Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Culture CIty 2007 Questionair With....

Augie, Lead Singer of "The Hard Lessons":

and now the latest series in asking every body how did the year 2007 treated you, today person on the hot set is the frontman of the Hard Lessions, Augie.

The Band have been on a roll lately releasing volume one of the B & G Side EP and there ready to go in releasing Volume Two of the B& G Side with a show on December 26th with opener who will be making there 1st gig since they got kick off that bad American idols with Bands that did not do well. "The Muggs"

So i send Augie the Questionnaire
He Send it back
and i publish by asking the 1st question

How Did 2007 Treated you

Trick or Treat? I went to Huntington, WV for the first time. Don't do that.

What Crisis that is affecting the indie music scene in side the Detroit area.

Crisis of faith. And now its wintertime and the house is solitude with
options, you know?

Same Question but What major Crisis is reallying Affecting the Indie Music Out Side the 313.

Promo photos and funny band names have become the new Nike Air Jordans and Girbaud Jeans. A lot of "tastemaking blogs" act like spoiled rich kids; they have it first, but they'll be over it before you catch on, and chances are it was pretty hollow to begin with. At least when I bought a Game Boy at a
garage sale this year it was as awesome as the kids in school made it

Other then you own released if you where in a band, which local released you dig this year.

The 68 or so songs I've heard from Childbite this year are all amazing.
The American Mars record comes out next year, but it sounds really cool
too. Great Lakes Myth Society know how to use a B3 and accordian. And
"Showtime" is the best E6 opener ever, live or on a record. I'm
forgetting a ton.

Which album Outside the Michigan area that really sound cool in 2007.

We've been spinning that Spoon record like crazy in the van, but
apparently not everyone sees the Motown influence. Am I crazy? Also of
note: while visiting the USA from Italy, three of my teenage cousins sang
"Happy Birthday" to J. Carrol in Italian at the Lager House. If that
isn't on one of his year-end "best-of" lists...

Which album,band or Event really let you down big time.

Pretty much any act at Soaring Eagle Casino. Frank Sinatra Jr.? Rascal
Flats? The Killers? Come on! At least they're going for the glory early on next year by kicking off the season with LL Cool J. I hope he plays "I Can't
Live Without My Radio," but I'll settle for whatever as long as he's clad
in a velour sweatsuit and wearing a gold rope necklace.

who did you love live and in person this year. [aka, best gig you saw this year]

This is tough. The Flaming Lips were again amazing, although Wayne seemed to be in a weird mood, constantly reprimanding the crowd for not being into it enough. We retaliated by shooting him with a million laser
pointers. Take that. Neil Young was great, and still the complete
opposite of other old timers "parading the hits." I heard some guy in the
bathroom after the show bitching Neil didn't play "Southern Man." Really,
dude? Are you even a CASUAL fan of the guy? You got "Heart Of Gold" ass.
The new material sounded great, and I've got a soft spot for a guy who
tours with his wife

Which new band did you really love on the first listen or 1st live gig

I'm going to see Friendly Foes tonight. I have a feeling it'll be the
perfect mix of experience, new band jitters, and first time amazement.
Kind of like the first time I saw Serenity Court. I was warm and fuzzy
for days afterwards.

If there was anything difference about the indie music scene in 2007 what would it be.

It is all done with computers.

What band that the rest of the music fans they have not hear of will be heard in 2008.

Bands I had the pleasure to share the stage with this year (in Hard
Lessons) that people should know about that may not: Birds Of Avalon,
Empty Orchestra, Champions of Breakfast, The Darts, The Ivorys, The
Wildbirds, Datarock...

And Finally What is your prediction for the indie music scene in 2008.

It will split into two distinct groups. These groups will be called
Morlocks and Eloi.

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