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The Keyworth Krewery Old Fashtion Root Beer Fastey Football Wrap Report

Week Four
for September 30 ture October 1st

well, this is my thrid Fanstey football review post [i miss week one because i was busy] and i want to get a few points out of the way.

1st the name for the sponser of the post "Keyworth Krewery Old Fashtion Root Beer" well i made that up because i want to have a some real world felling so i called it after a fake sponsor, so Keyworth Krewery do not exist, that is name Afher Keyworth Stadium the home football field for the Hamtramck High School Football and Soccer team in Hamtramck, Michigan.

The Name Keyworth come from Dr. Maurice R. Keyworth, who was the Superintendent of Schools for Hamtramck in 1923 and the Stadium was bulid as of Works Progress Administration back in May, 1935 and was done that summer of 1936 and it was in front of the since long torn down Playfair School.

and the reason i made the fake sponsor a root beer inside of reguarl beer, one i dont drink beer, and two the is no beer aloud at any public school in the state of michigan.

and number two, you are thinking was is basic scoreing in Fanstey Football well take a look at the chart below at the scroing [which i am using the stats from]


PaTD - Passing TD 6 points
PaYd - Passing Yards 0+ PaYds = 1 point for every 25 PaYds
Pa2P - Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points
PaInt - Passing Interception -2 points
FL - Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -2 points


RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points
RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds
ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 1 point for every 10 ReYds
Ru2P - Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points
FL - Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -2 points

WR and TE

ReTD - Receiving TD 6 points
ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 1 point for every 10 ReYds
Re2P - Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points
FL - Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -2 points


FG - Field Goals 3 points
FG - Field Goals over 50+ yards 5 points
XP - Extra Points 1 point


DTD - Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 6 points
DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points
Int - Interceptions 2 points
SACK - Sack 1 point
STY - Safety 2 points
FL - Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -2 points

PA - Points Against,
Total Points Scored
0 - 6 PA = 8 points
7 - 13 PA = 6 points
14 - 20 PA = 4 points
21 - 27 PA = 2 points

YDS - Yards Allowed

0 - 49 YDSs = 12 points
50 - 99 YDSs = 10 points
100 - 149 YDSs = 8 points
150 - 199 YDSs = 6 points
200 - 249 YDSs = 4 points
250 - 299 YDSs = 2 points

and last week i was mentioning the big points play called a Grand Quarter which is a big score which involed a 90+ TD Catch between QB and wide recied, and i gave a break down with in the report, so here is a breakdown of the Grand Quarter:

90+ = 3 points[1 point for every 25 yards]
TD = 6 points
Total = 9 points

90+ = 9 points[1 point for every 10 yards]
TD = 6 points
Total = 15 points

Grand Total
QB = 9 points
RB = 15 points
Total = 24 points

but you have to be lucky to have happend and you must have the QB and the RB on the same team, so engoth explaning let take a look at all the stars from week four of the NFL season.

This is also the first week of thouse darn bye week that could really, really mess up your fastey football season, so before you check you line up see who got the bye so you can make the change needed;

The Week Four Bye were:
Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tennessee, Washington

The Local Game

Detroit 37, Chicago 27

and too tell you the thurth the first half was a plan stinker, the Defence on both tham was clicking and both starting offence had troble moving the ball by the end of the 3rd quarter it was 13-3 chicago.

and then the offence happy Lions and the injury riddle Bears did show there ture colors as the Lions score a NFL record 34 points in the 4th quarter alone.

Jon Kitna thown two T.D. to with Kevin Jones scoreing the game winning TD.

New Bears starting QB Brian Griesewas not better he when 34/52 for 286 yards and two TD but thown for 3 costly interception including a 64 yd interception return from Keith Smith as the Defence teammats concey him into the endzone.

The game was also over and done with when chicago try to get ball back with a on-side kick but Casey Fitzsimmons recover the on side kick and return it 41 yards as he too was convey in to the endzone to seal the victory and go 3-1 on this young season

and the team who when to the superbowl just last have start the season 1-3 with all kind of problum.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
D/ST - Lions - 26

NFC North

Green Bay 23, Minnesota 16

There is a new king of the Quarterbacks and it Brett Favre as he pass the legdon Dan Marino with TD no. 421 to Greg Jennings and TD no. 422 to seal the game as he thorn to James Jones as Faver show why he is turely the best and not only that, the Packers are 4-0.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - GB - Brett Favre - 23


