Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gig Gudie Update

Hello Everone it me aging after a long break (Maybe too long).
Bvut i am back and felling OK and felling Like posting what going on in the Detroit Area

So i will do that right Now.

and there is good news after releasing his top ten selling "Face the Promise" (Which Debut at No. 4, Last Week, This week it No. 11) Bob Seger will be touring for the 1st time in a 10 years he made that announcedment Wednesday night(9-27) on "Late Show With David Letterman." he did not give much but he said he would begin touring the second week in November, but He told the Detroit Free Press in a interview last month the Tour will begin in Grand Rapids and not one but two shows in Detroit and two veneu north and south of Eight Mile in December .

One at Palace of Auburn Hills and the other at Joe Louis Arena in Downtown.

in Other Just announced gig

A band That have benn Champion by the one and only Steve Lamacq ¡Forward Russia! will tour in surrport of there new album which just released on Mute Records which is called "Give Me a Wall" which have been out in the UK since early this year, and yes they will playing the CMJ Music Marathon and yes there will be stoping by detroit at the Stick (or the Magic Stick) On Saturday, December 2.

and to warm up for the show here there First video

¡Forward Russia!

Want More
Spin Mag have more as the band of the Day.

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