feel Fine: The Best of the IRS Years, 1982-1987, features tracks like "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," "The One I Love," and "Radio Free Europe." A two-disc collectors edition also includes a 21-track rarities disc with previously unreleased songs, live recordings, alternate takes, and mixes. The DVD portion, When the Light Is Mine: The Best of the IRS Years, 1982-1987, contains TV performances, interviews, and outtakes, as well as all 11 videos the band made for IRS.

Here is the track listing for And I Feel Fine: The Best of the I.R.S. Years, 1982-1987:

1. "Begin the Begin"
2. "Radio Free Europe"
3. "Pretty Persuasion"
4. "Talk About the Passion"
5. "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville"
6. "Sitting Still"
7. "Gardening at Night"
8. "7 Chinese Bros."
9. "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)"
10. "Driver 8"
11. "Can't Get There From Here"
12. "Finest Worksong"
13. "Feeling Gravity's Pull"
14. "I Believe"
15. "Life and How to Live It"
16. "Cuyahoga"
17. "The One I Love"
18. "Welcome to the Occupation"
19. "Fall On Me"
20. "Perfect Circle"
21. "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

Here is the track listing for the rarities disc that comes with the collectors edition:

1. "Pilgrimage" (Mike's pick)
2. "These Days" (Bill's pick)
3. "Gardening at Night" (slower electric demo; previously unreleased)
4. "Radio Free Europe" (Hib-tone version)
5. "Sitting Still" (Hib-tone version)
6. "Life and How to Live It" (Live at the Muzik Centrum, Utrecht, Holland 9/14/87; previously unreleased)
7. "Ages of You" (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
8. "We Walk" (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
9. "1,000,000" (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
10. "Finest Worksong" (other mix)
11. "Hyena" (demo) (previously unreleased)
12. "Theme from Two Steps Onward" (previously unreleased)
13. "Superman"
14. "All the Right Friends" (previously unreleased; later version released on Vanilla Sky soundtrack)
15. "Mystery to Me" (demo; previously unreleased)
16. "Just a Touch" (live in-studio version; previously unreleased)
17. "Bad Day" (session outtake; previously unreleased)
18. "King of Birds" (last song cut from The Best of...)
19. "Swan Swan H" (live, acoustic from "Athens, GA -- Inside Out")
20. "Disturbance at the Heron House" (Peter's pick)
21. "Time After Time (annElise)" (Michael's pick)


The troubled singer says he is recording a solo project for release this year, and plans to work on a second Babyshambles album.

Pete Doherty announced that he is working on a solo project, as well as a follow-up to the Babyshambles debut, 2005's Down in Albion. "There'll be a solo acoustic album released this year. It differs from Babyshambles because it will be just me," he told NME.com. The album Doherty is currently working on is called The Implant Sessions, referencing the implant the singer talked about getting to suppress his substance abuse (read more). "I've just been talking about getting a cottage," he said. "Just a little pond and my guitar." A spokesperson for Doherty had no further information about Doherty's new projects.


Kristin Hersh has kept busy since her old band, Throwing Muses, broke up in 1997 and then reunited to record a second self-titled album in 2003. She is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to her sixth solo album, The Grotto, (currently untitled and without a tracklist, but mentioned plenty, albeit mysteriously, on her official blog), and she has also stayed active with her post-Muses band 50 Foot Wave.

But it seems Hersh just can't keep those Muses away, as the band have scheduled precious few live dates in August, with support from 50 Foot Wave. Then, in September, 50 Foot Wave will open for Mission of Burma's West Coast tour.



Mat Brooke Leaves Band of Horses

Mat Brooke has fallen off Band of Horses, and it doesn't look as if he has plans to hop back on. The group's co-founder (along with fellow ex-Carissa's Wierd member Ben Bridwell) hasn't been touring with the band, although he played an integral part in the creation of Horses' debut album, Everything All the Time.

An official statement from the band reads, "Mat was originally in the band to help with songwriting, and that due to his other projects taking off, he is no longer in the band."

So for those who were wondering why Brooke didn't show for BoH's performance on the "Late Show With David Letterman", there you have it.

The rest of the Band will continue to gallop across America on tour over the next few months, including, of course, a stop at the Pitchfork Music Festival



The Gallagher brothers and co. have chosen 18 singles and B-sides for the upcoming compilation, Stop the Clocks.

Oasis have announced the upcoming release of the compilation album, Stop the Clocks, which will cull No. 1 singles and B-sides from the band's catalog. Set for a Nov. 21 release date, the set will feature singles like "Wonderwall" and "Supersonic," B-sides like "Acquiesce" and "Half the World Away," and more recent releases like "The Importance of Being Idle." The band, who hand-picked their favorite tracks for the album, will release Stop the Clocks during what their label calls "a well earned sabbatical prior to starting work on new material." The final track list for the compilation has not been released.



