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It Weekend and i know almost evrvy single one of you is almost tried from last weekend lollpalooza of Festival with music staged in it, i bet you where out of gas after going back and fort from Detroit Jazz Fest in Downtown Detroit to Arts,Beats and Eats in Ponitac, and some way made your way to the Hamtramck Festival and wrap-up you long Four-day weekend at the State Fair to see alice Cooper to warp up the night.

Many expert have over the years told everyone that last weekend was the last great weekend of the summer, well i hate to break the News to you but that a big time Lie, the last weekend of the summer is actully this Weekend and it all going down in a small little corner south of Wayne State Unaversity.

it the 30th edtion of the Dally in the Alley which is always held on the saturday after labor Day, now i like this festival for the last ten years because the event is coinside the beging of the school season at wayne state and also that it held on reguald day away form the from the free day off which is the Holiday.

The Dally was frist held back in 1977 when the newly From The North Cass Community Union was fighting the a plan by the city of detroit to delmoslish a bunch of histoict building to expand Wayne State, a year later the union held a block party along Forst Street [Which is West of Woodward].

The Name dally in the Alley was name back in 1982 after a old medieval drinking song, the Dally is one the great event that is Indie Detroit and What is Great of Detroit In Genaurl, the Dally is Located on the Street of Forest, Second, Third[Anthony Wayne Drive], and Hancock Streets just two blocks west of Woodward in the Midtown Area.

there is Four Stages in the dally, the main Stage on Forest which this year have Miz Korona,Torch with a Twist, and the headliner for the stage Kindred Ensemble featuring Faruq Z. Bey, The Electronica Stage near Second and Hancock which have vinly spun by Paris '68, Mike Huckaby, and Headliner Gary Martin, The Garden Stage which will have acts like The Expatriates, His Name is Alive, Silent Violent, Audra Kubat, and headliner Ben Cyllus, and last but not least the most pouraul stage of the dally: Alley Stage which will have Dutch Pink, and Lee Marvin Computer Arm closeing out the night.

and dont forget there will be a Art Fiar and small Kids Fair and a dally must must is the offical Dally T-Shirts wihich Cost about $15 bucks, the Event goes from 11 AM to 11 PM witch the music beging at noon but be forward the music as in Dally tradtion star really,really Late, To find out the Full music Line-up and set time for all the act and info on the dally, you can go to the dally in the alley website at or at there my space site at

Also this week in Detroit will be a new rock club in a city were Nightclub come and go as the lions football season[a little joke with the NFL season beging this weekend] it called "The Crofoot" Located at South East corner of Pike and Saginaw Streets in the heart of downtown Pontiac, the Buliding have a long history in Poniatc, it was build way back in 1830's and was rebulid in 1852 but A fire in the 1950s destroyed the third floor alot of bussness have come and go but sadly the buliding have been left emtpy for almost a decade.

It was almost be a goner like they did with the Huston Bulding in Downtown and then came in a local preservationist Blair McGowan who in the past breath new life in forgoting buliding like St. Andrew Hall and Clutch Cargo's, McGowan save the buliding from the Wreking Ball back in 2005 and restoring the building to its 1850s state

and what kind of Buzzness whoud you put in a new buliding way what else Music the new buliding is ancord by the 1,000-person capacity the Crofoot Ballroom, a Smaller 650-person Pike room also next Door will have a 600-seat Eagle Theater[witch used to house the old nightclub "Industry"

to Be Sure there a real player in the detroit gig Scene they hired away booker Greg Baise from the Majestic Theatre back in late June in one of the major Coup in Detroit rock histroy and already he have made a impact in booking gig at the Crofoot line up at the Crofoot over the nextt two months will be Deerhoof (Sept. 30 - Eagle Theater)Fujiya & Miyagi (Oct. 4 - Eagle Theater)Besnard Lakes (Oct. 9 - Pike Room),The Thermals (Oct. 25 - Eagle Theater), The Hold Steady and Art Brut(Oct. 29 - Crofoot Ballroom),and Girl Talk (Nov. 10 - Eagle Theater).

And if you wonder about the Name of the Venue it is name after Michael Crofoot who was a Oakland County businessman, attorney and judge active at the local, state and national levels. In 1882, he bought the building in 1882 to use as his law office, and named it the Crofoot, The Crofoot School in Pontiac is named after the Crofoot family.

The first gig at the Croofoot was last night with theSTART and The Static Age and will have there grand opening tonight with THE DIRTBOMBS and The Muldoons it begin at 9 PM but you have to emailing them at or there My Space site which you can also find info on upcoming concert at or there web sight at

And speaking about New things, this is for fans of fromer Von Bondies Gitars player you be happy to know that show will have a new band and they will be playing there will be playing there first show ever this weekend, there now much on this new band othere there Myspace page[which only have two songs on it] which state how they where From: Silverghost formed in June 2007 after Del and Marcie found Kip and Jackie frozen in an arctic swamp near Toledo. Together, we will make a new future and become one Silverghost.

The other members of this band is her boyfriend Deleano Acevedo as well as Kip Donlon and Jackie Phillips, there first show will tonight at the Lager House tonight with Enos and the Lucas Sisters and they will played the Dally in the Alley at 3 PM at the Alley Stage, and if you want to hear the New tracks you can find them on there myspace page at:

Meanwhield Her Former Band the Von Bondies is in New York tonight to played there first gig in almost 2 and a half years other than lead singer Jason Stollsteimer and Drummer Don Blum, the line up is totllay New with "Ghost City" Leann Banks and "Nice Device"Alicia Gbur and Matt Lannoo, this is a warm up gig For there New album which is called Love, Hate and then you which will be out in 2008, and dont worried there will be a detroit warm up gig soon, they have two new songs up right now on there my space page at

And keeping with the Running Theam of New tonight at the Belmont in Hamtramck, The Decks are headlineing a show with Scarlette Oaks, Ching Chong Song and Creaky Boards but this will be the First gig with brand new guitar player Molly-Jean Schoen who is a real good solo singer herself as she replace Fromer guitar player Ellen Chamberlin who left the band to go to college in the East Coast, the SHow beging at 10 PM

you can here the Decks Stuff at and you can also her Molly Jean Stuff at

I spean far to moch time on the Dally and Every thing new so her the Wrap up on the other gig this weekend and beyond:


FRANKIE VALLI - Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
The Rocky Horror Show - Meddow Brook

The is alot of Post Dally action
US vs HER with The Nice Device & Mono Y Mono - Magic Bag
The Woggles -Lagur House
The Receiving End - Shelter
The Hard Lessons w/ Eons, Pop Project - Blind Pig
The Koffin Kats, The Betty Fords, The Hex - Small
Ri Ri Garcia - Bohemian National Home
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals with Piers Faccini - The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)
RFD Boys - The Ark


NUMBERS - Pike Room at the Croofoot
Small Brown Bike / Leaving Rouge - Lager House
Small Brown Bike, The Holy Fire, Keleton DMD, Sea Serpents - Small
Bernard Allison - The Ark

and Beyond the Weekend

Monday - Blonde Redhead - Majestic Theater
Tuesday - Bjork - Fox Theater
Wednesday - Steve Wonder - Meadow Brook Music Festival

Hoped you have a good Weekend and let hoped a little pep talk from Fromer College Coack Lou Holtz could advoid Michigan going 0-2

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