Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dancing With The Stars
Show #2
10 Dancers Left
Tonight Dance: the mambo and the quickstep

Pre-Show (5:37): Well this week in the chaso of movung my stuff from upstairs to Downstair and tring to restart my blog as best i can, there is Show two of Season Three of Dancing with the Stars and this 10 others pretender to the TV version of lord of the Dance Contenedu with-out Tucker Carlson who two left feet could not carry him after last week shiled i say efford, hey it a little bit better than the Lions vs Da Bears last Sunday.

The Remaning ten Dancers (Monique Coleman,Sara Evans,Willa Ford,Vivica A. Fox,Harry Hamlin,Joey Lawrence,Mario Lopez,Shanna Moakler,Emmitt Smith,Jerry Springer) will tackle the mambo and the quickstep, Which a lot of the younger stars will could be good at But the Older star who know.



8:00 PM

Little bit busy Listin to the last one music and live audio covage of Steve Irwin Memoral Sevice (which will be on amamal Planet will air at 9 PM) as Show No. two have stared With tonight Dances The Mambo and the Oucik-Step

The Reviews Start Now

Willa Ford (Mambo)

Well Kids she look a little bit like a bad Bittney Spare at the High School Dance Party at the Local Peir.
But the Judges Like it, Bruno Tonioli say it was too hot to handled, Me it was well OK but good
Scored: 23

Harry Hamlin (Quickstep)
Iggy Pop Goes Ball room Big Time, And He and his partrent Ashly DelGrosso Work it big time and Bust the Move.
Scored: 21

Monique Coleman (Mambo)
Well it was OK with the Cast of High Shcool Music looking on. The Judges was felling hot for that dance Is it hot in the Ballroom or just ME
Scored: 26

Mario Lopez (Quickstep)
Well it was a very good Quick Step, But the Judge was not impressd Big time with Bruno Calling it a Quick Step gone Bezerk.
Scored: 21

Shanna Moakler (Mambo)
Well She did look hot but it look kind of slow
Scored - 22

Jerry Springer (QuickStep)
Jerry Did a very good Job and get thur After a bad Injure to his Parter and not only that he brought his People JERRY, JERRY, JERRY
Scored - 19

Vivica A. Fox (Mambo)
That Was a very good Manbo, and Very Hot
Scoreds: 24

Joey Lawrence (Quickstep)
The Former Bloosome Star put on one hell of a showstopper of a Quick Step and it was Good
Scored: 29

Sara Evans (Mambo)
Well the Dance was not that Bad But it look like A Great 40;s Filcks mixed with a bad 80's Film
Scored: 21

Emmitt Smith (Quickstep)
Well that Dance was so-so the Dance good but OK
and they Dance to KT Turtall
Scored: 24

Joey Lawrence (Quickstep) - 29
Monique Coleman (Mambo) - 26
Vivica A. Fox (Mambo) - 24
Emmitt Smith (Quickstep) - 24
Willa Ford (Mambo) - 23
Shanna Moakler (Mambo) - 22
Mario Lopez (Quickstep) - 21
Harry Hamlin (Quickstep) - 21
Sara Evans (Mambo) - 21
Jerry Springer (QuickStep) - 19

Tune in tormaoow to se who get kick out this week

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