Sunday, December 16, 2007

Culture City Weather releate Closeing

this is a post for the current weather alter in the Detroit Metro area
as you already know a major snow storm sock the Detroit tri country area overnight and i know that travel was getting tough last night as the bar and concert club was clearing out all over Detroit including the Arena and club in Oakland[Frendale, Royal Oak, Auburn Hills(mallow played the place last night)], Ma comb [Mt.Clemens],and in Ann Arbor.

and we would not forget the Detroit metro area with the freeways around the downtown and midtown area and Michigan Ave. as well.

by this morning we see how bad this storm is and the snow Total will range up from 9" to 12" of snow before is tall said and done and worst there will be blowing winds the made push the snow drift up to three Feet.

now on the Top of this post i will put the list of culture City related closing and it will be up there thought out the day and it you have a event that is not going to happened because of this weather please let me know at culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com.

and if you want to tell a story about the drive last night around Detroit Fire off a E-mail or a comment at this sight.

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