Saturday, June 09, 2007

Your New Faveiort Band

Tried of a band you like when it was new
think tha band is on it last legs
is you band now going the MTV routed

why rediscover a lot of bands that need it dues and we Search on-line redio and the Myspace to scarch for your New Faveiort bands

This post shine the spotlight
on a band that is coming to town tonight

There from Phoenix, Arizona and there called
"The Love Me Nots"

The band have been around for almost a full year and made mostly from bands from the Phoenix area, The Band play surf and spy rock inspire by the spy and Surf movies From the Early 1960, But with a little extra Fuss to there sound.

They Just released there first Self Title records record back in January and it was record by Detroit rock garage produce Jim Diamond and spent ten weeks on the CMJ top 100 charts.

the four peice are a co-ed band and is made up of nicole laurenne (vocals, farfisa), michael johnny walker (vocals, guitar),christina nunez (vocals, bass), jay lien (drums)

And they also have a very good Live act what i have been told

There are playing tonight at the Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit
with the Foundas opening for them, the Show Begin a 10 PM

And for more about "the Love Me Not" you can go on there Official Sight at there my space page at

and if you want to see what they look live on video here the Video for the single off there self Title released "Move in Tight"

The Love Me Nots - "Move In Tight"

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