Friday, June 08, 2007

New to the Gig Gudie

well it have been since i post brand new gig to the gig guide down the road but i have a couple of new gig added to the Gig Guide.

first According to a very good Sourced that i know and it have not been announced in any of the Major local press [Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Metrotimes, Real Detroit Weekly]it look like that Greoge Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic will played it first Detroit gig in about two and a half years, now according to my sourced that the Greoge Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic will played the Royal Oak Music Theater on September 16th now that all i have been told so i have no ticket info to give you so stay tune for more info in the week to come.

also it was released first on the majestic teahter portion of the the Matt Sharp of Weezer will goes on tour with his side project "The Rents for the First time since 1999 they will goes on tour in support of there first project, which is a EP called "The Last Little Life" which is a warm up to there Third album coming in 2008, there going on tour this summer and they have awnser the call to played Detroit.

They will played the Majestic Theater on Saturday Augest 18th now ticket will go on sale, Next Saturday Morning at 10 AM and will cost $15 bucks and you want to know why we loved the rentals Check this video out:

and one more thing before i warp this up there is the Name Changed in the Gig Gudie [and no i am not renaming the whole gig guide] one of the Detroit venue in the Outdoor gig guide have renamed there location.

Back in March concert promoter "Live Nation" which operate the State Theater in Downtown Detroit have rename the venue after the San Franscio the Fillmore, so from now on in the Gig guide the Fillmore Detroit will now be listed on the Gig Guide and it will look like this:

The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)

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