Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Correction: last night i posted a video from the Lovely Ditty Bops, But i sated i was going to be tonight at the Ark after some double checking it was not tonight but the gig was this past thursday Night (Aug. 17), i am sorry if you got coufess by the wrong date, Now on to tonight music Club Post)

It Came From the Late Night Music From Culture City With William Shatner

Oh yes, tonight video in the video club is the one and only Captain Kirk AKA William Shatner the one and only tonight after years and years of makeing fun of him self tonight and will see thought the week in reruns he was roasted by the like of Jason Alexander, Sharon Stone, Betty White, Patton Oswalt, Jeffrey Ross, Fred Willard, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. in the speacil 90 mintues roast.

He is well know to the massed as Krik on Star trek in the 60's and TJ Hooker in the 80's and his current role as attorney Denny Crane in the television series Boston Legal.

he is also know as as a real good singer, it started in 1968 whild filming Star trek
he record "The Transformed Man", The album is best remembered for showcasing Shatner's now-famous vocal style—spoken word with a number of dramatic pauses and flourishes. Shatner started playing up this aspect of his career in the 1990s as he enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, this time as a pop-culture icon. The actor/singer appeared in a number of commercials for, where the unique musical style displayed in The Transformed Man was showcased for humorous effect.

Appearing with Shatner in some of those commercials was pop music's Ben Folds. The two formed a professional relationship that would ultimately lead to the release of Shatner's second album, Has Been, in 2004.

that album became a smash succes and well like

but the high point in his singing carred was 1978 Where he cover the now famost song by Elton John Call Rocket Man, Which made the TV Land List the 100 most unexpected momets in TV History

He was interduce by the man who co-wrote the song with Elton, Bernie Taupin

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