Friday, February 02, 2007

Breaking Gig News

Tonight's Incubus Gig has been postponed

If you thinking about going to the show at the state Theaher

you might want to make back up Plan

Tonight’s scheduled Incubus concert at the State Theatre has been postponed

the myspacer did not give info, but a post in Detroit Free Press web sight

that Vocalist Brandon Boyd is sick and unable to perform,but dont worried according to the Promoter a new detroit will be rescheduled next week.

Tonight’s tickets will be valid for the rescheduled concert. Ticket holders can also obtain refunds at the outlet or Web site where seats were purchased

also in more Detroit gig news, Accroding to the detroit news on there web sight that Bob Seger will do his first detroit gig downtown in 20 years on Tuesday, March 13, No ticket info on this gig yet but they will be upcoming

Seger has been touring the U.S. since November in a spirited comeback tour that's drawn positive reviews from critics and fans.

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