Monday, November 20, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city with (See Video Below)

well everbody it was sad dreary weekend, Bo pass on, U-M loss to OSU (But still No.2 For the momment, and the lions loss aging (so that mean they will lose to joey on thursday)

but there have not been any news event since this is almost the end of the year, there was some news this weekend from a news item from Reykjavík, Iceland

the sugarcubes - "birthday"

you are saying that was old concert Footage from the band borjk was on before she when solo, The always amzing Sugercubes live and in concert But the video that i found on the NME Site was from Friday night.

The icelandtic band played for the First time in almost 14 years but it was a one-off gig in Reykjavík, Iceland , and it only a one off gig celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single "Einn Mol'á Mann" and that launch the carred of the band and not only that Bjork here self and i was for a beitfit for non-profit Smekkleysa SM to promote Icelandic music

So tonight Video Club enter is the Eruopre version of Birthday

And If you want to see mor pic from the show
here a link of pic from the show on Friday

Photos: The Sugarcubes [Reykjavík, Iceland; 11/17/06]

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