And is if anyone going to chicago this weekend for the pitchfork Music Festival
hear is all the info:

Only five days left, and tickets for the second day, Sunday, July 30, of the Pitchfork Music Festival are completely sold out. That leaves us with no more Sunday-only passes available, and, as we told you two weeks ago, no more two-day festival passes. Sorry, folks.

Single-day passes are still available for Saturday, July 29, but they're going VERY quickly. Online ticket sales will end on Wednesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. Central time. Saturday tickets are also available for purchase at the Page Brothers Building, located at 191 N. State Street, every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., until they're gone. The Page Brothers Building is also currently hosting the rock-poster gallery show Graphic Noise, featured as part of the City of Chicago's Public Art Program. The show is on view daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A couple of other festival reminders: there will be no re-entry to the festival, and due to another event, United Center will not be able to provide parking for the festival attendees. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Even if you missed out on getting tickets to the second day of the festival, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate with us this week. Of course, there's the festival pre-party, taking place Friday, July 28 at Metro, featuring performances by Sunset Rubdown, Voxtrot, Joggers, and comedians Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, and Aziz Ansari, as well as the Life During Wartime DJs. Tickets are on sale now!

The Gene Siskel Film Center, located at 164 N. State Street, is hosting screenings of two awesome music documentaries expressing the spirit of the Pitchfork Music Festival. The first film, Screaming Masterpiece, directed by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon and released in 2005, is a documentary about Icelandic popular music featuring interviews with and performances from Björk, Sigur Rós, Amiina, Múm, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and many others. It will be screened tonight, July 24, and Thursday, July 27 at 8 p.m.

The second film, Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars - The Motion Picture, directed by the legendary D.A. Pennebaker, chronicles the 1973 concert that would be David Bowie's last in his Ziggy Stardust persona. It will be screened at the Siskel Center July 29 at 8 p.m., July 30 at 5:30 p.m., and Aug 2 at 8 p.m.

The Chicago Cultural Center's Randolph Café, located at 78 E. Washington Street, is dedicating its LunchBreak concert series to Chicago bands handpicked by the city's leading clubs. All of the shows start at 12 p.m., and here's what the schedule for the rest of the week looks like:

07-25 Metro presents - Walter Meego
07-26 The Empty Bottle presents - The Hoyle Brothers
07-27 Schubas Tavern presents - Office
07-28 The Hideout presents - A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield featuring Abraham Levitan (Pearly Sweets/Baby Teeth), Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering/The Sea and Cake), Steve Frisbie (Frisbie), Nora O'Connor, and more
Plus, as an added bonus, attendees with Pitchfork Music Festival ticket stubs will be admitted free to the Empty Bottle, Hideout, Martyrs', Metro, or Schubas following the festival on the nights of Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30, thanks to the League of Chicago Music Venues. (Each day's ticket must be relinquished at club to
receive free admittance-- Saturday's festival ticket for Saturday night admission and Sunday's festival ticket for Sunday night admission.)

To get everyone psyched for the big weekend, our friends at eMusic have put together a FREE 24-track compilation of Pitchfork Music Festival artists, available HERE for your downloading pleasure. It features advance songs from the new Yo La Tengo and Mountain Goats records as well as music from Destroyer, Chin Up Chin Up, Futureheads, Ghislain Poirier, Mission of Burma, Jens Lekman, Matmos, Danielson, the National, Aesop Rock, Matthew Dear, Chicago Underground Duo, Spoon, Ted Leo, Devendra Banhart, Nels Cline, Art Brut, the Walkmen, 8 Bold Souls, and more!

Day One
June 29th

9:10-Silver Jews(A)
8:10-The Futureheads(C)
7:10-The Walkmen(A)
6:10-Ted Leo & Rx(C)
5:10-Art Brut(A)
3:30-Mountain Goats(A)
2:35-Band of Horses(C)
2:00 - Man Man(A)
1:30-Chin Up Chin Up(C)
1:00-Hot Machines(A)

plus Biz 3 stage:
7:40-Matthew Dear
5:25-Spank Rock
4:30-Ghislain Poirier
3:45-Tyondai Braxton
2:50-Chicago Underground Duo
1:00-8 Bold Souls

Day 2
Sunday June 30th
9:10-Os Mutantes(A)
7:10-Yo La Tengo(A)
6:10-Devendra Banhart(C)
5:10-Mission of Burma(A)
4:20-Aesop Rock/Mr. Lif(C)
2:35-The National(C)
2:00-Jens Lekman(A)
1:00-Tapes 'n Tapes(A)

plus Biz 3 stage:
7:10-Dominik Eulberg
6:10-Glenn Kotche
4:30-Tarantula A.D.
1:55-Bonde Do Role
1:00-Jeff Parker / Nels
Cline Quartet

(Pitchfork media)

The Weather Tomorrow
Mostly cloudy in the morning with scattered thunderstorms developing later in the day. A few storms may be severe
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