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31 days Untill
The Dally in the Alley

Well today is a Very light day in Detroit Rock City, since it been out i deciede to put some recent review of two big show in the last three Days one was in Ann Arbor and the other in Downtown last night.

I was not there but the two daliy paper were The free press took to Ann Arbor for Sold - out Racountures and the News was downtown for the nearly sold-out Gnarls Barkley show.

First to Ann Arobor on saturday night where almost a pack house of 1,700 at the Michigan Theater Here is part of the gig as posted on the Detroit Free Press Web Sight:

White and Benson played off one another in a wiry set that saw the White's blues-rock chops ultimately dominating the 70-minute set.

The show's opening stretch, led by a raucous "Intimate Secretary" and taut "Level," was pleasant enough if not exactly rapturous. The band, which offered minimal talk between songs, dispensed with its big single, "Steady, As She Goes," early on. It was followed by the night's big weak spot, the tepid "Together," with White and Benson swapping vocals and acoustic guitar licks.

It was during Benson's straight-ahead cover of "It Ain't Easy" -- best known in its David Bowie form -- that White's feral intensity stopped operating within the mix and began to take over the show. While the Raconteurs have clearly gelled into an accomplished four-man ensemble during a summer of touring, the band Saturday night was ultimately a platform for the magnetic intensity of the White Stripes leader, who was often a blur of motion and hair.

you can read the full review
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Last night the neo-soul group Gnarls Barkley was in town for a big time gig there and it was the second time in Four days that there was a Foot Jam in downtown with a gig at the state theater and a tigers game across the street at Comerica Park. the duo of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo and there backing band was dress up as medical costumes for the show,

They play a mixture of tunes of there Debut Album and a lot of covers including "Who Scared You" by the Doors.

Here what Mekeisha Madden Toby of The Detroit News (Yes, she the TV Writer at the paper reviewing a live gig)say when there were playing there Summer song "Crasy"

But the fans came to hear "Crazy," Gnarls’ ubiquitous, signature summer anthem. When they finally got to this song, the screams reached an all-time high, in turn transforming Cee-Lo’s scowl into a blindingly bright grin.

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The Big News outside the 313 if you are a heavd Beck Fan a album date have been made for a New Album for the one and only Beck, the new album is called The Information, and is out on October 3, in the U.S. on Interscope, That from the N.M.E. (That album out a day later in the UK), the disc was produced by Nigel Godrich, features the songs "Cell Phone's Dead", "Think I'm in Love", and "Nausea", comes with a blank cover and a sheet of stickers inside for you to make your own art, and is paired with a DVD of videos for each song.

Beck have no tour date in the us yet, He is playing the UK V Festvail his only US date is the download Fest on Sept. 30.

It Look the Other Lead Singer of one of Culture City fave Bands Stats will Also have a solo released Torquil Campbell will released a solo album next week it going to called.

A Little Place in the Wilderness will be the second full-length from Memphis, Campbell's collaboration with longtime friend Chris Dumont. It will also be the newly founded Good Fences label's inaugural release. The record is coming out in Canada only for now; Good Fences is working on U.S. and European releases.

The Other Lead singer for stars Amy Millan will released her solo album Honey From the Tombs in the Fall.

For all you fans of Depeche Mode and i know who you are the long time english band will released a DVD/CD on September 26, it will be called Touring the Angel: Live in Milan DVD/CD it will features performances from the band's "Touring the Angel" tour (their first in four years) at Milan's Fila Forum on February 18 and 19. The package includes two DVDs and one CD, the latter of which clocks in at just over the scant 30-minute mark.

Thus, the real "treat" of the release is the second DVD, which features five bonus performances of songs on the first DVD in addition to a 20-minute documentary with Anton Corbijn, who aided in the set design by creating the tour's six stage screens.

according to Sub Pop Record "the shins" will delay there lone awited Follow up album untill 2007. they posted this message on there newly redesing web sight.

"It gives us great pleasure to say that it is just weeks from being done! We can't leak any details, but we have never been more happy with anything that we've ever recorded before. And we can definitely say that it is due to the fact that we've been given so much time to perfect it. The record is the best we've ever done. We hope that you will agree."

And Speaking for bands this blog sight like the brother-sister electro-rock duo From Sweden "The Knife" Will do Three Show in the US, Dont hold your breath there not playing detroit yet, Accroing to there lable the three show will be in New York at Webster Hall on all staint Day (Nov.1), San Francisco(Nov.3), and Los Angeles' El Ray Theater.

There Fantastic Debut Album Silent Shout is out now.

And it know you got back From lollapalooza in Chicago so if you miss the Link from the ton of links yesterday, Guess What there is More

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