Monday, August 07, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City

This Week was a Very good week For live Music in and around town.

You have big Theater Shows like The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth and The Go! Team at the state and the Racountures at the Michigan Theater the Next all of this happend because there was on route or just coming back from Lollapazoza in Chicago, and it got ever major press in Chicago, Come back on Monday for all the Links, and if you did not go to chicago you can see it on a special webcast, The First Battle of the Band Semi-Final gig at the Majeic Theater Complex and ever one was listen to the last webcast of Sleater-Kinney Carred so what could spoil it this weekend.

if you were watching the reslut show of America's Got Talent on thursday Night or saw the reruns on Bravo this weekend(and thank god i put it on Mute because i was listen to Sleater-Kinney).

It Was David Hasselhoff Singing

The Star of biggest hit of the 80's (Knight Rider) and the 90's (Baywatch) Filled the last ten Mintues with his song that is fulling his big time comeback as the But of all jokes, "Jump into my car" which have been a major hit and some time a good joke in beteween he also sang it with KITT (The Car from Knight Rider) on stage, and impressing there fellow Judges Brandy and Piers Morgan.

So your just wondering how he became a singer in the first place

Well according to,Once having solidified his position as an actor, he attempted to cross over into the music industry and made his debut with the 1985 album Night Rocker while still working on the show. After two moderately successful albums, he recorded "Looking for Freedom" with German producer Jack White(oh no, Not that Jack White of the White Stripes, but a diffence Jack White) in the summer of 1989 and released it just as the Berlin Wall came down.

In Germany, his song became an anthem of sorts at the time, and the album went gold and triple platinum, topping the charts for three months whilst the single managed a mere eight weeks. He was later announced as the best selling artist of 1989 in Germany even prompting the newspaper headline "Hasselhoff: not since the Beatles." Since then another six of his albums have gone platinum in Europe.

So that why we always say he big in Germany

i would loved to show you the clip But it was shown on NBC

so i have the video of Hoff begin hoff with KITT
"in Jump in My car"

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