Dallas 35, St. Louis 7

Tony Romo is showing why the coyboys is the team to beat in the NFC, he had the second best game of the season next to week one vs. the NY Giants, he did all it damage in end of the second quarter as ran for one near the end of the 1st half and also pass for three TD, two of them to Patrick Crayton and not only that avoided trobule as acrroding to the game report: had a snap go over his head, but instead of falling on the ball, he scooped it up and raced 37 yards for a first down late in the second quarter

the rams only hoped was a Dante' Hall 85 yd punt return for a TD, but that was all as St. Louis fall to 0-4 with with a lot of dud in fanstey.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - DAL - Tony Romo - 37

10+ Points Fanstey Stars:
TE - DAL - Jason Witten - 13

Seattle 23, San Francisco 3

the Seahawks man handled the 49ers from the word go as Matt Hasselbeck thown two TD and the Def. KO 49ers starting QB Alex Smith out of the game on the thrid play of the game as they never recover an when on to the easy win in the NFC west match-up.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
D/ST - Seahawks - 26
QB - SEA - Matt Hasselbeck - 21

Tampa Bay 20, Carolina 7

The Bucs took contorl of the entire 1st quarter with a Jeff Garcia 3 yards run to cap off a lone drive and the Defence took control of the entire game as they go 3-1 as well.


Cleveland 27, Baltimore 13

That Derek Anderson is beging quite a superstar as he pass for two TD, one to Joe Jurevicius and on long 78 yarder to michigan man Braylon Edwards as the new browns beat the old browns to even there records to 2-2.

Buffalo 17, N.Y. Jets 14

well i have to tell you whield following the score and when i saw no score after one half i was thinking big time stinker.

Jets QB Chad Pennington keep the jest in the game and at one point thown he completed 14 straight passes but the paly that dome him in was a interception to Bills CB Jabari Greer that result lead into a bill score as QB Trent Edwards found rookie Michael Gaines on a play-action pass on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line to seal the game.

Trent Edwards who stating in his 1st game when 22-of-28 for 234 yards, one touchdown and an interception subbing for the injury PJ Lotman.

Oakland 35, Miami 17

Daunte Culpepper show them, the raiders QB show the miami fans he OK after his disapointing year last season as he show the Dolphins fans by doing as he scored five count em five TD [two pass TD and three running TD]despied not haveing good stats[5/12 for 75 yards paasing and 7 for 28 yards rushing].

but if you Raiders starting RB Lamont Jordan, you must be worried because he left the game and did not return to game because of a undisclosed injury.

and one more news note fi you was watching the scoreboard the start of the game was delay for thirty minutes due to lightning in the miami area, the resulting rain flood the Dirt infield[remeber the Florida Marlins also play at Dolphins Stadium]force them redirt the infield.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - OAK - Daunte Culpepper - 35
RB - MIA - Ronnie Brown - 26

Indianapolis 38, Denver 20

you Can do all you can but Genarl Manning have all the answer and the Denver Broncos still can not beat the Colts regual season or playoffs, if you count the Exabition season which do not count.

Peyton Manning three TD passed, two of them to Dallas Clark and he ran one in and the Colts are now 4-0.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - IND - Peyton Manning - 31
RB - IND - Joseph Addai - 20

10+ Points Fanstey Stars:
TE - IND - Dallas Clark - 19

Kansas City 30, San Diego 16

And in the battle two surring team with two fanstey RB who been total duds, both fanstey no.1 and two in all of fastey football draft broke out of there slump, Fanstey no.1 LaDainian Tomlinson ran for 132 yards and a TD all in the 1st Half but did not got the ball much in the 2 nd half and it show.

in the second half it was all KC, as fanstey No. 2 or No.3 Larry Johnson also broke out of his slump as he ran 123 yards, but sadly he still have not found the Endzone yet in 2007, but did help in the second half as Damon Huard two TD passed inculding one to Tony Gonzalez who tie Shannon Sharpe on the all-time list for most touchdown receptions by a tight end with his 62nd touchdown

The Chifes D came up big with a 50-yard fumble return for a touchdown from cornerback Tyron Brackenridge and a big goal line stance late in the game.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
WR - KC - Dwanye Bowe - 22
RB - SD - Tomlinson, LaDainian - 21

10+ Points Fanstey Stars:
TE - KC - Tony Gonzalez - 13
K - SD - Nate Kaeding - 12
K - KC - Dave Rayner - 12

Cross Confernce

Atlanta 26, Houston 16

The Atlanta Falcons got there 1st win in the post Michicl Vick - era as the dirty birds spoil the return of ex-falcons back-up QB and Current Texans QB Matt Schaub who Atlanta Fans wish they can have back but Joey Harrington have a good start as he hock up twice with Michael Jenkins.

and flod the Texans at the goal line after Matt Schaub Game-tying TD run was overturn by instant replay.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - ATL - Joey Harrington - 20

10+ Points Fanstey Stars:
K - ATL - Morten Andersen - 14

Arizona 21, Pittsburgh 14

Well, The Cards contiuned it quarterback by committee, Matt Leinart stared the game and his woes continued was replace by Kurt Warner who thown a TD to Jerheme Urban, but at 73 yard return by Steve Breaston and Edgerrin James 2 yd TD run even the record for the cards

Ben Roethlisberger hook up twice to Santonio Holmes for the steeler, but a deep pass in the Endzone was intercepted by CB Ralph Brown to warp up the game.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
WR - PIT - Santonia Holmes - 24
DST - Cardinals - 20

Sunday Night

N.Y. Giants 16, Philadelphia 3

The Eagles now 0-3 in there reguarl Jereys they should save the there engery form last week game for the Giants as the Giants D shut down the offence from last week as they sack staring QB Donovan McNabb 12 times and a Kawika Mitchell returned a fumble 17 yards for a touchdown to win a NFC East game, mybe they should pull out thoue ugly Jersry from last week.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
D/ST - Giants - 34

Monday Night

New England 34, Cincinnati 13

No wonder that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be on of the team to beat in the whole AFC as Brady hook up with Randy Moss for his thrid mult-TD game of the year [they have hook up Seven time this year] as they are now 4-0.

Carson Palmer did throw down to T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but that we the only score of the game as they did not move the ball much.

20+ Points Fanstey Stars:
QB - NE Tom Brady - 25
WR - NE - Randy Moss - 22

So are a werid week of Fanstey Football up and donw the Dial we take a look at the at the all fanstey team for week Number Four.

1st Team

QB - DAL - Tony Romo - 37
RB - MIA - Ronnie Brown - 26
RB - SD - LaDainian Tomlinson - 21
WR - DAL - Patrick Crayton - 30
WR - PIT - Santonia Holmes - 24
WR[tie] - KC - Dwanye Bowe - 22
WR[tie] - NE - Randy Moss - NE 22
TE - IND - Dallas Clark - 19
K - ATL - Morten Andersen - 14
D/ST - Giants, DST DST NYG 34

2nd Team

QB - OAK - Culpepper, Daunte - 35
RB - IND - Addai, Joseph - 20
RB - NE - Sammy Morris - 18
WR - ATL - Michael Jenkins - 18
WR[tie] - HOU - Andre Davis - 17
WR[tie] - OAK - Jerry Porter - 17
WR - CIN - T.J. Houshmandzadeh - 16
TE[tie] - KC - Tony Gonzalez - 13
TE[tie] - DAL - Jason Witten - 13
K[tie] - SD - Nate Kaeding - 12
K[tie] - KC - Dave Rayner - 12
D/ST[tie] - Lions - 26
D/ST[tie] - Seahawks - 26

My Fanstey Teams[won] - 3-1 [Three way tiew for 1st][won] - 3-1[three way tie for 2nd]
[Thank you Tony Romo] - 2-2 [middle of the pack][won] - 1-3[Last in divsion 1][loss] - 1-3 [tie for dead last in the east Divsion][loss] - 1-3 [Last in League 1]

Next Week

Buy Week in Week Five
[and remember you can not score any point if your player is having a bye week]
- Cincinnati
[QB - Carson Palmer, RB - Rudi Johnson, WR - Chad Johnson]
- Minnesota
[QB - Kelly Holcomb, RB - Adrian Peterson,Vikings D/ST]
- Oakland
[QB - Daunte Culpepper, RB - LaMont Jordan,WR - Ronald Curry]
- Philadelphia
[QB - Donovan McNabb,RB - Brian Westbrook, WR - Kevin Curtis]

Local Game

Detroit at Washington - 1:00 pm - FOX


Arizona at St. Louis - 1:00 pm - FOX
Carolina at New Orleans - 1:00 pm - FOX


Cleveland at New England - 1:00 pm - CBS
Jacksonville at Kansas City - 1:00 pm - CBS
Miami at Houston - 1:00 pm - CBS
San Diego at Denver - 4:15 pm - CBS

Cross Confecen

Atlanta at Tennessee - 1:00 pm - FOX
N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants - 1:00 pm - CBS
Seattle at Pittsburgh - 1:00 pm - FOX
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis - 4:05 pm - FOX
Baltimore at San Francisco - 4:15 pm - CBS

Sunday Night

Chicago at Green Bay - 8:15 pm - NBC

Monday Night

Dallas at Buffalo 8:30 pm

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